Best Business Ideas In Kashmir for 2024

Best Business Ideas In Kashmir for 2024

Are you a resident of Kashmir or someone is looking for business ideas in Kashmir? If so, then we bring you some of the best ideas that you would love to start in this part of the nation.

A businessman is always looking for a good return on his business, but before that one needs to know the business strategy, which should be used as a business model, how to invest properly, how to create business ideas for maximum gain, and much more. 

So before starting, we can give you a clear vision of highly profitable business ideas. You can check it out and can pick the most convenient and suitable one.

So here are some business ideas in Kashmir that can make more profit. Go through it.

How To Start Your Own Business In Kashmir

You can grow your own business with a small investment. If you don’t have any monetary funds, you can check for investors who will be interested in the startup business.

Business Demands Management

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Best Business Ideas in Kashmir

Kashmir is definitely a land of opportunities where one can do a lot. From horticulture to tourism, and handicrafts, there is a lot that one can do if one wants to start a business. So let us look at some of the most popular business ideas in Kashmir.

Horticulture Business

If you are from Kashmir and you are willing to be more profitable with your new business then horticulture can be the one. As per the survey report, horticulture is the biggest business idea which gives 23% to 25% of the GDP of Kashmir alone. 

Also, you can create a huge pathway to a job for the young generation through your business easily. Kashmir can be the best area for horticulture because it has soil with mineral layers, and there are so many rivers and water bodies. Kashmir is a high-hilly region. 

In simple terms, Kashmir can be one of the best places to go for an agro-business or farming-related business.


You can pick up any of these below-mentioned items to start your business:

  • Saffron
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Potato
  • Almond
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Mushroom
  • Onion

Farm-fresh items like potatoes, almonds, mushrooms, and onions are important at a huge rate from different parts of India.

What can be your role while thinking of being an entrepreneur in Kashmir with agro-industries? You can put a full stop behind the outgoing cash just to buy these basic farm products. 

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Local Handicraft

Handicraft is one of Kashmir’s strengths. Local customization in this business is a very good option. You can check that Kashmir has the greatest significance in this idea. Also, this state has impressive potential to make your business smooth and profitable.

The handicraft business is a very popular business, especially the floor carpet is a famous business product here. As of now, nearly 3.40 lakhs of craftsmen have engaged in this business. Carpets are exported to other states and countries from Kashmir. 

So if you are thinking of making your career in the carpet industry business then it is a good choice. Local handicraft is available in abundance here and there is a huge demand all over, hence this is one of the best business ideas in Kashmir.

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Dairy And Cattle

Kashmir is a place where people like to keep their own cattle. The demand for dairy is huge hence starting a dairy and cattle business is one of the best business ideas in Kashmir. You can go for a hugely important industry which can include the cattle creatures like dairy cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry. Cows can be the most important creature to be taken care of.

You can expand your livestock business by making dairy products like milk, curd, paneer, cheese, mayo, and many more.



This is a no-brainer when it comes to business ideas in Kashmir. The valley is known as the “Heaven of India”. You can easily imagine Kashmir is full of beauty and natural phenomena.

That’s the reason Kashmir attracts more tourists here. Kashmir has snow-clad mountains, shining and frozen lakes, mountain plantations, exceptional fauna, endlessly flowing rivers, and whatnot.

You can choose the tourism industry as your business idea. Not only from other states of India, throughout the world, but travelers also come here to feel the natural heaven of India. So without any hesitation, it is definite that the tourism business can be the superlative one in Kashmir.

You can start your travel agency and do a profitable business here in the valley.


Waste Management

Waste management is an important thing. Especially to clean a city like heaven. And the waste management system is now a needed for every place to save the environment.

Waste management can be a good choice as the population grows, and so does the waste.

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Kashmir has been a worldwide known place for its silk generation from ancient times.  You can check for this idea as it has several scopes to achieve success in this business way.

Kashmir has the best quality Bivoltine Mulberry silk in India. This silk is well-known for its superior quality, soft texture, extended length, and adaptability to all types of climatic changes.

This business possesses a good position to grow the state GDP, not just in Kashmir but is also a great business idea for Assam’s growth.

Sericulture as a business idea in assam


Like Bihar, Kashmir is blessed with water assets spread over a territory of about 0.40 lacs hectares. It can be noticed as torrential streams, high-altitude Lakes, Rivers, Sars, Springs, and Reservoirs.

Streamwater is good for the fisheries. This makes fisheries an amazing business idea for Bihar as well as Kashmir.


Poultry Farming Business

Local poultry farms are a very big industry in Kashmir. With the best quality poultry creatures, this business is being expanded day by day. And local people are consuming more poultry products.

So what you can do is be a part of this business. You can expand the farms and export to other states. So it will help to gain more incoming sources of money within the State.

Poultry farming business
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Reusing of Resources

The reusing sector of resources is a growing industry in Kashmir. There is a huge range of disposing of paper, plastic, aluminum jars, metal pieces, etc.

With the help of reusing technology, these things can be recycled. That creates a huge chance for entrepreneurship.

Online Business

2023 is all about the web-based world. Where a business can also take place through the internet. 

If you are interested, then create your own website, there are huge sources to create websites for personal business.

If you are not a business owner, you can also help others by creating a professional business website. That can be a good choice too. You can be their pathway to get them access to the internet-based world.

You can start an online business and sell products online without much of a hassle and it also makes for great business ideas in Kashmir.

Online Business

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Computer-Based Solutions

The modern world revolves around the computerized sector. You can create your own business by developing software, android applications, and websites for industries and other institutions.

Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms are a highly demanded-food product. Mushrooms are full of nutritional value. That’s the reason, day by day, its demand is increasing.

Now mushrooms can be grown in your own house. And that can be a very suitable business for those who can’t go outside too much.

Also, mushrooms are a little costly item. So you can gain a good profit.

Lio for farmers can definitely help you in mushroom cultivation and even other crops.

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Kraft Paper Ideas

Kraft papers are becoming an integral part of school students, decoration lovers, and handmade craft lovers.

If you want to supply these kinds of kraft papers, you can start this with a low investment. Nowadays there is another way to get a beautiful paper from useless carton, straws, and paper.

You can create your own style of kraft paper which can be used to decorate or to make DIY paper models.


Customized Gift Items

Customized gift items are a trend nowadays making it a good business idea for Mumbaikars and Kashmiris. Anyone loves to give his or her near and dear ones a personalized gift that can cherish the moment.

You can start making personalized gift items which can include coffee mugs, cups, bags, t-shirts, photo frames, mobile covers, diaries, greetings Cards, and even cushions. 

What you need is a small website through which you can start selling your products or customers can order as per their requirements.


Event Management Company

If you think that you can manage a professional event, corporate meetings, or personal gatherings, you can go for setting up your own event management company. It is a profitable business idea for people in Tamil Nadu as well as Kashmir.

Kashmir is a place where natural beauty is everywhere. So you can arrange destination gatherings too with the help of your company.

Hope you got a clear idea of the business ideas in Kashmir to start immediately.

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Taxi Service

The last one on our list is starting a taxi service in Kashmir. We have already discussed the massive tourism opportunity that lies here and the great footfall of tourists and travelers visiting the state hence the demand for Taxis has also increased massively over the period of time.

You can either start driving a taxi on your own or you can employ some drivers to drive your taxis and run a proper business. You can plan itineraries for them and take the tourists on tours and make them witness the best of places in part of the country. You can also have ties with hotels so that their guests can be your customers and the hotel calls your services to take their customers around.

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How Can Lio Help With Business In Kashmir

If you are thinking of starting business ideas in Kashmir then Lio is here to help you. Lio is a useful platform that can help entrepreneurs. Lio is a mobile application that helps to organize business data and present them in an eye-catching manner. 

Lio is a great platform for small business owners and can track a wholesome record of employee information for better employee management, customer data, etc. You can handle those data with ease.

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Kashmir is a great place to start a personal business as the place is very much enjoyable place and lucrative to the people.

We have mentioned a few ideas for your convenience. You can also choose business ideas in Kashmir as per your choice. You know what is the best thing to watch.

Expanding your business in various cities across hilly regions and snowy mountains. So don’t waste any more time. It’s time to set up your business in Kashmir.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With a small investment, can a business be started in Kashmir?

Yes, you can start your business with a small investment. Actually, you can even start from your own comfort with less investment. 

What manufacturing business can one start in Kashmir?

One can get into carpet making, silk textile, papier-mache, cement industry, spice grinding unit, and more.

What can one export from Kashmir?

Agriculture wise it is – oranges, barley, cherries, corn, millets, saffron, pears, vegetable, and wheat. Other than that, handicrafts, rugs, and shawls are also some of the best options.

What are the problems in the economic growth of Jammu and Kashmir?

The problems are low productivity in agriculture and similar sectors that have resulted in impeded employment and income generation.

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