Best Time Management Tips for Students and Apps to Know

Best Time Management Tips for Students and Apps to Know

Discipline and being mindful of how they spend their time are traits that all successful people (except the lucky ones) have in common. They meticulously plan out their day-to-day activities and find easier ways to do things.

Effective time management tips for students are important as there are different topics and subjects around their syllabus.

Students, in particular, should master time management from an early age as it is one of the factors that set the foundation for a less stressful career.

In this article, we will look at some of the most time-tested and proven ways for students to manage their time efficiently so that they come out at the top of their class. Let us get to it. 

Importance of Time Management for Students

Effective time management tips for students, allow them to do more in less time. It helps students to better focus and not waste time doing other things.

Using time wisely reduces stress and helps a student finish a lot of their designated tasks which eventually boosts their self-confidence and provides a sense of achievement.

By practicing time management tips for students, they can have more structured data that includes both studies as well an ample amount of time for playing and indulging in extracurricular activities.

Learning about time management from the initial years will only help students to become desirable employees in the future as this is one of the most needed strengths of an individual.

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Time management tips for students are also one of the qualities of all successful students as they learn to divide their time equally to all the important things in life while having a perfect work-life balance.

This quality is of utmost importance as one would be able not just to focus on studies but also on extracurricular activities and time with family for healthy living.

This means that the productivity of a student definitely increases but let us not forget that it is only effective if one follows it religiously. So, how does one practice this?

Time Management Tips for Students

Here are some of the time management tips for students that can help you to boost your skills-

Prepare a Schedule

Take count of everything you have to do (including homework, exam preparations, etc.) and list them based on priority. You can put them up on sticky notes at your table or make use of the several online tools available for free. Namely, you can check out Lio’s templates under the ‘Student’ section.

The Topic Name and Homework templates, for example, can help students keep a list of topics they’ve learned/need revision and keep track of upcoming deadlines, respectively. Here is a depiction of both of them. 

Topic Name:


Plan Your Homework Smartly

Download the Lio App and stay on top of your homework schedule with timely reminders and more amazing features.

Pick a time when you are most alert and do the most important tasks at this time. Adequate rest is also essential – get enough sleep for your brain to function correctly. 

Eliminate Distractions and Procrastination

One way to avoid procrastination is to visualize the places you have been to while studying. Where were you the most focused, and where were you the most distracted? Keep anything that could be a distraction away while you are studying. Yes, keep your smartphone out of reach!

You might also want to ask your friends not to call you during this time unless it is for an emergency. It would also be wise to study in a room that doesn’t have a screen (TV, laptop, etc.) as the mere sight of them could distract you from temptation.

Contemplate how you can make studying enjoyable. You have to find what works for you – one key does not fit all. Some may find it limiting when they study with friends, but, doing so increases their motivation for some people.

Study in Short Bursts

The average person cannot maintain focus for hours on end. In fact, the research concluded that the average attention span had reduced from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to around 8 seconds in 2015. The figures in 2021 might not have changed a lot, considering we have even more distractions today.

So, it makes sense for students to break down their study sessions into short bursts. For every 30 minutes, you do schoolwork, schedule 10-15 minutes of ‘me time’ to unwind. Taking such short breaks gives your brain the chance to recharge and come back more focused.

You should also keep track of the time you spend each day. Lio’s Personal Time Tracker is the easiest way to do this. To access it, choose “Personal” from the home screen and then go to “Personal Time Tracker.” Here is a screenshot of the template. 

Create a Personal Time Tracker

Track and manage your time with Lio and navigate smoothly through your day doing all the To-Dos.

Get things done during the earlier hours of the day

You are more energetic and motivated during the earlier hours of the day. Start working on your assignments about an hour after you have woken up or if you go to school/college daily, try to finish your homework and revisions immediately after you have come home.

Waiting for the end hours of the day to do your studies means that you are heading into the study session with less energy and focus.

You don’t want to spend more time than needed which will lead to delayed bedtimes, unfinished assignments, and more stress.

Do one thing at a time 

You can only be exceptional at something if you give it your undivided attention and effort. If your objective right now is to ace a math test, don’t spend time studying chemistry.

Multitasking is not very efficient when you are studying. Focusing on one thing will help you complete it more efficiently and effectively. 

Get enough sleep

Students sometimes completely neglect sleep and stay up all night in hopes of outperforming themselves academically. They could not be more wrong. Sleep is essential for proper brain function.

To be specific, you need between 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Set a cut-off time to finish your homework and set bedtime (and stick to it). Following this routine makes sure you get the rest that you need. 

Clear goals for each session 

Set goals for each study session and split your time accordingly. For example, how many pages of the textbook you’ll cover in 30 minutes or how many math problems you will solve.

A clear agenda and master schedule will help you plan daily goals so that tasks can be completed on time. 

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Plan to avoid repetition

Taking enough time to research, plan and think about work is crucial for good time management. New information should be allocated enough time to plan how it will be used.

This will help you avoid having to re-read and repeat the research. Making a list of everything you want to find out is an excellent way to start planning. 

Exercise to clear your mind 

A good workout has the same effect as a good night’s sleep. It focuses on your state of mind, clears your head, and boosts your brainpower in between study sessions.

This does not mean you should go hardcore with your exercise. For starters, you can go for a 10-minute run around the house or apartment complex. Once you get the hang of it, you can think about increasing the pace. 

Make use of downtime

Some things become clearer when your mind is at ease. For example, if you find it hard to understand a theory, keep a note on your smartphone and read about it during lunch break or when you’re just relaxing or waiting your turn at the doctor’s office. 

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Time Management Apps for Students

There is a big need in the market for apps that helps a person with time management. Some of the most popular time management apps for students are:


Lio is one of the most popular study planner apps for better time management by students. With this app, students can make a full-fledged timetable and track their day-to-day progress.

This app lets you keep a track of all the topics that you have decided to study, keep track of your homework, upcoming deadlines, and also of other important things. You can also share and collaborate the sheet with your friends or study partner.

Lio App - One App for all your Data


With social media being one of the biggest distractions for students, Flipd makes sure to keep students on track as it discourages them whenever they make a switch from studies to social media.

With a series of social features, the app assists students reach goals and milestones by encouraging them to stay on task.

Flipd for Study Planning


ToDoList is one of the most sought-after college assignment planner apps in India. The app consists of pretty everything a student requires from a comprehensive list of all their tasks to constant reminders of what needs more importance and attention.


Forest uses one of the most unique ways to make students focus more on their studies. The more a student concentrates, the more trees are planted both virtually and in reality. “The idea is you’re trying to filter out distractions,” Elgersma said. “You can block distraction-laden apps on your phone.

You set all the parameters. If you don’t touch any of that stuff, if you don’t allow yourself to get distracted, there is a little virtual tree that grows. If you break your own rules, then it won’t grow.”

ToDoist For College

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is for any child who wants to ace their game of time management and who is ambitious. The app offers a GPA tracker, colour-coded calendar for various activities and classes.

iStudiez Can Help College Students


TickTick is another great app that is available on both Android as well as ios for users. The app students with track their studies and get some clarity on what to do next.

TickTick also has the feature of multiple alarms that will constantly remind you of getting back to your task or what needs your urgent attention. Some other important features are white noises for focus, sharing the list with a group, and more.

TickTick for Study Planning


Evernote is a fantastic tool for organizing your thoughts and tasks. It seamlessly syncs your personal notes and checklists across all your devices, so you can pick up right where you left off no matter which device you’re using.

You can take notes in a range of formats, including text, photos, audio, web clippings, and videos, and attach documents like Microsoft Office files and PDFs. Evernote also allows for collaboration with others and sharing of ideas, making it a great platform for planning events and setting reminders.


As with any other activity, studying also demands careful use of time. Without time management, you will be putting in more effort than needed to reach your academic goals. Follow these tips from tomorrow and see where discipline can take you. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. All the best!

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