What Is Sales Promotion, Techniques, And Promotions

What Is Sales Promotion, Techniques, And Promotions

Sales promotions are the different ways to sell products and services through a wide variety of customer benefits.

All companies need to boost sales in one way or the other by building a customer base, or somewhere down the line when sales are slow. Let’s learn what a sales promotion is, the types, and much more. But let us first understand in detail what sales promotion definition.

Sales Promotion Definition

This is a marketing strategy used by businesses in which a temporary campaign or offer is introduced to increase interest or demand.

Businesses may choose to use a sales promotion for several reasons, but one of the main reasons is to boost sales which are needed to reach a quota or to raise awareness of a new product.

Now let us take a closer look at different types of sales promotions.

Types of Sales Promotion

There are 11 main types of sales promotions but not all of them are suited for every business, product, or service. Each of the promotions is a unique way of boosting sales and connecting with customers through different methods of sales psychology.

Competitions and challenges

Competitions or challenges usually take place on social media and serve it increases customer engagement as fans try to win a discounted or free product. This also means a large amount of free publicity in case it involves sharing the brand on personal social media accounts.

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Product bundles

Product bundles offer a collection of products for an overall discounted rate which gives customers a reason to buy a larger variety of products. This way the customer is bound to find a product that they will like.

Flash sales

Flash sales

These are extremely short sales offering massive discounts. These work by creating a sense of urgency and need in the customer around your sales.

Free trials

To grow your customer base, these are one of the most common sales promotions and one of the most promising strategies. Businesses can offer either a limited time with the product or a limited quantity of the product to a first-time buyer at no charge.

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Free shipping and/or transfers

Let us state a fact-free shipping promotion attempt to curb the 70% of customers who abandon their carts. The small loss in shipping fees is usually made up for in happy customer purchases.

Free products

This works by offering a small free product with the purchase of a larger, mainstream product. This helps in growing mainstream sales without costing too much inventory or revenue.

Early-bird or first-purchaser specials

These are for first-time purchasers as a way of welcoming them. Customers are more likely to buy at a discount and because the discount only works once, the company doesn’t lose a lot of revenue.

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BOGO specials

BOGO, also known as“buy one, get one free” promotions are used to spread product awareness. Customers can give their extra product to a friend or family member and help build the company a customer base through word of mouth.

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Coupons and vouchers

These are rewards for current customers for their brand loyalty and to encourage their future purchases. These are perfect for companies that use punch cards which incentivize customers to make several purchases to earn a free product.



Not always considered sales promotion, but having different amounts of a product available at a different price point is a sales promotion tactic. With a subscription, a customer pays a larger fee upfront for a large amount of product that eventually comes out to less than what they would pay for buying smaller amounts of product individually.


To build credibility and goodwill with their customer, donations are great. base. Most donations work when the company contributes a portion of each sale during a given period to a charitable cause.

Sales Promotion Techniques

  • Know your audience: Are you catering to new customers or existing customers? Are you looking to promote a new product or increase sales on an existing product? Knowing the answers to these questions would help you choose which sales promotion is best for your company at that time.
  • Emphasize scarcity and/or urgency: Sales promotion should always be short-term but emphasize why. This would motivate customers to buy as they would see it as a risk of running out of time or running out of products.
  • Align your sales promotion with your company: If you specialize in long-term products, such as electronics, then it doesn’t make sense to offer customers a subscription package when they’re only going to purchase new products every few years.

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Sales Promotion Strategies

Sales promotions come in a large variety and can be used as a strategy at any point during the sales process. hence once should be aware of best practices, activities, and techniques that will ensure your promotions are successful.

There are three primary strategies for sales promotions:

  • Pull strategy: The most commonly used strategy, the pull strategy tries to get the customer to ‘pull’ the product away from the company, usually in the form of a discount, BOGO, or another special.
  • Push strategy: The push strategy tries to ‘push’ the products away from the company towards the customer, usually through B2B sales.
  • Hybrid strategy: This is a combination of the push and pull strategy in which the company will use a push strategy to move products, and then a pull strategy to encourage purchasing from retailers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the 4 types of sales promotion?

The four types are:
– Product discounts
– Loyalty Programs
– Holiday Promotions
– Free gifts with purchase


By now we have understand how different companies and businesses market their sales and attract customers one way or the other to buy their products or services. These ways are bound to catch eyes of the targeted customers who would be compelled to buy from the company. Using these methods, businesses can really profit from them and also learn the customer behaviour.

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