How to Start a Digital Marketing Business in India?

How to Start a Digital Marketing Business in India?

The recent pandemic has only highlighted the importance of digital marketing as a source of employment and revenue generation. If you want to start one of your own but don’t know how to, you have opened the right article! Here is how to start a digital marketing business in India.

We now live in a digital age, with more than half of the planet’s inhabitants using the internet. For so many individuals, digital platforms are an integral part of their everyday lives. The rise of these platforms has benefited the digital marketing industry’s evolution.

You have landed on the perfect article if you want to launch a digital marketing business in India. Keeping up with developments and always upgrading your methods are essential for success in the digital marketing sector.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing or internet marketing, dates back to the early 1990s and has risen to great prominence in the last decade or so due to the tremendous advancement of the web.

Despite this, several users who are using it or at least know of it do not completely get what it implies. Many people assume that digital marketing agencies just run ads on Facebook and Google, while some others feel that it comprises both organic and paid internet advertising.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is much wider and more inclusive than that. Briefly described, it means using the internet to strategically promote items and services both organically and inorganically.

Organic web marketing and advertising, social media platforms and applications, content marketing and remarketing, influencer marketing, online reputation management, emails, landing pages, voice searches, and much more are all part of it.

Create, Share, Collaborate

Work with your team in real-time. create documents together and share the same on Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

After several years of training and practice, you may become proficient in digital marketing. Once a person has the expertise, he or she may easily take up the skill as a career and become fairly adept at it over time.

Scope of Digital Marketing

More entrepreneurs are striving to use online media to catch the eye of potential customers than ever before. Nevertheless, there is a serious lack of digital marketing professionals.

Many digital marketers are still playing by the traditional rules and aren’t achieving the outcomes they want. As a result, the range and prospects in the digital marketing business have expanded dramatically, and they will continue to expand in the future.

How to start a Digital Marketing Business?

This period of time, combined with the surge in demand during and after the pandemic, is probably the best time to launch a digital marketing business of your own. Here is a quick guide on how to go about it and what skills to pick up.


If you truly want your business venture to make name for itself in the digital marketing industry, you will need to understand your expertise, positioning, and strategy from the outset.

Whether you choose to engage in only one area of digital marketing or manage more than that, whether you choose to target one sector or more, whether you prefer to center around your own neighborhood or go nationwide, every choice will have consequences.

It is all about pitching in your best and playing your strengths. Don’t overcommit yourself at first. In this case, the rules of the start-up game apply. Begin small and build from there.

Make a place for yourself online

Plan to purchase a domain name. It is great if you choose a domain name that exactly fits the name of your brand. That being said, it is unlikely that your exact brand name will be available, and you will ultimately have to settle with a domain name that would be a close second. 

A ‘.com’ domain is excellent for B2C companies, whilst a ‘.in’ domain would suffice for B2B businesses such as the one you seek to launch. A quick tip though, if you want to attract customers from abroad, you should choose a domain name that is not country-specific.

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Exploit the Potential of Social Media

Identify social media platforms that would sit well with the kind of marketing approach you plan to go for, this would be the place where you would connect with potential consumers in the future.

Sharing useful information and creating a social media relationship with your audience will help you establish a powerful online presence. It also encourages potential customers to believe in your brand.

By communicating with your customers through social media, you can create long-lasting and important connections. Make sure you only select the most applicable ones for your niche and sector, and that you keep them updated.

Build a Brand for Your Business

Constructing a brand to highlight yourself in the arena is one of the most essential things to undertake these days. Get a logo designed, print a few business cards to send around, develop catchy content for your website, attach attractive presentations with promotional emails, and so forth.

Obtaining a logo helps in the creation of brand identity as well as the development of a recognizable brand. However, don’t spend too much time or money polishing the design or updating it regularly. Rather, look for anything that interests you and build it from there.

Take your business cards with you and distribute them to prospective customers at trade exhibitions, commercial areas, and other places. The more you give out, the greater are your chances at visibility. If you are going to a trade fair, you may also get some flyers printed and pass them around.

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It may also be intriguing for your customers to learn about where you came from and what the brand is all about, in terms of business.

On your ‘About Us’ page, you have the option of telling the tale of how your organization came to be. You should also introduce your employees under the section. On your website, you can showcase key achievements made by your organization or staff.


While you may start out solo, if you really want to grow, you will have to establish a business identity.

You can register your enterprise as a proprietorship, a one-person company, a private limited company, a limited liability company (LLC), or a limited liability partnership, depending on how you wish to operate.

You may also want to employ an accountant to keep track of your finances and make sure your returns are submitted on time.

Create the Business Core Team

If you want to dip your toes in a variety of digital marketing tasks, you will need to put together a core team. Each member of the team should be knowledgeable about a certain element of digital marketing.

Solopreneurs can engage freelancers that specialize in certain areas of digital marketing. Here we have provided a list of experts you will need to furnish a core team for your digital marketing business:

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A. Content Creator

Content primes the pump for attracting organic traffic to a webpage. High-quality content that has been spruced up perfectly with trendy keywords and design can bring in visitors via search engines.

You can deploy other tactics that will then convert these visitors into buying customers. If your client already has their team of writers, you may simply provide them with the hottest topics and most searched keywords in order to help them generate visitor-grabbing content.

Content creator how to start a digital marketing business

B. Media Specialists and Web Designers

Although written substance might serve you in attracting visitors to your website, most users do not enjoy reading dozens of pages of textual information. This is why aesthetic components are necessary to prevent visitors from becoming overwhelmed and abandoning the website.

To keep the visitor interested, you may use infographics, animations, and photos to augment the content. The greatest advantage is that this visual material can be remixed and used in social media marketing activities.

web designers how to start a digital marketing business

C. Ad Experts

Although organic traffic is wonderful for your client’s web pages, this may not be sufficient to produce revenue or leads. As a result, you should experiment with sponsored advertisements on search engines, websites, and social media to generate focused traffic.

Ad professionals understand how to catch the eye of potential consumers and convert them from web traffic to paying customers.

You may hire one or more professionals to work on various ad networks, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and so on. They may create marketing campaigns that are tailored to the demands of your customers.

D. Sales Executives

To manage a strong digital marketing business, you will require clients. Except if you wish to be involved directly in presenting to clients, you should employ sales professionals who will be responsible to find clients and negotiate your pricing and agreement conditions.

They will also handle arranging monthly deliverables predicated on the project’s term, such as traffic, content, and so on.

sales executive how to start a digital marketing business

E. Social Media Manager

If you want to provide social media services, you must hire a social media manager to handle your clients’ social media pages.

They will be in charge of publishing information and other sorts of content on social media, responding to followers’ comments and concerns, and managing social media marketing campaigns.

A social media manager may also assist you in executing influencer marketing by identifying the appropriate influencers in the area sought by your client.

Maintain Relevance

Among the most critical factors, digital marketing businesses need to make a note of, is that they must keep up with the ongoing trends and practices in the industry.

You must continue to improve your skills and experience and stay updated in order to give the finest solutions to your clients. If you have employees, ensure they attend workshops, courses, and conventions to learn new skills and network with people who share their interests.

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The most essential thing is to grasp the business landscape and to keep up with the current innovations in the digital marketing business world.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I devise a strategy for Digital Marketing?

This is entirely dependent on your ultimate marketing goals, which should be closely tied to your corporate goals. Once you’ve determined that digital marketing is a vital part of your broader marketing strategy, take the time to learn how it works.

Is Content Marketing important?

Content marketing is when you leverage the strength of content to attain whatever sales goals you have defined for yourself. Brand awareness, lead creation, user/customer engagement, sales, lead nurturing, social advocacy, and professional networking are all examples of aims.

Do it if you think content marketing may help you reach your entire advertising objectives. If not, you might want to invest your time and money in anything else.

Which Social Media Platform should I use for my Digital Marketing Business?

Choosing the social media platforms to engage with is entirely dependent on your goals and where your clients are located.

To begin, establish who your consumers are and their personalities, then leverage tools and techniques to collect information and analytics about which social media networks they use.

Never do social because it is the latest concept or because everyone else is doing it. Do it because you feel it will add benefits to your business and promotion, as well as help you reach your goals.

How can my Business measure success on its Social Media?

The very same metrics which you apply for any other sales promotion are used to recognize and evaluate the success of online marketing efforts: traffic, leads, and customers.

Tracking your likes or follows might help you gauge your social media presence, but the primary source is how many people it brings to your website, how many of them are qualified prospects, and how many of them become customers.

Is B2C Content Marketing different from B2B Content Marketing?

Both yes and no. The goal is identical in both, but because the demographic is different, your content will be distinct as well.

B2B content – though not necessarily – has a more sophisticated and businesslike tone to it, and the subjects will, of course, be more business-oriented. B2C content, however, is generally more communicative, with a wider array of themes.


We have mentioned it above, and we shall reiterate it now. It is a good idea to start modest and concentrate on a certain niche when establishing your digital marketing business. After you have established your competence in one business, you may gradually stretch into other fields.

You will also have to devise alternative strategies for businesses of various sizes. This is due to the fact that the risks and benefits for large organizations and small or medium-sized businesses differ. To get the desired outcomes, you must develop a unique approach for each customer.

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  • Please share some handy marketing tools for my business, that I can learn with ease.

    • Hello Meghna,
      there are numerous tools with which you can learn and grow in the digital marketing field namely HubSpot ,Sprout Social, SendGrid ,Ahrefs, SEMrush, Clearscope, Unbounce, Hotjar, Clearbit and more. Do surf and find the most suitable ones according to your requirements and tasks.

  • I have a B2B business, on which platforms should I market my service the most?

    • Hi Narayan.
      thankyou for the question.
      Here are some of the best marketing tools and platforms for B2B business :
      Hubspot, Unbounce , GetResponse, Ahrefs , Buzzsumo, Marketo, Buffer, Salesforce.
      Here are some of the best social media platforms for B2B business marketing :
      LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook , Youtube , Instagram.

  • Can you please tell me a few apps to create infographics?

    • Hello Maya,

      Some of the greatest apps for creating infographics include Canva, Desygner, Crello, Adobe Spark Post, and Brochure Maker.
      Please do your homework and select the finest option for you.

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