Top 8 Small Scale Business Ideas In India

Top 8 Small Scale Business Ideas In India

Wondering what are some of the small scale business ideas that you can opt for in 2023? Read the article to know all about it.

There are various kinds of businesses small-scale, medium, and large. These businesses vary on the kind of investment that is required to sum these ventures.

A small-scale business in particular is one that requires very less investment, very few to no employees, and is mostly privately owned. You can look at some of the small-scale businesses listed below and they do not require any specific education.

Best Small Scale Business Ideas In India

Here’s a list of the best small scale business ideas that you can opt for:

Breakfast Joint

Breakfast Joint

Food is one of the basic necessities of any person. One cannot do without food. As a small scale business idea, you can open a breakfast joining or a takeaway/delivery where you can send breakfast to people.

Create a nice menu where you offer various things to your customers from omelets and toast to cutlets, paranthas, sandwiches idli, and more.

You can keep your menu as diverse as possible. The investment required is very low and you can start your business right from your home. You can allow people to book a meal online and either pickup from your place or you provide delivery. We already listed some food business ideas and how you can start a food truck business in our blog. Please check them out and learn more about food businesses.

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Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructors are high in demand these days as more and more people are believing in the many benefits of yoga. people want to live a more healthy life where they don’t just eat healthily and focus on their physical self but also want to work on their mental and emotional well-being.

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Therefore, people are looking for yoga instructors who can teach them all about yoga. From group sessions to one-on-one personal sessions, there is a demand for all kinds of yoga instructors. You can either call people to a center in a group or have virtual sessions.

Daycare Service

In today’s world, women are rightly giving equal importance to their professional lives than just family. More and more women are coming back to work after having kids and the demand for creches or daycare services has increased.

Parents are looking for places that will take good care of their kids while they are away working. This is a great opportunity for you to start your small scale business idea where you can start your own daycare service.

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Online Cooking Classes

Online Cooking Classes

If you are good at cooking and are always cooking delicious meals for your loved ones then why not start online cooking classes? Whether you are a skillful chef who does not fancy working in a restaurant or a food truck, you can always give cooking classes.

People in urban cities are looking for several interesting cooking classes where they can learn something new and fancy to impress their dear ones. You can give both in-person and online classes and make money from them.

From a group session to teaching someone personally, depending on how you are taking your class, you can increase the charges.

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Dance Classes

Dance Classes

If you are a trained dancer or a choreographer, then you can start your own dance classes where you can get a place on rent and start teaching. You would need some investment to open your dance academy. But in case you are not a dancer, then you can simply hire some dancers who can teach various dancing styles to people.

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Opening a salon is one of the best small scale business ideas that you can start. All big and small places have salons. Youth today is very cautious about how they look and how to properly maintain themselves. You can start a salon of your own where you can hire people to work for you. Salons make a huge profit during the wedding and festival seasons.

Mobile Shop

Mobile Shop

Today our whole world runs on mobile phones. There is no work that cannot be done on phone. From students to businessmen, all of us depend on phones. Hence mobile phones are in big demand everywhere, from big cities to small towns.

Opening a mobile shop is one of the best small scale business ideas that you can do. You can have a store of your own where you can keep mobile phones and other related electronics. You can also have servicing facilities for mobile phones.

Bakery Shop

Have an interest in baking? Why not start your own bakery shop where you can create a good-looking menu and sell it to cater where customers and occasions? From cakes, cupcakes, puffs, and pastries to other sugary treats, you can sell several things.

The investment required is low and you can cater to all kinds of people for various festivities like birthdays, valentines day, weddings etc.


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There are many small scale businesses that one can do which require very less investment. These businesses do not require a lot of effort when it comes to money or even the employees but can be very profitable. When you are deciding on what business to start, make sure you find your niche and then start your business.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which business is best in small scale?

Some of the best small scale business ideas are:

– Candle Making
– Handmade chocolates
– Pickles
Agarbatti and more.

What business can I start with 5000?

One can start tutoring, make a product and sell it online, create an app, virtual assistant, and more.

Can you start a business with 2k?

Yes, you can absolutely start a business with 2K.

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