Here are the Top Personal Finance Apps in India

Here are the Top Personal Finance Apps in India

We understand that tracking income and finances are not easy jobs, especially for small businesses with a limited workforce. Therefore, here are the top personal finance apps in India that can help you figure out those bucks and maybe even save some!

Every day, we make financial decisions. The majority of us can add and subtract numbers on a sheet of paper, but how many of us can make actual financial decisions? You’ve probably heard about budgeting, but have you ever created one for yourself? You must keep track of your costs and devise a strategy to help you save and spend in the appropriate amounts.

Taking on the additional task of managing personal finances is difficult when jobs are at the centre of our life. The future is technological, and the answer to this dilemma is technological as well.

There are several personal finance applications available nowadays that are so easy to use that you won’t even need to visit a financial professional. Let us take a look at some of the best personal financial applications.

What are Personal Finance Apps?

There are a plethora of money-saving applications on Google Play and the App Store that may help you keep tabs on your monthly expenditure. These applications can keep a log of expenses like meal orders, cab fares, and mobile recharges, among other things.

Personal Finance Apps

Many of these applications combine your data with these digital payment wallets for accurate maintenance of history. These budgeting tools can also let you make rapid investments in mutual funds or secure a loan.

This implies that, in addition to money and cost management, several of these applications may assist you with other aspects of personal finance.

Why do I Need a Personal Finance App?

Why do I Need a Personal Finance App?

As small business owners and even our personal finances can become difficult to monitor and regulate expenses responsibly and easily, which makes saving money is so challenging.

There are a number of apps and personal finance software that may function as your personal financial advisor and support you in managing your money and personal finances more efficiently.

Striking the right balance between your income and expenditures is always a smart money management technique. Monitoring your costs and setting a weekly or monthly budget is a good way of managing finances. It is helpful for remaining in excellent financial shape and preventing wasteful spending.

Tracking every rupee manually would require an impractical amount of time and work. Every now and then, we sometimes overlook some of the expenses. However, there is no reason to be worried if you are struggling to manage your monthly budget.

These money management tools can guide you in spotting places where you can save expenses as your financial manager. Simultaneously, these finance planning applications will educate you on the greatest available investment paths that will provide you with the most payback on your investment.

Many users realise these applications to be quite helpful in managing their finances. On Google Play, you can check the reviews and ratings of these personal finance apps in India.

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Top Personal Finance Apps in India

Read the list of the best personal finance apps in India that you can make use of to manage your finances.


Lio is the application that helps you organise your life. Whether it is your home, office, school or anything else, everything can be managed with the help of Lio. The app offers many templates and based on your business you can select one and start using it. You also have the option of making your own template which is based on your needs and requirements. 

On Lio, you can manage your business plan, employees, taxes, cash flow, customers, competitors and everything else related to it. You can basically manage your entire business with Lio and stay on top of things. 

You can collaborate on this with other people and see changes happening in real-time. The app also offers the feature of uploading and saving important photos and documents.


Walnut is a comprehensive money management tool that makes it simple to keep track of your transactions. It will keep track of purchases made using credit cards, online banking, ATMs, and mobile wallets.

Walnut keeps track of your spending and sends you bill reminders on a regular basis. Graphs are used to make things easier. You may also insert cash payments to obtain a complete picture. Walnut collects information from SMS and categorises charges based on their kind.

On the app, you can even create a cost budget for yourself. One useful aspect of this software is that it allows you to manage shared spending with friends/family and settle the balance through the app.

Key features

  • Uses BHIM UPI
  • Helps you spot ATMs near you
  • You can create expense reports
  • Validate your bank balance.
  • Keep track of bookings for trains, cabs, movies, and events, among other things.
  • You find and share information about areas you visit with your friends and on social media.

Create, Share, Collaborate

Work with your team in real-time. create documents together and share the same on Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.


Budget Bakers has worked with over 4000 institutions across the world to bring the concept of “banking under one roof” to life. You may link your bank accounts to the wallet’s app. You may also connect your debit and credit cards, as well as any other payment methods you use.


Wallet not only allows you to examine all of your financial transactions at once, but it also analyses the data and gives actionable results. When you attach your debit and credit cards, Wallet will pull your data and, using a machine learning algorithm, break down your spending into several categories.

It compares your monthly expenditures and tells you what you’ve been splurging on using simple visuals. To promote systematic and planned spending, this personal financial software allows you to set a budget and share it with your loved ones. It’s never been easier to keep track of your expenses!

Key Features

  • Transactions get synced automatically
  • Graphs and other financial overviews
  • Upcoming payments are notified
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Receipt and warranty tracking

ET Money

ET Money is one of the most advanced personal financial applications available today. Its cutting-edge technology allows you to pick from a variety of mutual fund strategies. You will not be charged any additional fees by ET Money for the services they provide.

This software allows you to invest directly in mutual funds, term deposits, insurance, and pension plans.

You can effortlessly keep track of your invoices and spending and save money on taxes! Your credit score will be calculated for free, and you will have access to it at all times. You may also apply for a loan right from the app.

Available in 10+ Languages

Hindi, English, Bangla, Urdu, Malayalam, etc. Now Work Comfortably in Your native language.

Key Features

  • Accessible in 8 Indian languages
  • Payment notifications
  • Analysis
  • Voice search
  • Wide market coverage



Groww was created in 2016 by ex-Flipkart workers and is based in Bangalore. Groww is a fantastic software for mutual fund investing. It divides plans into categories depending on the needs of investors, such as high-return investments, tax-saving investments, investments that outperform FDs, and SIPs with a minimum investment of Rs.500, to mention a few.

You may also invest directly in stocks and gold using the app. To deliver real-time market updates, the app is updated in real-time. With Groww, you may apply for IPOs with a single click.

Key Features

  • Fewer steps in placing orders
  • Watch lists can be customised
  • Multiple charting tools

Paytm Money

Paytm Money

Paytm Money makes it simple to invest in stocks. It allows you to create price alerts, see your stock statements, and compute brokerage fees while on the road.

Now you can keep an eye on all of the market indexes from the comfort of your own home! You no longer need to visit several websites to establish alerts since Paytm Money has all of the tools you want for a seamless trading experience.

Key Features

  • Simple search features
  • No transaction fees
  • Digital KYC free of cots


This app might become your go-to for personal money requirements on a daily basis. You may enter spending for food, vacation, education, or almost anything, and the app will keep track of them for you.

It will send you bill reminders on a regular basis and evaluate your spending habits. You’ll be able to see where your costs are focused the greatest and whether you’re going over budget. Don’t be startled the next time a fee appears out of nowhere.

Your Data Is Safe As A House

With daily backups, we ensure your data is safe and secure whether you lose your phone or it breaks down.

Key Features

  • Automatic backup of data
  • Intelligent payee and category suggestions
  • Easy transfer between Envelopes and Accounts
  • Evaluate spending
  • Unused funds get carried over to the next month



CRED encourages consumers to pay their credit card bills by rewarding them with attractive rewards and incentives each time they make a payment. You may link all of your credit cards to this app and be reminded to pay your bills on time.

You don’t have to be concerned about different billing periods since CRED will take care of it. When you make a payment, you get reward points, which are worth one rupee each.

Key Features

  • You can earn reward points
  • Users can track their history of payments

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Monefy, a money tracker and financial organiser, allows you to keep track of receipts and payments in many currencies. This software is entirely safe and secure, with advanced password security. Its built-in calculator ensures that you never make a mistake while doing calculations that are critical to your success! Your data may be backed up and exported at any time.

Key Features

  • Simple interface
  • Users can maintain a multi-currency log
  • Budget tracker feature
  • Google Drive and Dropbox synchronization
  • Passcode protection

Money Manager

Money Manager App

Money managers make budgeting a pleasurable experience. When you pay a little fee to have access to additional capabilities such as unlimited accounts and account control from a PC, you input the spending manually and submit receipt images for the record.

Money Manager is a great software to use if you don’t want third-party money management applications to have access to your financial transactions.

Key Features

  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Easy tracking of budgets and expenses
  • Credit and debit cards management
  • Bookmarking feature
  • Backup/restore function

You Need a Budget

You certainly do! This software encourages people to save money for unexpected expenses. It establishes three fundamental ideas; Make sure each dollar has a purpose. Accept your spending and learn to roll with the punches.

You may manually enter your transaction data in India by downloading the app from the Play Store. This app is for individuals who are serious about their finances and want to learn more. Choose the app that best meets your requirements and start making smarter financial decisions. Take complete control of your finances right now!

Key Features

  • Easy printing
  • You can switch between multiple budgets without restarting
  • Account reconciliation wizard
  • No duplicate transactions with QIF file import
  • Flexible data export
  • New reports that easily incorporate details

Maximize Your Online Business Potential for just ₹79/month on Lio. Annual plans start at just ₹799.

How can Lio help?

Lio is a data management app that can be accessed on your smartphone and by multiple users. The app has a simple layout that allows you to quickly get all necessary financial data for both work and personal usage.

You may keep track of your revenue and expenditure. You can have more faith in your income and how you are going to handle it if you use Lio. Users will gain more confidence in the soundness and value of every financial decision they make for themselves and their businesses.

Lio is definitely for the win and using it for your business is only going to make your journey smooth and easy to track.

Step 1: Select the Language you want to work on. Lio on Android

Choose from 10 Different Language offered by Lio

Step 2: Create your account using your Phone Number or Email Id.

Create Account using your Phone Number or Email Id in Lio

Verify the OTP and you are good to go.

Step 3: Select a template in which you want to add your data.

Choose from 60+ Templates offered by Lio And Start Adding Your Data

Add your Data with our Free Cloud Storage.

Step 4: All Done? Share and Collaborate with your contacts.

Share you files with friends and colleagues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Personal Finance Apps?

A personal finance application is a programme that you could install to manage your private money from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. To boost your financial condition, you may choose to monitor your income, spending, savings, debt repayment, investment, or a mix of these things.

These applications are not the same as accounting software, which is used to track a company’s revenue and spending.

Should I use a Free Personal Finance System or a Paid One?

Everyone can have their own inclinations if it pertains to planning a budget, including the urge to pay for a subscription-based budgeting tool.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both free and paid budgeting tools to consider. Although it may sound paradoxical to pay money to save some, a subscription app may be worthwhile if you seek to make long-term adjustments.

What Features should I look for in a Personal Finance App?

The feature of linking your bank accounts is available in many persona finance apps. You may enter information about your income and consumer expenditure into the app.

Many applications can monitor your spending and categorise your costs, allowing you to observe patterns over time. These tools might help to identify your spending patterns and make smarter decisions.

Automatic savings, money-saving tips, bill notifications, access to credit ratings, and investment features are all available in certain applications. 

How do I Finalise a Budget?

First, take a few minutes to sit quietly and record all of your income and expenses for the next few months. You may begin adjusting some things after you have a complete view of your budget.

You will have a better understanding of what costs you can eliminate and where you can save money or pay off debt. Because a budget isn’t stable, examine it once or twice a year, particularly if your income or spending have changed significantly.

What Should one look for in a Personal Finance App?

Some budget-tracking features are absolutely essential in a personal finance app. They are:

– Data Visualization
– Extreme security and adherence to standards
– Should be linked with multiple banks
– Should support multiple payment systems


If you or your business needs a personal finance app or a money management app in India, the applications mentioned above can help.

After analyzing the clear details supplied with the finest financial apps available, you may be able to pick the perfect money management app for your requirements. It is often not practical to reach a quick conclusion.

All you must do is some more study on the applications that catch your attention before making a selection. You may also check out a number of these applications before deciding on the ideal one for you.

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