What Is Team Management And Everything Around It

What Is Team Management And Everything Around It

What to know about team management and how you can be a great team manager and leader? Here’s the article that will tell you all about it.

Teamwork is the best form of work and it results in more wins. One talented person in a team would only be beneficial for himself but not for goal achievement. To achieve your target, teamwork is required and everyone needs to come together to make a task successful. 

And this is why effective team management is important. Lets us learn the meaning of team management, its importance, examples, and everything else around this.

What Is Team Management?

Team Management

So what is team management? Team management is a manager’s ability to coordinate and carry a team to work and execute together on a task or project. Team management consists of a team, a manager, communication, objective setting, listening, creating a positive and safe culture, and more.

Team management skills are absolutely essential as they help a team be more productive and motivated at all times. But to make a team work together, a manager needs to have some set of skills and qualities that would make him a good manager. Let us look at some of those skills that are important for this role.

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What Makes An Excellent Manager?

There are several aspects of a great working team that shows good and strong leadership.

Successful management is when everyone has:

  • A clear understanding of their own responsibilities
  • A desire to achieve team and organizational goals
  • Regular check-ins by managers and supervisors

A good manager would be a good listener and would take out time to do so and give feedback as required. He would also lead by example – by getting tasks done on time or even creating and showcasing a good work-life balance. Other than this, he would also stay transparent and be a problem solver.

7 Skills You Need To Effectively Manage Teams

Now let us looks at some of the most effective skills that are needed to manage a team.

Clear, Effective Communication

Clear Communication

A manager needs to make sure that the team works on the tasks and helps them with them while also making sure that the goals of the company are being achieved. For this, she/he must be clear in articulating what those strategies are and pinpointing the details and specific works that each member of the team needs to work on. 

One needs to be an effective communicator and ensure everyone is aligned with their work and also strive to achieve their goals.

Emotional Intelligence

The second most important skill that one requires in team management is to have emotional intelligence and not just the ability to control their own emotions but also the team’s.

This is a skill of a highly strong manager. Other than this, a good manager should be self-aware, empathetic, and someone who can motivate and influence others. 



A good manager needs to be someone who is very well organized. Someone who can juggle multiple roles like over-looking the team, and overseeing budgets and project timelines. 

Ability to Delegate

One of the worst things that one can do as a manager is to micromanage. This type of person would never be able to grow and motivate the team members. 

A good manager is someone who knows the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and can delegate tasks. A manager also has to make sure that the right resources are available to the team to work on the task all the while giving them the freedom of making their own decisions.


In team management, a manager has to make sure that the team feels comfortable in approaching him/her regarding anything, whether it is a question,  concern, or even when there is clarification that they require. If in case the team does not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and problems with you, then there is a risk that some problems would go unnoticed and hamper the work before it is too late to do anything.



All responsibilities come with some problems that the manager needs to deal with. Hence a team manager needs to be someone who can solve problems, whether it is work-related or team related. They need to have critical thinking and be able to evaluate the situation in order to be a good team manager.


It is obvious that the role of a manager would require a person to take decisions on a regular basis. These could be related to work, tasks, deadlines, assigning work, team members, and more. He/she would have to take some authoritative decisions hence one should be comfortable with that and be mindful of their approach in doing so.

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List of Team Management Software

There are several software for team management that one can be used which can really make a lot of difference and impact the work in a positive way. Let us look at some of the top software.



This is a project management software that allows the team to collaborate effectively regardless of the fact whether you are a remote worker or in-office. You can do real-time tasks and where one can assign tasks to team members. You can also set due dates, get onto discussions, add labels and see the flow of the team and manage them.

This for sure is one of the best apps that centralizes around proofing, workflows and boards, white-labeling, time-tracking, Gantt charts, task management, and more.

What’s unique about ProofHub?

  • Interactive project reports
  • Kanban board to move tasks through stages
  • Share files easily
  • Customized workflow

Weekdone Team Compass

Weekdone Team Compass is an app through which managers can keep tabs on their team with the all-in-one collaborative workspace. This app helps the team be more productive, goal-driven, and engaged.

One can get an automated progress report at the end of each week that helps the manager in knowing all the important information. You can create PDFs, XLS, team meeting agendas, and more to become a more productive team.

What’s unique about Weekdone Team Compass: 

  • Additional weekly planning calendar view and syncing options
  • Automated progress reports
  • Simple and appealing visual dashboards 
  • Increase productivity with RAG rating scale for tasks (red, yellow, green stars)
  • 1:1 chat feature for team leaders and individuals 
  • Commenting and file sharing to ease team and cross-team communication 
  • Custom feedback templates and pulse surveys to further understand your team
  • Company Newsfeed feature promotes transparency and accountability
  • Integrates with Slack, MST, Jira, Asana, Google Tasks, and more!
  • Free for teams 3 or fewer. All others are $99/month (unlimited users & teams) Free 2-week trial.


Another great team management tool that is great for sharing data is DropBox. You can send all kinds of files whether big or small to anybody from Mac, windows, android, or iPad. This is an online storage service that is used all over the world to share or store data. You can view comments, download the file and share the link of the file with others. 

What’s unique about DropBox?

  • Share files and folders with others in order to collaborate
  • Manage projects, write to-do lists, assign due dates, and review work in real-time
  • Send links via email or chat messages
  • Integrates seamlessly with tools
  • Safely sync them across all your devices
  • Dedicated live support

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Another popular cloud-based task manager is designed for agile teams. The software allows you to track, monitor, collaborate, time track, meeting management, issue tracking, create Gantt charts, and more. No matter what your business is, you will get all kinds of solutions. 

What’s unique about nTask?

  • Easily workable user interface
  • Third-party integrations such as Google Calendar and Outlook,
  • Employee-time effort reports
  • Easy to manage all of your resource allocations
  • Timesheet management module
  • Task and project assignments to individual members or teams
  • Individual workspaces for teams with dedicated tasks, projects, issues, risks, meeting management modules
  • Meeting management module to schedule meetings



Perfect for the team working remotely who heavily depend on meetings that require full-featured communication software. WebEx also helps with product launches and educational sessions. 

What’s unique about WebEx?

  • HD video conferences with collaboration and file-sharing capabilities
  • WebEx mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry
  • Free video calls and screen sharing
  • Application/File Sharing
  • Multimedia Content Sharing
  • Personalized meeting room


One of the most popular tools for team management, Notion is an all-in-one workspace where one can plan, write, collaborate and organize. You can discuss projects here, keep track of all ideas, collaborate, and support communication. Other than this, you can also publish live reports.

What’s unique about Notion?

  • Smart Multi-Swiping
  • Intelligent Grouping
  • Weekly planner
  • Taking notes + sharing files
  • Commenting on anything
  • Planning projects
  • Personal weekly checklist



With a user-friendly interface, GoToMeeting is great to start a meeting quickly with its easy-to-use web conferencing solution. You can also host online meetings, do video conferences, and view applications running on your PC on this. This software has high-definition conferencing along with unlimited meetings with remote teammates.

What’s unique about GoToMeeting?

  • Screen sharing, web audio, a dial-in conference line, drawing tools, and the ability to record meetings
  • You can join meetings from the field or on the go using your mobile device
  • With GTM your remote team has no need to go anywhere for meetings
  • HD-quality video is perfect for conducting webinars and hosting conferences

What Is Knowledge Management, And Why Is It Important?

All businesses that wish to scale and grow while connecting employees across geographies and teams must know about knowledge management which is very essential for this set- up.

Knowledge management allows your teams access to resources as well as information that they would require to do their job efficiently and effectively. This is also helpful in retaining that knowledge for future use and would help in a better working experience and less repetitive tasks.

Examples of Effective Team Management Skills for 2023

So, let us now look at some of the best examples of effective team management skills for 2023.


This is one of the most important team skills. It is crucial for a leader to find the right job for the right person and utilize the talent of the team member correctly.

Team managers should know how and who to assign the tasks, and a proper way through which an individual can achieve their personal goals as well as that of the company collectively.

Boundary Setting

There is a very fine line between developing personal relationships and remaining professional at the same time and it is something that all managers should be able to do. Their aim should be to get the team members’ respect so that they can see them as humans but also as a boss at the same time. 

This perfect balance between authenticity and authority is tricky but something that must be achieved. A manager might build strong relations with some of the team members beyond professional work but must know where to draw that line and let work be work when the time comes.

It is important for team members to know that a friendly relationship with the manager does not mean that they can underperform.

Team Building

Team Building

This is an ongoing process where the manager always needs to work on creating communication and relations with their team members. They need to strengthen the bond between the team members so that they can work together and understand each other. 

Good team leaders should strengthen the strengths of team members also highlight qualities that the team shares. They need to nurture individual talent and encourage them in further interaction. 


Another important skill that all team managers should have is the ability to communicate with the team members. A team that communicates can never face a problem. Regular communication builds trust and develops a strong rapport between the team members and managers. 

One should check in with the staff regularly regardless of the fact whether it is something important to discuss or not. You need to set standards for communications and let your team know that you are always approachable.

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Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism

One of the most important skills that all team leaders should have is the tactful way of delivering constructive criticism to the team members. You have to make sure that when doing so, the team members do not feel like you are complaining and putting them down.

They should not feel embarrassed or under-confident. In short, the best evaluation is when you are not harsh but at the same time are direct and honest with them regarding their performance so that they can work on that.

The best is to describe the behavior objectively and state what you saw and heard, mention the date and place when it happened while also sharing your notes and thoughts on the same and how it can affect them. Also, make sure that you take about flawed habits as well as good habits in equal proportion.


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To be a good manager and to be able to manage a team nicely, this is all that you must do. You have to strike the right balance to achieve the goals of the company and to help the team members achieve theirs as well. You have to learn in the process and unlearn a lot of other things and be confident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a team management Skills example?

Examples of skills include emotional intelligence, communication, and decision-making

What are the 3 categories of team roles?

 Action Oriented, People Oriented, and Thought Oriented are the three categories of team roles.

What are the 4 qualities of a leader?

Effective leaders are competent, skilled, secure, and considerate.

What does team management do?

Team management administers and coordinates a group of individuals to perform a task

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