13 Most Famous Business Ideas in Bihar [Highly Profitable]

13 Most Famous Business Ideas in Bihar [Highly Profitable]

Pranam! Are you a budding entrepreneur who is on the lookout for business ideas in Bihar? Opportunities? If yes, then we bring you a detailed list of the same. So read on.

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Where the other states are competing with each other when it comes to business and economy, Bihar is still a developing state that is growing slowly.

Being a developing state, Bihar offers quite many business opportunities for people that are both small as well as mid-sized.  So here’s what you can start when it comes to business ideas in Bihar:

Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Business in Bihar

While thinking of business ideas in Bihar, there are a few things that one must keep in mind before starting it:

  • Make a thorough and executable rough plan
  • If you are not financially comfortable, get a loan or funding before starting any business.
  • If your plan is to open a shop and you can’t find a good space to open one, lease a commercial place.
  • Get all the permits and licenses before starting your business.
  • Design your shop in a way that will attract customers.
  • Read all about the marketing strategies and follow them carefully. 
  • Use social media for marketing purposes and to reach new customers and retain old ones.
  • Try a grand opening so that people will know the brand.
  • When it comes to products, maintain the quality and do not compromise on that.

Now, let’s look at some of the most popular business ideas in Bihar that people can choose from to start a business of their own.

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Best Business Ideas in Bihar

These are some of the most popular business ideas in Bihar for anyone who wants to start a business of their own.


Tailoring is one of the most popular businesses that you can get into in Bihar. Where many people are today purchasing ready-made clothes, there is always a need to alter them. There is also a huge margin of people who still like to get their clothes tailored and made by them.

Hence, this makes for a good business idea and one which will never die down. To set up a business you need to have the basic machinery and you can start from the comforts of your home. If you have a knack for fashion and are creative, you can start your boutique store where you can get a few good tailors on board and get creative with your job.

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Honey Making

The demand for honey has increased at a high rate all over the world since people have gotten more concerned about healthy living. Honey is known for being organic and for its healthy properties and is very beneficial and a healthy switch from sugar.

Hence, getting into this industry is definitely one of the new business ideas in Bihar. The investment is minimal and it requires less infrastructure.

To get into this and think of various business ideas in Bihar start with beekeeping which has additional advantages like maximizing the growth of crops with the help of cross-pollination along with providing for pollen, wax, and venom. If you get into this business, you would get full support from the government.

Pickle Making

Pickles are very popular in India and are found in every household. The pickle market is massive as there is a huge demand in our own country and overseas.

There has been an increased demand for pickles in many other countries as well. Setting up a pickle-making business is easy and can be done from home. The set-up cost, machinery, and labor would almost be equivalent to none. 

Ideal for women, who can zero down on what pickles they want to start making. One can make a huge profit out of this business and make sure that the raw material used is only the best of standards.

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Beauty Salon

Bihar is a definite emerging market for beauty salons and is one of the most profitable business ideas in Bihar. You can either start your own brand or buy a franchise of one of the popular beauty salon names in the country.

If you have skills, you can initially start giving home services to people and later switch to buying or renting a space for your salon. One thing to be mindful of is skills, location, expertise, and business operation. The demand for fancy salons is high in Muzaffarpur, Patna, Gaya, etc.

Investment cost:

  • Location 200-300 sq ft area – 10000 INR monthly
  • Grooming items – 50,000 INR monthly
  • Salon establishment – 50,000-70,000 INR
  • Expert Stylist – 15000 INR monthly

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Fish Cultivation

Popular as the aquaculture industry, Fish cultivation is a popular business to be done in the villages of Bihar. Given the many natural resources and perfect climatic conditions to cultivate fish like colisa, eels, glassfish, loaches, and puntius.

Fish Cultivation is one of the popular business ideas in Bihar and covers a good opportunity for people as the Bihar government is already offering finances contributing to 50% of the capital needed to open more ponds. Thanks to the state government, there is an expected rise in fish farming and many entrepreneurs are reported to earn easily lakhs from this.

This may come under small business ideas in Bihar but definitely requires a considerable expenditure in the initial phase with creating ponds, equipment, and chemicals.

Wheat Mills

Image Source – https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Breakdown-of-changes-in-wheat-yield-from-irrigation-and-weather-in-2000-09-in-the-major_fig3_335760929

Also known as Chakki, Wheat mills are another one of the great business ideas in Bihar that one can choose to do in the city. This is a profitable business mainly because of the state’s good climate. Bihar is known for having ample water, inexpensive land, ample water, and a huge variety of crop-producing plains.

All small-scale farmers charge a premium price and grow wheat. Bihar is also known for its rich crop fields, which offer the supply of white and brown rice to the global population continuously.

To have a successful business one must make use of proper equipment such as Besan Making Machine, Atta Chakki Machine, etc.

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Value of capital expenditure:

  • Equipment for wheat milling – 65,000-75,000 INR
  • 250 kg grains each day at a cost of 1100 INR (4 rupees per kilogram) = 1100*3= 33,000 INR per month
  • Power, rental, and servicing – 15,000 INR per month
  • Total budgeted profit per month – 33,000-15,000 = approximately 18,000 INR

Computer Training

computer training business idea for  Bihar

Bihar’s literacy rate has increased by 20% and hence there is a huge demand for good computer training. Opening a computer training center is one of the profitable business ideas in Bihar as long as you know how to market it. From children to adults, everyone wants to learn about computers and wants to excel at them.

You can either teach people on your own or hire professionals who can teach the customers. You can also have a tie-up with other schools or colleges.

Investment cost:

  • 300-400 square feet place – 15000 INR rent monthly
  • 10-15 laptops – 20,000*10= 200000 INR, you can ask adults to bring their laptops for better study
  • Desk and setup – approx 25,000 INR

Some Of The Profitable Computer Courses Are:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Web Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web Designing
  • Artificial Intelligence

Transportation Company

A valuable business opportunity in Bihar especially among the youth, the transportation company is a great business to start. The sector contributes a significant share to the state’s economy, therefore has significant scope for the younger generation.

This is a highly profitable business that needs smart and strategic execution. Although this sector is competitive since many private companies have started their operations, by providing affordable and reliable service, this business can be successful in the state.

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Value of capital expenditure:

  • Determine the expenditure cost by automobile type. 
  • A tractor for payload transporting. 
  • A minivan or MPV for the taxicab services.
  • Approximately 5-6 lakhs INR for a compact and medium Tata tractor2.5 – 4 lakhs INR for a taxi (varies model-wise)
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Tutoring Services

Fact– 35 million children under the age of 14 do not attend school, and almost 53% of girls under the age of 10 are illiterate. In India, 53% of the population has primary schooling and 20% population has secondary schooling degrees.

The problem is also that some schools are unfunded, some too expensive to afford, some schools too far and some also not very good teachers. Illiteracy is definitely one of the major problems in India, especially in Bihar, and what better way to solve it than you doing something about it?

Opening an online tutoring center or providing a physical tutoring service is one of the best business options that you can do in Bihar. It requires low investment and there is no limitation to growth.

Start from a small scale and slowly grow by adding more students, qualified teachers, and even various subjects. From teaching school children to college students and even preparing the youth for various entrance exams, you can provide coaching for all of this and more. 

In a state like Bihar, students need more and more quality teachers who can prepare them for tough exams such as UPSC, IIT JEE, and more like that.

Things To Consider Before Starting Out:

  • Proper Business Planning
  • Structure Of Your Business Model
  • Subjects You Will Include
  • Market Research
  • Service Description
  • Management
  • Goals And Objectives
  • Sales And Marketing
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If an investment is not a problem for you, then getting into the restaurant business is one of the best business ideas in Bihar. The restaurant business can be a profitable one if you maintain your restaurant properly and take good care of it. In this business, you can make a profit of up to 25% per year. 

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Plan your business and think through all the possible challenges. Look for a nice place to invest in which is in a good location. Hire a responsible and diligent staff that will help in taking your restaurant one step ahead and then finally a good chef who makes delicious food and can offer variation. 

Another thing you need is a centralized system to track restaurant info like customer details, income, cash expenses, etc. so you can easily know how well the restaurant is performing.

The brutal truth is that 90% of restaurant businesses fail during the first year because of proper planning and marketing. Besides that, another main reason behind unsuccessful restaurant businesses is not knowing your targeted audience.

There are mainly 5 types of targeted audiences in restaurant businesses that are:

  • Seniors ( Seniors Include People aged 65 Or More )
  • Baby Boomers ( People Born Between 1946 And 1964 )
  • Empty Nesters ( People Who Are In Their Early 50s )
  • Generation X ( People Born Between 1965 And 1980 )
  • Generation Y is also known as Millennials ( People Born Between 1980 And 2000 )

Things to keep in mind before starting your restaurant business in Bihar:

  • Choosing your restaurant concept and brand
  • Create a good menu list
  • Write your restaurant business plan
  • Raise funds
  • Select a proper location or rent a place
  • Get required permits and licenses
  • Design your restaurant
  • Hire proper stuff
  • Advertise your restaurant

Investment cost:

  • Rent deposit – 1 lakh
  • Kitchen equipment and accessories – 2 lakhs
  • Furniture and interior – 2 lakhs
  • Labour and light bill – 50,000/ Monthly
  • Raw Materials – 50,000 – 70,000

Keep in mind that opening cafes and restaurants outside colleges, schools, and tuition centers will be a lucrative business opportunity you can target people who will make the most of your venture and are always looking out for interesting food to try. 

Xerox and Printing Shop

This is a small and profitable business for anyone who wants to start slow. It can be done from your own house or you can rent or buy a small space to do so.

Purchase xerox and printing machines and start making a lot of money. A tip, open your printing shop near a school, college, a government office, or even a court and you would be running in profit and never go out of business. 

Investment cost:

  • Shop rent, Deposit – 50000 INR
  • Printing machine – 12000 INR
  • Xerox machine cost – 150000-300000 INR
  • A computer system – 20000 INR

Mobile and Accessories Store

Undoubtedly India is a profitable market for mobile and accessories stores. This market is only grown in recent years which means it is a profitable investment. They are owned by everyone around the world and even in the smallest parts of the country.

From kids to adults, everyone is obsessed with it and hooked on them; hence getting into this business is one of the smartest decisions you would make.

What you would require is some initial investment, proper execution, the right strategies, substantial experience, knowledge and adequate industry research, and a supportive team.

Things to keep in mind before starting a mobile and accessories store business in Bihar:

  1. Get a license for your mobile accessories shop or if you want to sell your mobiles in online marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal then you need to get your GST form number. You can easily register your GST. 
  2. Know your market and what you are selling
  3. Understand your competitors and their best offers
  4. Select a proper place for your shop
  5. Make sure you are available with different forms of payment methods.
  6. Advertise your shop locally
  7. Give attractive offers
  8. Choose proper supplier
  9. Make sure that you have your presence online 

Papad Making

There are lucrative opportunities for women in Bihar as it is one of the largest agricultural states that have high productivity. This business requires minimal investments while you get regular income.

You can set up a low-cost business that offers papads of different tastes which is going to be highly profitable as they are consumed all year long. Apart from just papads, you can buy many different snacks as well.

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Other Small Business Ideas In Bihar

There are several other small business ideas in Bihar that you can opt for to start something of your own and some of them are:

  • Tire retailer
  • Fresh juice parlor
  • Catering
  • Chaat-corner
  • Supply of bottled water
  • Hobby classes

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Bihar being a developing state offers a lot of business opportunities in diverse markets. You can study the market, know the challenges, and as per your interest and resources pick a business that you would like to get involved in.

Once you start, remember to give it your heart and soul and work hard to make the most of this opportunity.

As per me, I have read a lot that many of the above-mentioned businesses are doing exceedingly well in Bihar. People are running the business and are aware and prepared for all the challenges they might face. Do your thorough research on each of these business ideas in Bihar, choose the one of your interest, start with the initial plan and thank me later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which business in Patna, Bihar, is the Easiest and safest to begin?

The best businesses to do in Patna are: 

– Restaurant 
– Management consulting
– Professional tutoring
– Wheat-mills
– Retailer
– Saloon

How to find the Right Business Opportunity for Bihar?

To find the right business opportunity, you must network with other small business owners, explore your area’s opportunities, determine your expenses, and craft a mindful plan.

Which areas are the Greatest for Investment in Bihar?

The top areas for business opportunities in Bihar include the following:

– Clothes boutique
– Publishing house
– Digital services
– Promote handicrafts

Which sectors in Bihar are best for Business?

Silk production, jute textiles, and sugarcane are among the best sectors to start a business in. Other than this there is a supermarket, cafe, tutoring schools, and resorts.

Name The Best Business Ideas for Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

The best and most popular business ideas for Muzaffarpur are:

– Catering Business
– Tuition Centre
– Event Management Business
– Flour Mill
– Bar or Beer shop
– Retail Shop

Name some of the Best Businesses for Sale in Bihar.

The best businesses for sale in Bihar are:

– Design and print garments
– Create your digital services
– Writing and launching a book
– Sell handicraft products

What are some of the Business Ideas in Bihar and Jharkhand?

Some of the most profitable and low-investment business ideas in Jharkhand are:

– Detergent or soap manufacturing
– Steel manufacturing
– Paper bag manufacturing
– Computer programming or software development training
– Dropshipping

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