17 Best Business Ideas in Tamil nadu

17 Best Business Ideas in Tamil nadu

Vannakam! If you are looking for the most popular business ideas in Tamil Nadu, then look no further as we bring you the list of all the businesses that you can choose to start your own in this part of the country.

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Ask anyone what their dream job is and most of them would reply by saying that they would want to start a business of their own. It is a good feeling to have something of your own where you are in charge of the success and failures of the business.

Being the fourth largest state, Tamil Nadu exhibits high economic dynamism and human development indicators, a highly attractive investment climate that can be benchmarked with the best in Asia, good infrastructure, and India’s leading innovation and knowledge hub.

If you are a new entrepreneur who is looking to start a business in the city then you are in luck as Tamil Nadu offers a wide range of business opportunities that you can choose from. 

Best Business Ideas in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu sure is one of the best places to start a business. There are several great business ideas that are perfect for this part of the state and they are definitely profitable. So let us look at some of these business ideas in Tamil Nadu.

Online Reselling Service

Online reselling services are pretty interesting as one gets to deal with a lot of clients and customers. Whether it is clothes, furniture, appliances, or anything else, it is a big market where you will get people who want to sell a product and customers who are looking to buy second-hand things.

Set up a business where you can resell stocks to potential sellers. Grow your network, connect with people and dealers and grow your business easily. 

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Online Teaching

With Covid and in general, people moving to the digital world, it is a good idea to start an online tuition/coaching service.

If you are good at a subject and have a patience of a tree, then teaching is the profession for you and you can do this by sitting in the comforts of your home.

All you would need is a good internet connection to have a smooth running that you can grow gradually. This surely is one of the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu.

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Image Source – https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/usd-2-28-billion-growth-in-the-online-education-market-in-india-skill-development-and-employment-to-drive-market-technavio-301247964.html
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South Indian Food Joint

Sitting in Tamil Nadu, one of the most non-brainer business ideas is starting a south Indian food joint. This cuisine is very popular among people from all countries and is in high demand.

With a wide range of traditional food like idlis, dosa, upma, pongal, sambar, rasam, parotta, and more, there is a lot to offer to the tourists coming into the state.

Just pick a nice place to start the venture, procure the license, secure your sourcing, hire staff, and essential cutlery and get requisite licenses. Build your brand name slowly and steadily and then gradually start taking big orders and growing.

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Medical Courier Service

There are several business ideas in Tamil Nadu that you can opt for and Medical courier service is one of them. This is that one business where you can contribute to the benefits of society and do for yourself.

To start this business you must have a commercial vehicle, skills for time management, and a proactive team as you would get mass orders.

Your job in this business would be to deliver medicines, lab specimens, medical equipment, and more from one place to the other. This is one business that will always be in high demand because of the constant need for medicines. 

Clothing Business

Tamil Nadu is a leader in garment production and exports in India along with being a major hub for footwear, leather, and other leather products. It ranks first in the production and export of cotton yarns and second in the production of blended yarn.

While the city of Tirupur has been recognized as the knitwear hub of the country, Coimbatore has been labeled as the Manchester of South India. Hence it is an apt location to start an online garment retail business idea in Tamil Nadu.

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You can start an online clothing business and make sure that your product reaches all parts of the nation. The online venture would require less effort and time. Study this market thoroughly and know your target audience. 

Packaged Food Products

Tamil Nadu has a strong base of raw agricultural inputs which makes it a great place to start a food processing unit. From Tea, coffee, jams, pickles, chips, biscuits, spices and blends, cakes, bread, coconut milk powder, and much more, you can start selling these packages of food products and reach all parts of the country. 

To start this business, register your company and procure an FSSAI license. Make sure you study the market well, know your competitors, and your challenges, and most importantly make sure to deliver only the best quality products.

You can make use of social media and reach out to as many people as build your brand. A tip, innovate and focus on healthy snacks too that are gluten-free and vegan as well.


Travel is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. Today people are looking for authentic experiences where they can live and closely experience the authentic lifestyle of a place and what better way to do so than converting your house into a homestay? 

Since people would be looking for a traditional and more authentic stay, make sure you decorate the house and the guest room in the most special and traditional way.

Offering local cuisines and making them experience the local life of Tamilnadu. This is a simple way to earn some good money at your own convenience; hence this is definitely one of the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu is rich in culture and heritage and hosts a variety of handicrafts that are well-known around the world. This is a state of hard-working and skilled craftsmen and artisans who offer some of the most magnificent pieces of work.

Some of the most popular things are the Tanjore paintings, bronze ornaments, floor rugs, terracotta figurines, pottery, musical instruments, stone carvings, jewelry, and more.

Bridge the gap between these local craftsmen and the world and help them reach various parts of the world. This might take some time to find and get in touch to find such artisans but is one of the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu as well as in Kashmir.

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Paper Selling

Tamil Nadu continues to be one of the forerunners in the production of paper and paper products. There are 74 paper mills in operation in Tamil Nadu.

Hence starting a business in the paper industry is a good idea. Get hold of all the different kinds of paper manufactured and choose the one you want to deal in. Make the local shops as well as clients across the country to sell your product.

Coffee Plantation

Coffee plantation ranks in the top 5 best business ideas in Tamil Nadu given the many coffee plantations that are done in the state. Coffee is one of the most in-demand beverages that has a growing fan base.

To get into this business you just need to find a local coffee plantation and sell their coffee. Connect with various shops and also build a brand online so that you can reach the masses on a large scale. 

Build a story around the brand that connects with people and you would be good to go.

Poultry Farming

This is the quickest and one of the most profitable business ideas in Tamil Nadu. This business is definitely for the ones who are looking for a small-scale business in the state.

This might appear as a lucrative business but only because people lack the essential expertise and business ideas. To start the business one needs to find a niche.

You can choose from feather framer, Manure Merchant, Egg business or selling Chicks. This business does not require a lot of areas as you can also start it from your backyard with just a few birds. 

Image Source – https://vikaspedia.in/agriculture/agri-directory/reports-and-policy-briefs/20th-livestock-census
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Event Management

Starting an event management business is something that is really catching up and one of the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu to work on. It is easy to start and can be managed from home as well. If you have an eye for detail, like to organize events, and can manage people and time then this is the industry for you.

With a sudden increase in the number of events and celebrations, the event management business is really flourishing and is one of the most profitable businesses.

Make the most of your creative skills by hosting small events initially like birthday parties, baby showers, etc., and then slowly you can move on to weddings and corporate events. 

If not then you can simply choose one kind of event as your niche and grow your business in that particular direction. The event management sector surely makes the list of the top business ideas in Tamil Nadu.

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The bakery business is another flourishing business idea in India. There is a huge demand for bakery goods with the increase in events and celebrations.

If you are a skilled professional or someone who loves to bake, then you can start your venture right from your home and start by taking small orders. You can add a wide range of products based on your comfort and skills.

The initial expenditure would be on the baking equipment and maybe a nice big oven. From selling goods from your home, online, and even keeping them in a local shop to giving bakery classes, you can surely make a lit of money. This is one of the businesses requiring less investment and generating more profit.

Travel Agency

This list of best business ideas in Tamil Nadu is incomplete without Travel in it. No matter what, travel-related businesses continue to thrive and are one of the most profitable businesses in Tamil Nadu. The state is widely popular for its many cities that are a treat to the eyes.

The tourist-friendly place sees a big footfall all year round not just from India but even internationally. Hence you can become the middleman and help people travel smoothly in the state.

From selling nicely built travel packages to tours, experiences, and reservations of buses, trains, and taxis, you can do it all and all by sitting at your home and running a travel agency. Just don’t try and sell everything at first but slowly grow and add the facilities and services. 

Beauty Salon

According to research, the cosmetic business has grown by about 60% in the last five years. Opening a beauty salon is one of the top business ideas in Kolkata and Tamil Nadu for maximum returns.

Today, men and women, all visit salons on regular basis and pay a good amount to get groomed. To open a beauty salon, you don’t need to be an expert.

One of the most important things about opening a salon is the location. Make sure it’s nice, well-known, well-connected, and has lots of potential clients around. Set a standard of the salon based on which you would get your clients. And then make sure that you provide the most high-quality services.

Pickle Making

Another very popular business in India and especially in Tamil Nadu is Pickle Making which makes it a great business to start. You can source fresh vegetables and fruits from organic farms along with spices and prepare batches of different varieties of pickles. You can start selling them either online or get a tie-up with a local shop that can keep your products.

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Online Store

The online store is one of the best businesses that you can choose to do especially if you want to do something from the comforts of your home. You can choose your niche whether it is food, clothing, or some services that you are offering.

You can easily plan what your business should be and then plan to market your business on social media which would really boost your business and then also get a lot of eyes from potential customers.


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There are plenty of business ideas in Tamil Nadu that one can opt for and build a business for yourself that you truly enjoy. Just make sure to stay dedicated and work hard to grow your business while having fun throughout the process of your entrepreneurial journey.

I have dived deep into the research to look for business options that one can explore in Tamil Nadu. All the above-mentioned ones are definitely some of the ones that are perfect for this city and something that one can benefit from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which business is in demand in Tamil Nadu?

Automotive, transportation, fireworks, leather, mining, and manufacturing are some of the businesses in demand here.

What are some of the Best Businesses to Start in Tamil nadu?

Some of the best businesses to start in Tamil Nadu are:

– Poultry Farming
– E-Waste Recycling Plant
– Banana Products (Banana Powder, Banana Puree and Banana Concentrate)
– Tea Processing and Packaging
– Chilli Oil from Red Chilli
– Sugarcane Juice Preservation
– Coffee Plantation
– Dal Mill (Pulses)
– Modern Rice Mill
– Mango Pickles

What Business Can I do under inr 10000 in Tamil Nadu?

Under 10K, one can do the following businesses:

– Travel Agency
Mobile recharge shop
– Food Stall
– Affiliate marketing
– Tuition Services

Which is the best place to invest in Tamil Nadu?

The best places to invest in Tamil Nadu are:

– Chennai
– Coimbatore
– Madhurai
– Salem
– Thanjavur

What kind of Business can I do at Home in Tamil Nadu?

Today, it is possible to start a business of almost everything by sitting at home. From online tuition, groceries, food delivery, restaurant, baking, clothes, art, electronics, etc almost every business can be started by sitting in the comforts of your home.

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  • How much can I earn with my pickle-making business?

    • Hi Ajit,
      thankyou for the query.
      Pickle-making is a profitable business, more than 50% profit margin. Always research and find the best suitable ones before kick starting any business.

  • Would you kindly let me know what is needed to register a travel agency as a business?

    • Hello Shikha,

      The person must be approved by the Ministry of Tourism through their Additional Director-General in order to be a legitimate agency in India. The licenses required to start a tour and travel agencies business in India are GST licenses, Mayor’s Permit, the Social Security System (SSS), the Tax Identification Number (TIN), and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). The organization also requires approval from the International Air Transport Association. Please do your homework and submit it appropriately.

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