Understand What Is Sales, Its Types And More

Understand What Is Sales, Its Types And More

What are sales and why is it important? Let us learn everything about it and why is it important in this thorough article.

What is sales?

Sale is a term used to describe the activities that lead to the selling of goods or services. All businesses have sales organizations and teams that are often determined based on the region they’re selling to, the product or service, and the target customer.

if we look at the technical definition, sales are a term that refers to all activities involved in selling a product or service to a consumer or business.

Types of Sales

There are various kinds of sales depending upon a lot of things and these are:

Inside Sales

Inside Sales

When sales teams engage with their prospects and customers remotely, often from an office alongside their team members, they follow an inside sales approach. This means they are selling from within their company.

From phone service to the internet to TV, AT&T provides products and services for just about any consumer and business. The company’s inside sales reps contact leads and prospects to complete the traditional sales process — uncovering the customers’ needs, matching them with the right solution, and closing the deal.

Outside Sales

On teams where salespeople broker face-to-face negotiations with consumers. This implies that they are selling from door-to-door or field sales. These teams tend to not have strict processes and allow freedom and flexibility with their own sales strategies.

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B2B Sales

B2B Sales

This common acronym stands for “business-to-business” and describes companies that sell products and services to other businesses and not individuals.

B2B sales have more complex terms. Within the realm of B2B, sellers can primarily support SMBs (small to medium businesses) or enterprise customers. B2B transactions have a high selling value and more complicated terms.

B2C Sales

B2C Sales

B2C or business-to-consumer sales are the sales that happen between a company and its individual consumers. These are lower price value and complexity deals and can involve multiple deals with a variety of customers.

Its sales process is simple but effective — the company gets customers interested in their services by offering them a free quote on their move. Then, the B2C sales reps get to work attracting the customer to choose the service or product they like because of lower prices and faster moves than their competitors.

Agency Sales

This consists of creating and attracting potential leads to enroll in an agency’s various packages. The selling process is between 31 and 90 days and most agencies take on one to three new customers each month.

Customers are contracted by project organizers in agency sales. When customers are signed on a project basis, agencies’ primary focus is on getting a new client base and offering services to new customers.

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Consultative Sales

Consultative selling creates trust with the consumer and understands their needs. Qualities of the product to generate sales are not focused on this type of sale, but on a connection with customers and driving the sale with how the service will help the individual consumer.

eCommerce Sales

eCommerce Sales

These types of sales are less hands-on than other types and can be useful for small businesses that can’t afford to hire a full-time salesperson or for businesses that sell commodities that can be successfully offered through specific digital marketing.

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Direct Sales

Individuals can sell directly to customers using a direct selling strategy. Sellers use this strategy to do one-on-one sales with their consumers and earn a commission. This method is mostly used by network marketing experts and real estate agents.

Account Based Sales

Used by firms that have huge corporate accounts with multiple points of contact to handle these customers. This kind of sales team does not pass their chances to a sales development person to close.

The account-based team keeps the potential to engage that customer from leads to possibility and then to customer experience. The advantage of account-based sales is that it allows the sales staff to develop a longer-term contract with the company, resulting in a greater LTV.

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What is a sales pitch?

A sales pitch is a short presentation of the product or service to new or existing customers. It can vary in length and style depending on the audience and includes an introduction to a product, documents, diagrams, or other advertising media. A perfect pitch should explain how your product can help people and one can generate revenue with its help.

The textbook 7-step sales process

These are the best steps for the sales process in any company.

1. Prospecting


This is the first step in which you find potential customers and understand whether they have a need for your product or service and if they can afford it. This is known as qualifying.

2. Preparation

The next step is preparing for the first contact with your potential customer, researching the market, and collecting all relevant information. Tailor your presentation to your potential client’s needs and requirements as you would be better prepared and can address their objections and set yourself apart from your competition.

3. Approach


After this, the next step is to make first contact with your client which is called the approach. This can be a face-to-face meeting or even over the phone. There are three common approach methods.

  • Premium approach: Presenting your potential client with a gift at the beginning of your interaction
  • Question approach: Asking a question to get the prospect interested
  • The product approach: Giving the prospect a sample or a free trial to review and evaluate your service

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4. Presentation

In this phase you demonstrate how your product or service meets the needs of your potential customer. During the presentations, actively listen to your customer’s needs and then act and respond accordingly.

5. Handling objections

This is where you listen to your prospect’s concerns and address them. Successfully handling objections and alleviating concerns separates good salespeople from bad and great from good.

6. Closing


In this phase, you get the decision from the client to move forward. You can use any of these three closing techniques, depending on your business.

  • Alternative choice close: Assuming the sale and offering the prospect a choice, where both options close the sale.
  • Extra inducement close: Offering something extra to get the prospect to close, such as a free month of service or a discount
  • Standing room only close: Creating urgency by expressing that time is of the essence—for example, “The price will be going up after this month” or “We only have six spots left”

7. Follow-up

Even though the sale is done, your job is not done. the customer you have closed the deal with, not only for potential repeat business but for referrals as well. And since retaining current customers is six to seven times less costly than acquiring new ones, maintaining relationships is key.

What is a sales budget?


A sales budget forecasts the sales and revenue of the company. It focuses on two things—the number of products sold and the price at which they are sold—to predict how the company will perform.

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This is different than sales forecasting, which is the process of estimating future sales revenue. A good sales budget is used to inform a sales forecast. It is also different from a sales expense budget, which focuses on company expenses over a certain period of time.

What is a sales budget used for?

The sales budget is used for planning and allows companies to manage their profits and resources based on expected sales. Previous sales patterns and budgets for similar time periods are taken into account for this so that each department can understand where they stand financially. This is also great to be more efficient in reaching goals and maximizing profit.

This is invaluable when it comes to setting realistic targets. For instance, a sales team may have a sales goal of increasing customer subscriptions by 50 percent, but the sales budget will keep expectations leveled by reflecting an annual increase of 20 percent. This doesn’t mean 50 percent isn’t achievable; it simply means that when budgeting based on revenue, the 50 percent should be a bonus, not an expectation.


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Hope by now you have understood what sales are and their importance for each business. Without sales, no company can service which means a sales team would have to do a lot to understand the needs and requirements of the customers and then pitch them the idea of buying it and why this would help them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you calculate sales budget example?

The sales budget is actually very simple. It is calculated as: sales budget = sales volume (units) × selling price per unit.

What are the 4 types of sales?

The four types of selling:
– Transactional selling
– Solution selling
– Consultative selling
– Provocative selling

What are the 5 sales techniques?

Here are five selling techniques every salesperson should master:
– Active Listening
– Warm Calls
– Features & Benefits
– Needs & Solutions
– Social Selling

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