Benefits of Planning Weekly And Why Use A Weekly Planner Template

Benefits of Planning Weekly And Why Use A Weekly Planner Template

Let us learn why to use a weekly planner template and why working with a planner is beneficial.

What is Weekly Planning?

Weekly planning is where you plan your work well in advance to have a more productive and efficient week. 

You plan your day on a Sunday and jot down all the tasks and essential things that need to be taken care of during the coming week. You wither make the plan on paper or to do it more efficiently, you do this on a weekly planner app that is available on your phone or desktop.

Today there are several apps that offer some amazing weekly planner templates to make the planning process easier and more exciting for you.

Weekly planning is an important task that makes you more organized and helps you prioritize better. It also lets you juggle tasks, organize your goals, divide your time well, and more.

Why It’s Important to Plan Your Week

Why It’s Important to Plan Your Week

So why it is important to plan your week? Well, planning your day each day is very challenging and not very effective in the long run hence, one must dedicate some time on a weekend to plan the week ahead so that you know exactly what needs to be done on which day of the week. Let us look at a few reasons why planning your week is important:

It Teaches You To Learn To Say No

When you plan your week ahead, it teaches you to say no to unplanned and sudden things and responsibilities that you might take unknowingly. It gives you an understanding of certain aspects of things which helps you make much more informed decisions.

Plan Your Business With Lio

Whether it is your personal work or professional, plan every tiny detail on the Lio app and have a well-organized day.

Makes You More Productive

With weekly planning, you become more productive. It does not mean that you are always working, but it helps you do the right things at right time. You would be able to do work and save time.

Helps You Maintain Balance

Help you maintain balance

This helps in a good balance between your personal and professional life. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The balance is important which would also give you a stress-free life.

Prevents From Experiencing Crisis

By planning ahead, you are saving yourself from a lot of unnecessary drama and headaches. You would not reach that critical point where everything seems urgent and important if you have done the planning right.

Track Of All Responsibilities

With a weekly planner template that is well organized and planned, you would be able to track all your responsibilities and will not slip from your track in achieving your goals. You will be able to track them at any point in time given that everything is on your smartphone saved.

Focus On Important Things

When you forget to plan and prioritize your tasks, everything seems urgent. With weekly planning, you can focus on important things and have a more relaxed week which otherwise would be chaotic.

Helps With The Feeling Of Accomplishments

And most of all, you get the feeling of accomplishment when you finish your tasks as per the weekly planner which of course takes away all the anxiety and stress.

Easy Customisable Templates For All

Use the amazing features of the Lio App to create a customizable template as per your needs.

How to Plan Your Week With Weekly Planner Template

You can plan your week in different ways but here are a few strategies to do so:

Schedule Everything On Calendar

The quick way to plan your week is to get everything on a calendar. With one look at it, you will be able to know what you are supposed to do. Lio app can help you with a good weekly planner template, that you can use to plan everything and get your calendar synched to it.

Get Ahead

Plan your week before it starts, this way you would be able to decide and think of everything you need to take care of and actually prepare for certain important tasks. It gives you ample time to focus on tasks and get a head start.

Know Your Top Priorities

Know Your Top Priorities

When you plan your week ahead, you are able to pinpoint the top priorities and give them the time they need rather than rushing them at the last minute. It helps you focus on them and be more productive.

Plan Mellow Times

While planning for your week, do not forget to add your breaks even if it is for 10 or 15 minutes. They are important and this way you would not exert yourself and crash by the end of the day or mid-week.

Your Data Is Safe As A House

With daily backups, we ensure your data is safe and secure whether you lose your phone or it breaks down.

Have A Checklist

When you work on your weekly planner, no matter how detailed you are, you must also have a checklist which is easier to track and accomplish things.

Give Time For Unplanned Events

There would be many unplanned things that would come your way during the week hence always keep some time free for such events that might come unannounced. This way, you would not affect your planning in any way and are always ready and prepared for anything.


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How Lio Can Help You In Planning Your Week

Lio is known as the app that brings your life in order. This great application is made for people from all walks of life. From students to professionals and homemakers, anyone to everyone can use this app to be more organised and to plan their days, weeks and months. Lio app lets you keep all sorts of data together in a more organised manner. You can keep records, and create tables and lists while working solo or with a team. 

There are several templates that the app offers which you can choose from depending on what your requirements are. You can also create your own template as per your liking. The many amazing features just make life easier for all.

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Step 2: Create your account using your Phone Number or Email Id.

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Verify the OTP and you are good to go.

Step 3: Select a template in which you want to add your data.

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Step 4: All Done? Share and Collaborate with your contacts.

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Making a weekly planner template and using one is one of the best decisions that you can make to have a life that is more organised. You can get very productive and achieve all your goals as you would be aligned with your goals at all times.

You would not forget to do anything and also not have any stress. You will also be able to enjoy your free time without stressing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do i make a weekly planner?

One can create their own weekly planner template. There are several apps with the help of which you can do that like Lio, Microsoft office, Canva etc. There are many apps that have printable planners that you can download.

What Should A weekly planner include?

A weekly planner should include:

– Daily tasks
– Upcoming appointments
– To-do lists
– Bigger Tasks
– Due Dates
Grocery Lists
– Rest Time etc.

Are planners Profitable?

Yes, planners are very beneficial and can be great in helping you have a more organised life.

Are printable planners free of cost?

Some planners are free whereas some are paid.

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  • Do I have any options for publishing my planner on my own? Please let me know, thanks.

    • Hello Yadhu,

      Yes, you can. Either you can start a Kickstarter campaign to fund your planner concept and have people essentially pre-order your planner, or use Kindle Direct Publishing to list, sell, and send your planner on demand for ZERO dollars and get your planner on the Google of retail websites without having to pay for an Amazon Sellers account.

  • Thank you so so much for providing us with all of this information. This article is a game-changer because it has all the elements needed to create the ideal planner. I’m extremely grateful.

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      Thank you very much for your kind words.
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      Keep on reading!

  • I am a big fan of your articles. Being a student, all your articles help me a lot in gaining knowledge. Can you also give me a few time management tips?

    • Hello Ricky,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      There are numerous time management tips for students. Some of them include making a master schedule, using an agenda, eliminating distractions, setting goals for each study session, and focusing on one thing at a time.

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