How To Start Online Tuition At Home

How To Start Online Tuition At Home

The demand for online tuition is also on the rise as parents are seeking mentors who can not only help their children study but also guide them toward the right academic path.

On top of it, competition is increasing among students. In such a competitive world, it becomes a necessity to gain some additional help. This is where online tuition can help. 

And it’s one of the reasons this is a leading business idea in states like Assam, Bihar, and Mumbai

So let’s jump straight to it.

How to Start Online Tuition at Home?

Here is a step-by-step process of how to start tuition classes at home – 

Step 1: Identify Areas of Specialization

To become an online tutor, one must first identify their area of specialization. Answering the following questions can help in identifying it – 

  • What are the areas you can add value to a student?
  • How much experience do you have in that area?
  • Is there a specific grade level or content area for which you are qualified? 

But remember, just because you have a degree in a subject doesn’t mean you have to teach that. Even if you are passionate about a subject and have done a lot of research, you can start teaching it. Apart from this, you need to look at the areas that are in high demand. 

Create, Share, Collaborate

Work with your team in real-time. create documents together and share the same on Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

Step 2: Make a Business Plan

A business plan is mandatory regardless of the fact whether you want to register your tuition into a full business or have them informally. A business plan outlines how you will organize, operate, and profit from your business. It includes the following – 

  • An executive summary
  • Business description
  • Market research
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Operating plan

Once the basic business plan is crafted, you need to calculate the initial costs. Remember – In the initial stages of your online, the business plan doesn’t have to be in-depth. Use it primarily to set business goals, create the marketing strategy and predict the overall business expenses. 

Step 3: Set Up the Ecosystem

Your next step is to set up the classroom. You need to find a well-lit space that is quiet in your home. Position the table and chair in such a way that there is a clean, neutral background behind you for video calls.

You also have to ensure that you have all the technology you need to begin online tutoring. This mainly includes a laptop and a high-speed internet connection. The laptop needs to have a webcam and a microphone. 

Additionally, it is recommended to purchase a digital drawing pad or stylus that you can use with virtual whiteboard software. Tools like these make it easier to illustrate and share concepts with students from home. 

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Step 4: Find the Right Software for Tutoring

Next, you should look for all the required software that you will be needing for the online tuition. A video calling software like Google Hangouts or Zoom is mandatory.

You can schedule meetings in these tools in advance and share the links with the students via email. These tools will also allow you to share your screens during class. 

You might also need virtual whiteboard software. This will allow you to write and draw on a digital whiteboard. Plenty of whiteboard tools are available on the internet. Popular ones include IDroo, Scribblar, and Ziteboard. 

Lastly, for uploading and sharing files, you can use the free tools provided by Google Workspace. For instance, Google Docs is an efficient tool for sharing, editing, or creating word documents, while Google Drive lets you store important files in a single place.

You can also try a Learning Management System to create and manage courses. These tools let you not only create courses, but also let you add notes, resources, quizzes, and assignments. 

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Step 5: Set the Pricing Structure

As tutors and entrepreneurs, you get to decide the rate to charge for your teaching services. The rates vary widely and are likely to depend on your experience, the subject you are teaching, and the demand in the market. 

Tutors who charge the highest fees are those who teach in-demand subjects that require substantial experience and familiarity, such as GRE, GMAT, or CAT. 

In addition, if you have experience working with special needs students, you can charge higher. You should also look into the rates that other tutors are charging. But remember – you also need to account for your anticipated business expenses before fixing the final cost.

Step 6: Create an Online Presence

For tutors working from home, it’s essential to have a strong online presence. Start by setting up business accounts on channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You need to consistently post engaging content on these platforms to draw attention to your classes. 

Encourage parents and existing students to write and leave testimonials on these channels. Social proofs always help improve credibility.

You can also create a website and mention all the subjects you teach along with your rates. Tools like Wix, WordPress, etc., help you create websites in a few hours.  But if you are having trouble, here’s a detailed guide to setting up a website.

Step 7: Choose Payment Methods

To accept online payments, you need to finalize the payment methods that you and your students are comfortable with.

Most online tutors prefer online payments such as Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm due to the convenience they offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum required qualification to start an online tutoring business?

There are no criteria like minimum qualifications or experience needed to start online tuition.

Nonetheless, one should have passion, solid knowledge, and an understanding of the particular subject that they are going to teach.

What is the minimum capital required to start an online tutoring business?

In India, the minimum investment required to kick start an online tuition business is approximately around INR 50,000 to 1,00,000. This predominantly accounts for electronic gadgets and other stationery items that you might need.

When is the right time to start an online tutoring business?

There has been a paradigm shift in the educational world since COVID-19. The learning pattern of students has been completely moved online, and most of them prefer online tutoring today. Therefore, now is the best time to get into this business, especially if you are looking for business ideas in Kolkatta or Assam

What marketing strategies can I employ for my online tuition business?

First and foremost, your marketing strategy needs to take into account your target audience and current network.

Once that’s done, pick one or more channels from the below list that will fit your target audience –

– Social media marketing
– Email marketing
– Free consultations
– Flyers

How do I manage the finance and budgeting of my online tuition business?

Running online tuition and managing every side of the business alone might be quite taxing. Finance and budgeting could turn out to be the biggest challenge.

No matter how small or big your tuition business is, tracking and keeping all aspects of the venture in check is important for long-term success.

Tools Lio registers for teachers make it extremely easy for you, thanks to its plethora of templates tailored for online tuitions. Here are some of the popular templates that our online tutors love – 

  • Fees Register – To keep track of the fees paid by the students:
  • Student Marks – To keep track of student’s marks
  • Stationary Requirement Register – To manage stationery requirements for your online tuition business.


In this post, you have seen how to start a tuition class at home. Online tuition can be one of the most profitable small businesses to start today.

It requires minimal capital and very few steps to get started. The best part t-  you can begin your online classes in a short span of time.

With that being said, similar to other business ideas for Indians, one should approach their online tuition business with a strategic mindset. You should choose a niche, get the required tools, and build a personal brand before starting the actual classes.

So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your online tuition business by downloading Lio now.

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  • Please let me know whether I can tutor online without a degree.

    • Hello Jude,

      Unambiguously, “yes” is the answer. Even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree and have no prior teaching experience, you can start working as an online instructor. The secret to success is to be passionate about your pupils’ achievement and growth.

  • I was always confused when it came to pricing, but after reading your article, I now have a clear idea. Thanks for sharing these details.

    • Hello Sunil,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful words.
      I am delighted that you found this article to be informative.
      Happy reading!

  • I’m a tutor but I’m finding it difficult to get hired.  how do I market myself? Please assist me.

    • Hello Girish,

      Create a professional email account for tutoring. If you have little to no experience, contact your schools to see if you can get some work experience. As an alternative, you might request that your school assist you in promoting your tutoring career by putting up an advertisement or keeping some business cards on hand.

      Utilizing social media can also help you gain consumers in addition to providing you with ideas. In order to grow, you should consider creating at least a Facebook page, as this is the medium where you are most likely to attract clients.
      I hope this helps.

  • Could you kindly recommend some of the top software for online tutors? Would be of great help..

    • Hello Rahul,

      Top tutoring software includes TutorCruncher, GeniusOne, Acuity Scheduling, Pearl, and Visibook.
      Kindly conduct additional research and make your selection based on your needs and requirements.

  • I am a great fan of your articles.. It will be amazing if you could share a few tips for my students for effective time management.

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