16 Best Business ideas in Punjab

16 Best Business ideas in Punjab

Wondering what are the best business ideas in Punjab? Read the article to get some answers.

Punjab is a province culturally rich with delicious cuisine, gorgeous cities, and scenic landscapes. Punjab’s excellent transport network and great accessibility make it a perfect business hub for budding entrepreneurs; as a result, Punjab has almost 194,000 micro-enterprises and over 586 large and medium scale units.

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Naturally, it is one of the most attractive and consumer-heavy marketplaces in the country. Using this to one’s benefit, one can launch a number of profitable local businesses. The economy of the state of Punjab is the 16th largest state economy in our country with 5.41 lakh crore (US$71 billion)(FY2020-21) in gross domestic product and a per capita GDP of US$2360(180,000) ranking 19th amongst Indian states.

The economy of Punjab is majorly dependent on agriculture and small and medium-sized businesses.

The following are the top business ideas in Punjab you can open.

How To Start A Business In Punjab

There are several business ideas in Punjab that you can start. The list is long and there is a lot for you to do but before venturing into any sort of business, you must do full-fledged research about it. There are a few things to know before you start your business in Punjab and they are as under:

Starting A Business in Punjab?

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  • Understand the needs of the people and the economic growth of the state.
  • Read all about the government laws, rules and regulations.
  • Study the licenses that you would require for your business.
  • Understand the nature of the business you have decided to start.
  • Know the tax regimes of the state.
  • Read and gain in-depth knowledge of all the registrations and legal procedures related to your business.
  • Make a plan for the land as well as equipment investment that is needed.
  • Have strong financial assistance and figure out all things related to it.
  • Make a strong marketing and pricing strategy.
  • Build a strong workforce that is based on the size of your business.

Research About The Local Market

Do thorough research of the market and study it. You should everything related to your business like who are your competitors, what is the demand for, what are the risks involved and everything related to it.

Make Connections In The Market And Make Offline Promotions

No matter how good your business ideas in Punjab are, if you do not make any connections in the market, people would not know about you or your product. You must advertise your business offline and tell as many people as possible. Your brand should be seen in all the places with the biggest footfall of customers and you should be informing people about your business.

Advertise In the Punjabi Language

This is definitely one of the best ways to promote your business – advertising in the Punjabi language. With this, you would easily connect with the people and they would not take you as a foreign brand and might believe in your brand easily as compared to any other. Bond with the locals in their regional language makes the most of this opportunity.

Register The Name And The Company

This is one of the important steps. Once you have everything in place, you must decide on a name for your company, and get both the name as well as the company registered. It is important and only once registered, you would be able to run your business smoothly and legally.

Legal Licenses And GST

All businesses regardless of the industry and sector have various legal licenses and permits that they must acquire. Jot down the list of licenses, regulations, permits and GST needed and apply for them as soon as possible.

Once you have sorted out all these things, you can start with any business ideas in Punjab and build a strong foundation for your entrepreneur journey.

Reasons To Start A Business In Punjab

Punjab is one of the most economically developed states in India, offering numerous opportunities for starting a business. Here are some reasons why starting a business in Punjab can be a good choice:

  1. Strong Economic Growth: The state has a robust and diversified economy, with industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and services driving economic growth. This provides a favorable environment for businesses to establish and grow.
  2. Skilled Workforce: Punjab has a large pool of educated and skilled workers, providing businesses access to a talented workforce. This is particularly beneficial for industries such as IT, engineering, and pharmaceuticals.
  3. Favorable Government Policies: The state government has implemented a number of policies to encourage entrepreneurship and business growth. These include tax incentives, subsidies, and other benefits to support new and existing businesses.
  4. Robust Infrastructure: Punjab has a well-developed transportation network, including airports, seaports, and roadways, making it easy to transport goods and conduct business. The state also has a strong power supply, providing a stable environment for businesses to operate.
  5. Strategic Location: Punjab is located at the crossroads of India, making it an ideal location for businesses that require access to other parts of the country. The state is also well-connected to neighboring countries, providing opportunities for businesses to expand globally.

Hence the combination of a strong economy, skilled workforce, favorable government policies, robust infrastructure, and strategic location make Punjab an attractive destination for starting a business.

Business Ideas in Punjab

Here are the top business ideas in Punjab that you should check out if you are planning to start something of your own.


As per a report, the operating margin in the food and agro-processing industry was 22.05 percent in 2019 and would keep on rising in the next years.

Punjab is a state with a substantial portion dedicated to agricultural production, and you may reap the maximum benefit from it. In Punjab, there are two options for running a bakery business.

The first step in launching a bakery business is to open a retail outlet where you can offer freshly baked goods to your consumers. The other option is to aim to develop a giant bakery business by distributing baked goods to shops.

Business ideas in Punjab

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Biscuit Making

If you sell thousands of confectionary in one go, it’s not hard to generate a good income from the business. A small-scale biscuit factory may easily generate Rs 50,000 per month.

Biscuits are very common in every household, especially in our country. They are the favourite snack that is loved by both elders as well as children. Having a biscuit business is going to be one of the best decisions. You can easily get the ingredients from the state and that too at a low cost and make a profitable business for yourself.

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Wheat Flour Mill

Punjab produces around 15% to 20% of India’s total wheat, making it a very attractive region to establish a flour milling business. This percentage surely does make it one of the best business ideas in Punjab to start.

Preparing high-quality flour may be profitable, and the good thing is that huge quantities can let you process them at a low cost. You don’t have to begin with a large plant; you may begin with a small or medium-scale operation.

Having a wheat mill would also mean you not just selling your product here in the state in local shops both retail as well as wholesale but also all over the country. You can also do this business of selling it digitally with the help of the internet.

Sports Manufacturing 

Places in Punjab, like Ludhiana, are well-known for their sports manufacturing. In Ludhiana, a plethora of sports equipment, sportswear, and other items are mass-produced in large quantities for many prominent sports companies.

Sports manufacturing offers a lot of possibilities for starting a new venture. This business, however, will necessitate some initial capital.

You have two options for starting this business: either manufacturing sports goods for retail sale or wholesale. You will have to organize your sales, attract consumers, give after-sales care, and so on in retail sales.

You won’t have to think about it if you go wholesale. Retail earnings, we must mention, can be greater than wholesale earnings.

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Travel Agency

Annually, hundreds of visitors flock to Punjab. Countless vacationers and travellers choose to employ a travel consultant to help them organize their entire trip and handle their reservations.

They also tend to favour a local travel company because of their familiarity with the location.

As a result, one of the successful small business ideas in Punjab is to establish a travel agency. Customers are desperately looking for different experiences instead of typical tourist encounters as their travel experiences have diversified over time.

Millennials and younger tourists are becoming interested in food tours, cycling tours, and walking tours, among other things. By offering such interesting and thrilling experiences, you may build a profitable travel business in Punjab.

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Automobile Business


Punjabis are automotive enthusiasts who maintain excellent upkeep of their automobiles. You can set up a business where you give automotive repair solutions to your clients.

You might also offer tractor and vehicle repair, which is something that most Punjabi households would appreciate.

Customers will obviously want servicing and repairs for their vehicles from time to time, and you may seize the opportunity to deliver the desired maintenance at reasonable prices and develop a profitable business.


As mentioned before, people in Punjab generally like to keep their automobiles in the best condition possible, and they would appreciate a service that can provide unique modifications to their vehicles.

You may develop a successful business by offering extensive kinds of interesting modifications to your consumers at reasonable rates.

If you are successful in supplying your clients with truly cool customizations, you can make a lot of money doing so.

Tutoring Services

People nowadays are always eager to improve their capabilities and learn new things. As a result, tutoring services are an excellent business option.

One can provide tutoring depending on their qualifications. It is not essential to limit oneself to school and college education; you may educate on anything in which you are knowledgeable.

If you don’t wish to limit your courses and offerings to Punjab, you may provide them online.

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Toothpaste Production

Toothpaste is a product that could be found in almost every home. It is manufactured in two different ways: transparent gel and abrasive paste.

If you are lucky in establishing a small toothpaste manufacturing firm, you may turn it into a profitable venture.

In comparison to other enterprises that may be launched with a small investment, this one has an extremely high-profit margin.

Garment Manufacturing

Everybody wears clothes, and you may establish a garment manufacturing company. You may develop a brilliant business out of manufacturing various styles of clothing based on people’s preferences.

If you are able to provide decent clothing of excellent quality at an affordable rate, you will have a high possibility of doing well in business.

Folks in Punjab are not extremely brand-conscious, therefore you may sell a piece of fabric with your personal logo to shopkeepers in small market areas. If your goods sell successfully, merchants will approach you in the future for further manufacturing.

Starting your clothing business is definitely among the great business ideas in Punjab to start.

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Aluminum Foil Manufacturing

Aluminum foil is a commodity that is required in almost every household to wrap food products in order to keep them warm. Currently, everybody uses aluminum foil, and it is an item that isn’t particularly branded.

You may either produce your local aluminum foil and distribute it to stores, or you can fuse into the retail business and provide it directly to customers.

This business has a greater profit, and you can make big money if you do it right. Although to start this business you need decent start-up capital, once it has been figured out, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Flex Printing

If you possess a solid understanding of the software that allows you to produce designs for others, you may start a flex printing business in your area.

Many small business owners desire to market their products or services by putting advertisements on flex.

If you are able to amass big scale orders from your clients, the costs are also extremely low, and you may earn a lot of money operating this company. You don’t even need a sizable chunk of capital to get started in this industry.

Mobile Repairing Shops

These days, everyone has a mobile phone, which has progressed into a smartphone. You may launch your own repair shop by taking a crash course in repairing mobile phones.

Our lives are incomplete without our phones as we spend many hours on them whether staying connected with our loved ones or managing our work on them. With this mass use of mobile phones where everything is managed on them, it becomes our first priority to take care of them.

With the amount of usage of our phones, they are handled not with much care by us and every now or we either drop them or they get a bug in them or they get some other problem. With this, it becomes clear that we start a mobile repair shop. It is definitely easy to manage, needs low investment, you can make bug profit and is definitely one of the best business ideas in Punjab.

This is a form of service that is now popular and among the most profitable enterprises that you can be an owner of. You can keep employees who are good at different phones and technologies and also sell phones and accessories.

Internet Provider

There is indeed a lot of increasing demand for the Internet these days, and you may consider taking advantage of it by becoming an internet provider.

Because of the rapid increase of the internet, becoming an internet provider might be an excellent profession if you are skilled in technology. Without the internet in today’s life, there is no work that can be done.

From studying to running a business, filling out forms, and documents all is done online. Over 70% of the population uses the internet in Punjab thus making it one of the most profitable business ideas in Punjab.

Wedding Planners

This list of best business ideas in Punjab would be incomplete without this. Punjab has some of the most commercially successful venues in India for magnificent Indian weddings due to the richness of Punjabi culture. The state hosts destination weddings throughout the year.

Nevertheless, organizing such lavish parties is quite challenging. As a result, most families opt to contact a wedding planner to handle everything. It might be tricky to launch a wedding planning business.

You will need to manage various aspects of the wedding, including cuisine, location, décor, photos, attendees, music, invitations, and travel. You may also offer themed and unique wedding arrangements.

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Certified Seed Production

Seed is the most important and significant agricultural resource, as it determines the performance of all other agricultural inputs.

In agriculture, seed functions as a catalyst. In the past three decades, the seed industry has achieved considerable advancement. Over the years, the amount of breeder seed and high-quality seed cultivated has constantly increased. Check the list of top apps for farmers written by me.

Seed certification is a quality assurance method in which seeds earmarked for sale are inspected and monitored by the government. The most successful endeavors include paddy, flowers, and vegetable seed production.

Livestock Feed Production

Punjab’s livestock farming industry is essential to the state’s economy. The most prominent animals are cattle, goats, and birds.

The buffalo is the state’s prime source of milk and related dairy products. Additionally, behind Haryana and Gujarat, the province stands first in the nation in terms of milk production.

One of the most successful business ideas in Punjab is livestock feed production.

Business Ideas In Punjab For Villages

Some advantageous business ideas that can be successful in villages of Punjab can be:

  • Organic Products Manufacturing
  • Flour Mill
  • Fertilizer Production 
  • Retail Shops.
  • Selling Farming-Related Products.
  • Selling Yields To Nearby Cities.

Online Business Ideas In Punjab


Blogging is an excellent business idea. If you don’t possess sufficient capital to get started, blogging is your best option.

It can be a lucrative online business idea in Punjab that you can start right now for as little as 1000 rupees. To really get going, all you need now is a domain and a hosting service.

Afterward, you must generate excellent content that is valuable to anyone searching on google, which requires keyword research and SEO knowledge.

Also Read: How to Start a Digital Marketing Business in India?

Once you have mastered that, your blog will begin to rise on google and you will start to attract traffic/website visitors, which you may monetize to generate income.

Online Fashion Boutique

In the coming five years, the online fashion industry will skyrocket, with revenues expected to exceed 700 billion dollars by 2023.

The nicest feature about this business is that you could always attract both middle and upper-middle-class customers and consistently boost sales. But keep in mind that your company strategy must be well-organized.

Fashion is a popular business idea for people in India, but that does not guarantee immediate success.

To be productive, you must obey some significant steps and your business planning, as well as how your competitive landscape fairs out or how you promote your brand. Keep in mind that brand image and labeling are the heart of the fashion industry.

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Govt Schemes In Punjab For Small Businesses

With so many business ideas in Punjab, we must know that many people today are starting their own ventures and the state government really helps and supports them with the many government schemes for small businesses.

It is because of the innovations and entrepreneurship that one sees economic growth of a state which is why the government offers many schemes to help different businesses. Punjab really excels in sectors like industries, agriculture, healthcare, education, transportation, sports, arts etc. Not just this, the state has also been blessed with human capital, infrastructure, and progressive people who bring booming success.

Because of this, the state recognizes entrepreneurship as the key to the economic growth of the state. You can know all about the many startup schemes that the Punjab government has here. Some of the schemes are as under:

Nature of Incentive
Extent of Incentive
Seed FundingA Seed Grant of up to INR 3 Lakh per start-up shall be provided for, prototype development, validation of the idea, costs and carrying out field/ market research/ skill training/, assistance towards travelling, marketing and initial activities to set up a startup etc. Seed funding to, Startups would be routed through State/Centre recognized Incubators.
Interest, Subsidy on term loan to SC Entrepreneur/ Women EntrepreneurInterest, subsidy @ 5% pa only to SC Entrepreneur/ Women, Entrepreneur subject to a maximum of Rs. 10, lakh per year for 3, years
Additional State Support of interest subsidy under Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) of Ministry of MSME, GOIInterest subsidy of 5% is subject to a maximum of 5 lakh per year for a period of 3 years and shall not exceed the amount of net SGST paid during the relevant year to such units eligible under the CLCSS scheme.
Financial assistance to SMEs for the ‘Emerge’ exchange platform set up by NSETo make the SMEs available on the ‘Emerge’ exchange platform set up by NSE, the State will provide the following incentives: 10% of the cost of Public Issue expenses, subject to a maximum of Rs.2.50 lakh for registration of National Stock Exchange.
Direct subscription up to 10% of the Public Issue to be provided out of corpus to be created jointly with SIDBI, Nationalized banks & the State Government subject to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakh.
Marketing SupportAssistance to MSME for showcasing their products at local, national and international event:@50% of total rent limited to? 10 lakh for the participation of minimum 5 units in Punjab Pavilion in International Trade Fairs abroad
@25% of total rent limited to? 3 lakh for Domestic Conferences and Trade Fairs.
Nil for Pavilion at Progressive Punjab Events and Conferences

Top Business Ideas Statewise


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Punjab is a great place to start a business since it is both lucrative and enjoyable. You have a wide range of small business options to pick from.

We have mentioned a few of them and discussed their chances of success in a state like Punjab.

To watch your business expand, remember to set measurable goals. So, what do you have to lose? Today is the best time to start your own business in Punjab!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article on business ideas in Punjab and are ready to launch your own soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Necessary to have a Large Sum of Money to Establish a Small Business in Punjab?

No. Many enterprises can be founded from the luxury of your own home and do not need much capital. Many materials are now accessible for free as the online world advances.

To Establish a Business, How many Employees does Somebody Need?

There isn’t a clear remedy to this. You can make your own decision based on your requirements. A successful firm may be started and operated by a single person. However, if you require and can manage a team, you might begin with a group of three to four persons.

What are the Best Businesses to Start in Punjab?

Some of the most profitable businesses in Punjab are:

– Contract Farming.
– Creating Organic Products.
– Producing Organic Fertilizers.
– Blogging.
– Graphic Designing.

Which are the Low Investing Businesses in Punjab?

The low investment businesses in Punjab are:

– Photography
– Tutoring
– Home-stay services etc.

Does one need an Educational Qualification in Punjab to Start a Business?

It is not important that you have an educational degree to start a business but if your business is related to any profession or license, you would need a degree for that.

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  • Very well written. Learned about so many opportunities for starting a business in Punjab.

    • Thank you so much Ankit for your feedback. Do check our other articles on business ideas for other states of India too.

  • What does the job description for an Internet service provider look like? Please briefly describe the primary responsibilities.

    • Hello Vansh,

      An ISP Technician is capable of performing a range of tasks involving telecommunications equipment. ISP technicians work at telecom sites, carrier POPs, and businesses’ facilities, among others, installing, testing, boosting, maintaining, and repairing various pieces of telecommunications equipment, including satellite, voice, data, and network.
      In order for network standards and procedures to be created and used, these specialists must oversee their development. Reports on empty ports must be submitted on a regular basis to their reporting heads. Monitoring equipment performance and identifying any issues are the main responsibilities of the ISP Technician.

  • Would you kindly explain to me how to conduct market research effectively and successfully?

    • Hello Hemanth,

      Discovering more about your customers is one of the first steps you must take. It’s difficult to know who to target in future ad campaigns if you don’t have a firm grasp on your audience. Surveys are excellent choices for your company’s website for a variety of reasons. For starters, it gives you the opportunity to create a custom questionnaire that customers can complete. Include a few questions with text boxes where they can type in their own answers.

      Social media, specifically the Facebook Ad programme, is an excellent way to conduct market research on your target audience. There are numerous websites that can assist you by displaying pertinent marketing research data on your competitors. Some programmes allow you to view statistics on how well content performs on the websites of your competitors.

      Another way to improve your market research is to conduct small sample ad campaigns. If you want to grow your company, get sales, and build strong relationships with the people who buy your product, you must know and understand your audience.

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