Top 11 Small Business Ideas in Mumbai [High Profit]

Top 11 Small Business Ideas in Mumbai [High Profit]

Kasa kay! Are you frequently thinking of business ideas in Mumbai that you can start and proudly call your own? Read on and find some ideas that you would definitely find interesting.

Mumbai is the city of dreams that is home to millions of people who come here and make this beautiful city their own.

The city is like a genie who grants wishes to almost everyone who is willing to work hard and never give up.  There are ample opportunities for anyone and everyone who want to make their name in any field. 

The options are endless as Mumbai is home to not just corporates and the IT sector but also artists of any kind, travel textile, reselling interior decorations, and more.

The city’s vibe is great for budding entrepreneurs as it offers a huge market, easy availability of capital, and a workforce

Business Ideas in Mumbai

Cafe & Restaurant

Cafes and Restaurants are the heart of any city which makes this an amazing business idea for Indians. They are always packed with people and are the best places to just hang out with friends and family. Whether there is an occasion or not, these places are always in business as people are always looking for delicious food to dig in.

You can open a restaurant or a cafe at a prime location and get into this industry. The location is very crucial as it will attract a number of people based on it. Hire an efficient and hard-working staff who will make sure that the place works smoothly.

The next important thing is to get a skilled chef with who you can work on an amazing menu and offer delicious food. Make sure the menu is diverse and covers different cuisines. To target a younger audience, fast food is something that you must focus on. 

The initial investment is going to be huge but if you work hard, the returns would soon start coming and you could have a successful business.

Flowers & Gift Shops

Showering someone with flowers and gifts is one of the best ways to show your love, to thank someone or for basically any occasion or moment. This is a big business as people are purchasing flowers and gifts every day for someone in their lives.

You can open a flower and gift shop to cater to this need of people. With a flower shop, you can also collaborate with event management companies to deliver the flowers for various decor purposes.

You can innovate with the gift shop by giving customized gifts as well. From kids to adults, formal to informal, you can keep all kinds of gifts and grow your business.

Travel Business

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Mumbai is one of the top tourist destinations in India. From Indians to foreigners, people from all walks of life want to come and see this beautiful place which is not just a city but also a way of life.

There is a lot to see and do as Mumbai is a perfect mix of heritage, modernity, culture, and tradition. From the appetizing fine dining food to the delicious street food, from spotting celebrities to shopping at the chor bazaar and visiting the many religious places, there is something for everyone. This means that getting into the travel industry is definitely something that you can think of doing.

This is one of the small business ideas in Mumbai where you can either work as a travel agent who books all kinds of tickets or manage reservations. You can also create nice tours around the city focusing on different sides of Mumbai and sell these tours to tourists. 

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Event Management

In a recent survey, it was shown that Mumbai is one of the top 3 cities that spends a lot on events.  But it is not just about Mumbai, today people are celebrating all events in full glory and enjoying every minute and event management companies are making a lot of money.

Hence this is one of the best business ideas in Mumbai that you can get into. From weddings to birthday parties and event corporate events, you can decide the kind of events you want to focus on.

Initially start doing small parties and see how good you are with decoration and organizing and once you understand it and can manage it properly, you can get into big events with a bigger budget.

Training & Coaching

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There are a lot of people who are looking to train themselves for something or the other. From students to full-grown adults, people are always learning a new skill or getting better at something.

This is an opportunity for you to get into this training and coaching business. If you are a dancer, you can give coaching for any dance form you are good at. There is coaching or training for singing, acting, sports, studies, entrance exams, fitness, and so on. 

This is something that can be a part-time job or something that you do full-time. From giving virtual classes to having a studio of your own, you can do it as you like and enjoy making money out of your passion.

Social Media Influencer

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The world is all about social media today. Every successful brand is on social media and every budding brand that wants to be successful is on social media and there is no other way about it.

Today, having a social media presence in today’s world is the easiest way to spread the word about your company, services and products. It is also a great opportunity to connect with your customers and get new ones. 

By being a social media influencer you can help companies build their name and get more customers. You can review their products or market them by working in collaboration with them.

There are a lot of perks and benefits along with handsome pay once you have a huge fan following. Start working and building your account and getting followers. Give them quality content that is diverse and beautiful to the eyes.

Be regular in postings and connect with your followers. Once you have a strong name, companies themselves would be getting in touch with you to work with you.

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Become Trainer

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Our lifestyle has changed and so have our eating habits. With these rising concerns regarding health that people are facing these days, there is a big switch towards a healthy lifestyle.

People are looking for gyms and trainers who can work them in attaining the kind of health they want to have. Since Mumbai is also where the glamour industry is, people are a lot into fitness.

If you are a fitness freak then we recommend you take this up as a professional. Do a small course to become a certified trainer who can give classes to others. You can do it virtually, start working with a gym or start your own business.

This is hands down one of the best business ideas in Mumbai as people are spending a lot of money trying to get the kind of body they desire.

Online Bakery

Do you enjoy seldom baking? Are you always trying new recipes for cakes, pies, tarts and cookies? Do you always bake a cake at events for friends and family?

Well, why not convert it into a side business which would be a profitable one? Getting into this business is easy and does not require a lot of investment. You can do it as and when you feel like it. 

You can take orders online and initially sell a limited menu. Once you get the hang of things, you can grow your Bakery business by adding more items. This is one of the good sides of business ideas in Mumbai.

Graphic Designing

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For the people who have an artistic bent of mind and love illustrations, Graphic designing is something that you can get in. There is no business today, that does not ask for good graphics.

Especially since the presence of social media has become crucial, the demand for graphic designers has only increased. To get into this business, you got to be hard workers, serious, and in touch with your creative side.

There are all kinds of graphic designers in the industry. You can choose your style and explore. Once you have full faith in yourself and your work, you can start as a freelancer to take up projects. Whether it is for an event or party invites, logo designs, posts for social media, or a website, you can choose what you want to do.

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Tiffin Service

With millions of people calling Mumbai their home, there are many of them who are single and trying to make a living for themselves. They are busy with figuring out their future and jobs and struggle to put decent food together or have time to cook for themselves.

Starting a tiffin service is one of the great small business ideas in Mumbai for women who are into cooking and find it therapeutic. You can deliver your food to all these people who are on the lookout for good home-cooked meals. 

This business needs less investment and offers more returns. You can run this business right from your kitchen and use social media to spread the word.

Decide the meals you would want to cates and how many dishes in a meal. Offer a good variety of food options and also make sure that you make use of good ingredients and only provide quality food.

Bollywood Dance Classes

Mumbai is home to Bollywood and everyone in Mumbai wants to feel a little closer to this glittering world. Every day people come here to try their luck and to add different experiences to their resumes. If you are a good dancer, then you can start giving Bollywood dance lessons. This can be done both virtually and even physically.

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With all these amazing business ideas for Mumbai, I really hope that you find the one that truly interests you. Do extensive research of all business aspects and based on that zero down on your decision about what business you want to do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which business is profitable in Mumbai?

There are many businesses that are profitable in Mumbai, but you should consider:

Recruitment Firm
Real Estate Consultant
Grocery Delivery Service

What kind of business can one do at home in Mumbai?

Today, you can make a business out of just about anything – online tuition, groceries, food delivery, restaurant, baking, clothes, art, electronics, etc.

What all businesses can be done with an investment of Rs 20000?

There are several businesses that you can start with this much investment that are mostly talent-based and these are:

Cooking Classes
Poster Shop

What are some of the most profitable business ideas in Mumbai?

Some of the most profitable business ideas in Mumbai are as follows:

Coaching Institutes
Video/Advertising Agency
Hostel Services

What are some of the businesses that can be used for People’s Welfare?

There are many such businesses and one of them is crowdfunding Consulting it is for the welfare of the citizens.

How can to make any business be successful?

To make any business successful, here’s what you need to do:
Build a strong network amongst people.
Have a robust plan with a realistic goal.
Make a goal to be the best among your competitors.

What are some of the Home-run business ideas?

Some home-run business ideas are:

Online Cooking Classes
E-Book Writing/ Blogging
Baking On Order

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  • How can I start my event management company in Mumbai? FYI I am not from Mumbai, living here for the last 3 years.

    • Hello Kritika , thankyou for the query.
      Here are few of the basic steps required to start an event management company in Mumbai:
      First and foremost, gain event planning skills and determine your event planning market. Develop a business plan and obtain business insurance. Develop your staffing resources and the supplier-network. Define your event planning services along with the event planning fee structure. Secure funding for your business and focus on business development and marketing strategies.

  • What are the biggest mistakes made by start-up entrepreneurs?

    • Hello Ankur, thankyou for this question.
      Here are few of the biggest mistakes made by start-up entrepreneurs:
      Ignoring the finances , not spending on marketing, choosing the wrong investors and above all, lacking focus. Thorough research , determination and a good vision will always help entrepreneurs achieve success.

  • Do we need any license to start a flower shop?

    • Hello Priya,

      Similar to any other business, you must register and obtain a sales license for your flower shop. A general business permit is also required. If you sell wholesale or retail flower shop plants and flower-related products, a seller’s permit is necessary. Additionally required is a GST license.

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