This Is How To Start An Online Travel Agency Of Your Own

This Is How To Start An Online Travel Agency Of Your Own

Travel is definitely one of the best businesses to get into for Indians. If you are wondering how to start an online travel agency of your own, here’s how to do it.

Travel is something that everyone is interested in. Whether it is overseas national or even small weekend getaways, every once in a while you want to break the monotony of your day-to-day life and go out and have a change in routine and enjoy a new beautiful place.

It’s a nice practice that has got everyone hooked on it. There is something about travel that leaves us wanderlusting quiet often.

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This makes, travel a great business to get into especially for people in Mumbai and Assam. Your customers would not be limited but you can have customers from all around the world. 

So here’s how to start an online travel agency and everything you need to know about it.

List Of Requirements To Start An Online Travel Agency In India

1. Make Thorough Research On Your Competitors And The Market

The first thing to do before starting any business is to do a thorough research of the industry and the market. You need to know about the competitors and understand what works and how it works.

Understand what your competitors are doing, what their niche is and what all they offer, who their clients are and what are their services. 

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2. Find Your Own Niche In The Travel Industry

The travel industry is a vast one. There is a lot that one can do here. But in the beginning, it is better that you select a niche and start working on it. Only once you have understood one particular niche, you should begin with the next one.

You can get into ticketing or booking and get the tickets booked by bus, taxi, railway or aeroplane. You can also get into hotel booking and get in touch with various hotels to work with them.

Other than this you can also get into travel tours and make nice packages for all the tourists coming.

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3. Take A Call On A Travel Website Or Travel Software

A website is an integral part of a business. It is something that you would need so that people can know all about you and your business.

A website would help your clients and customers know what you are selling, what are your products and basically will give answers to all their questions. Here’s how to start one.

If not a website, getting a travel software/app is another thing that you can get into. If you have some money for investment, you can get an app made which would be easier for people to download and directly purchase your services and products.

4. Build Your Team

Once you have decided and planned everything, it is time to build your team. Decide how many people to get on board and what would be their key responsibilities. Make sure that these people that you hire are someone who is up for challenges, hard work, and compassion.

They need to be someone who is comfortable approaching people and asking them to work along with your business. 

5. Make A Strategy For Marketing

It is essential in today’s world to have a digital presence and to have a good marketing strategy. Without marketing, no business stands a chance to succeed. Get your business on one of the many social media platforms and start with the marketing.

It is a good way to get more clients and tell the world about your business and what you offer. The more marketing you do, the more clients you will get. It is the best way to get clients from not just around you but both nationally and internationally.

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6. Build A Brand Not Just An Agency

Building an agency is easy but not really profitable. It is building a brand that is important. Building a brand means having a loyal client base and making sure your services and products are seamless.

Provide such services so that people come back to you over and over again and tell others about you. Gain your customers’ trust by providing them impeccable services and earn your name in the market.

7. Get All Licenses

Since travel licenses vary from state to state, make sure you have done your homework and know what licenses you should get. Get your GST registration done with the right documents after selecting a name for your company and get your GSTIN number.

8. Give Attractive Rates

Before you decide on the rates, make sure you study the market and then decide on the rates you would want to implement.

No one will make use of your services if what you are offering is available but at a lesser price or with something exclusive on some other website. 

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Having your own online travel agency is a great low investment business idea and when done right, you can earn a lot of profit. This industry is always thriving and hence one can make a lot of money.

There are many aspects of travel so decide wisely which aspect you want to start with and then work hard to have a mark in the industry.

I hope this article has helped you in understanding how to start an online travel agency. So what not and start planning now.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What all can one do in a travel agency?

There are multiple things that you can do. You can sell tickets for transportations, get hotel bookings done or sell tour packages of all kinds.

Can one have both national and international clients?

Yes, you can have both national as well as international clients and sell them your services.

Do I need to have a physical office to start an online agency?

You may or may not need a physical office. It completely depends on you how you run your business.

Can I sell international packages while sitting in India?

Yes, you can sell international packages while sitting in India. Just make sure you have read all about the licenses and other formalities before getting into it.

Is an online travel agency a profitable business?

Yes, this is one of the most profitable businesses. If marketing is done right, there is a lot that you can do and reach new heights. 

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  • Hi. I have outlined the steps for starting a new travel agency. What licenses do I need in total? please be brief

    • Hello Amit,

      Applying for a Business Registration should be the first step you take when opening a travel agency.
      A mayor’s permit, a tax identification number, a Social Security number, and a Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) registration are all required.
      Creating a legal company entity, such as an LLC or corporation, also shields you from being held accountable for the actions of your travel agency.

  • Is it a good idea to start a travel agency in my state, Tamil Nadu?

    • Hello Mythili,

      Yes, of course. In fact, there are many business ideas in Tamil Nadu that can be implemented with ease. We are aware that the global travel and tourism industry has been expanding quickly, luring new enterprises and creating a favorable environment for the success of the already established travel businesses.
      The tourism-related business sector is still booming, and travel agencies are still the most profitable business venture.

  • How do we choose the ideal niche for a business? Are there any simple tricks?

    • Hello Gobind,

      The field of knowledge in which you will specialize is known as a niche. 
      Make a list of potential market niches for your firm to start. List your current interests, hobbies that you’d consider turning into a business, specialties or training you already possess, and former employees that could potentially become a business.

      Next, decide which five business concepts you are most interested in implementing. Picking a subject that you are passionate about is important because running a business requires a lot of effort and dedication.

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