Top 13 Business Ideas in Assam You Must See before Starting

Top 13 Business Ideas in Assam You Must See before Starting

Nomoskar! Looking for business ideas in Assam? We bring you a list of some of the top ideas that you can choose from to start your own venture.

Assam is the commercial hub of the northeast region and is also the largest economy of this region.

This diverse state flourishes in limestone, tea, coal, petrol, handloom, food processing, personal care, and much more.

Hence today there are several new business ideas for Indians in Assam. So, this is the right time to start a business of your own in Assam.

Top 13 Business Ideas in Assam


This is a brainer. Since Assam is world popular because of its tea production, starting a business in tea only makes sense. Assam Alone Contributes 1/7 Of Total Tea Production Across The Globe And Also It Is The World’s Largest Tea-Growing In The World.

There is a lot of scope in this industry to grow. You can sell the tea to national as well as international clients offering them various kinds of flavors if you like or simply stick to one type. 

Education & Training

Among the local population of Assam, the need for good and quality education and training is in high demand.

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If you are someone who can provide online coaching, the teaching of any subject, and prepare the youth for entrance exams and other things, then this would be a great opportunity for you to get into the business. 

And lending you a helping hand is Lio registers tailor-made for teachers to help manage and share mark sheets with students and parents, manage their/coaching center’s expenses, etc.

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starting a bakery in assam

Bakery products have recently picked up and people are constantly looking for good bakers who can add to the beautiful celebration of their special days.

Hence, your baking skills can take you places if you decide to open a bakery in Assam. This would be one of the best small business ideas in Assam that you can get into.

Set up a bakery at home and start making cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and anything that you wish. You do not need a shop initially to operate from.

Once the bakery grows you can look at the options of expanding your business. You can also give online baking classes to people and share your talent with people.

Grocery & FMCG Store

With Covid, there is one thing that is clear. Nothing survives a pandemic like an essential store. This is one of the new business ideas in Assam that people can choose from.

You can set up a variety of FMCG and grocery stores that you can benefit from. One of the best ways to make sure your business grows is by making sure that all products are always available and providing home deliveries.

And you can easily keep track of your orders, customer details, field workers’ time and attendance, etc. using Lio’s registers for small businesses.

Local Handloom

Whether it is locals or tourists, local handlooms are always in demand. With Assam being one of the major tourist hubs in India, one can make the most of the beautiful handloom pieces and sell them both nationally and internationally. You can set up an eCommerce website and list your products.


From national parks to beautiful tea estates, Assam is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India and people are dying to explore this stunning state. Hence this is the best industry to get into.

You can either open a hotel if money is not a problem for you or open your house as a homestay to let people have the authentic experience of Assam.

Other than this, since everything has made a digital shift and people are booking things online, you can get into ticket or reservation booking for tourists or offer them well-planned travel packages and tours to some of the most popular places.

Lio’s travel registers include an itinerary planner, document planner, expense register, etc. to further help you plan the perfect trip for your clients and ensure they keep coming back for more.

Make A Well-Planned Itinerary

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Interior Design & Decoration

Today people are investing a lot of money in setting up a nice home for themselves. From looking for beautiful art pieces to furniture, fabrics, etc.

You can certainly use your skills in decorating a place by getting into this field and approaching people to style their houses or even commercial places.

Yoga & Fitness

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Are you a yoga guru or a fitness freak? If your answer is yes, then become an instructor. The demand for yoga and fitness instructor is a lot and you can take both physical as well as virtual classes. Since today people are a lot into living and staying healthy, you will definitely find ample customers.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals are great markets to get in to start a business. With a huge and constant demand for medicines, this is one of the most profitable businesses in Assam.

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There is a range of products that you can sell from ayurvedic to organic, All you would need is to get a formal license and you can deliver medicines to your home, shops, or any other address.

If you are a medical clinic and looking for a better way to manage patient details, appointments, etc. so you can deliver exceptions services, Lio has you covered with its multiple medical clinic-related registers.

Agarwood & Products

Assam is known worldwide for agarwood. This raw material has tremendous supply and development in the state. The state ships it to places like the gulf, Japan, Europe, and of course all over India.

Since there is a big demand for the products and Assam has an edge, this can be one of the most profitable businesses in Assam to start.


Sericulture as a business idea in assam

Also known as silk farming where people cultivate silkworms to produce silk, this business is definitely one of the topmost options to start a business in.

The entire business is segmented into four interdependent agro-Industrial activities – Mulberry farming, silkworm rearing and cocoon production, the weaving of silk fabric, and the production of raw silk.

This is a good profit-making business and with the new improvised technique by the government, farmers are earning maximum profit. With a small initial investment, you can really make the business go wonders and grow humungous.

Starting a Business In Assam

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Fish Farming

This is one of the most lucrative business ideas for villages if started with a good business plan and a minimum amount of investment. This profitable business in Assam requires one to study the industry and market carefully and needs one to know all the processes. 

To start a fish farming business you must do initial research and investment, get legal entities done, obtain required permits and licenses and certificates for your occupancy and then simply build a good web presence. 

Manufacturing Cotton Wicks

Given that India is a proud country that is very spiritual, almost all households start their day by lighting a lamp hence manufacturing cotton wicks is another great business plan to start in Assam.

In this profitable business, you can supply cotton wicks to retailers and wholesalers or sell them directly online.

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These are some of the best ideas in Assam to start. Select from any of these that you have an interest in and start with your business.

Make sure you stay true to your business and work really hard towards growing it and offering only the best services and products to your customers.

I hope this article gives you ample ideas to start your own business in Assam.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How to start a business in Guwahati?

To start a business in Guwahati, follow these steps:

Write a proper business plan
Raise funds for your business or get an investment
Choose a proper location for your business depending on your business niche
Create a proper infrastructure for your business
Choose a catchy business name
Get your business online
Get your federal and state tax ids for your business
Invest in marketing

What are some of the best business ideas in Guwahati?

Legal Advisor
Real Estate Agent
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Tuition Centre
Youtube Channel
Ads agency

What are some online business ideas in Assam?

Digital Marketing Agency
Social Media Expert

What are some of the best business ideas for women in Assam?

Coffee Cafe
Tea Manufacturing
Cooking Youtube Channel
Day Care Centre
Pet Care Centre
Teaching / Training / Coaching
Shop Owner

What are some new business ideas in Assam?

Digital Media Agency
Business Consultant
eCommerce business ideas include a Clothing Store
Selling Online Courses

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