15 Best Apps For Farmers To Use

15 Best Apps For Farmers To Use

Farming is hands down a great business idea for small villages, but did you know farmers can conveniently discover good ways of cultivation and enjoy the rewards of their products with the help of farming applications?

They can also deal better with a variety of insect or disease-related issues. A farming app may be a farmer’s most excellent companion, allowing them to increase their output without investing any money.

It is available for free download from the Google Play Store.

Now let us take a detailed look at some of the greatest and most dependable Agriculture Apps offered in India and regional languages.

Top-Rated Agricultural Apps For Farmers Available In India

1. Kisan Suvidha

This agricultural app was kicked off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016 with the mission of uplifting farmers and developing communities.

The application’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward. It gives details on local weather and forecasts for the upcoming week, market prices of crops and agricultural produce in the nearby villages, fertilizers, seeds, machine understanding, and more.

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The application’s flexibility in several languages pumps it up on the list due to its wider accessibility.

2. IFFCO Kisan Agriculture

IFFCO handles the Kisan Agricultural app, which was released in 2015, and it owns Kisan.

Its purpose is to support farmers in taking tight and well-informed decisions by giving them personalised information based on their specific requirements.

At the profiling step, the user may also obtain several informational modules like weather, agricultural advice and guidance, market prices, and a library of agriculture information in various formats like text, pictures, videos and audio in multiple regional languages.

The app also consists of contact information for reaching Kisan Call Centre Services.

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3. RML Farmer- Krishi Mitr

It is an agricultural app that is very helpful in keeping them up to date on mandi rates and commodities, pesticides and fertiliser applications, news related to farms, weather forecasts, farmers, and other useful tips.

The application also helps with farming guidance and information on all government’s agriculture programmes and policies.

According to the sources, users may pick from around 1300 mandis, 450 crop types, and 3500 weather zones spread over 50,000 towns across 17 Indian states.

It also has features to evaluate or provide information on the many facets of agriculture practises.

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4. Pusa Krishi

Introduced in 2016, this is an app introduced by the Union Agriculture Minister to facilitate farmers in learning everything about technology designed by the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) that would help them maximize their yields.

The application gives farmers knowledge about new crop types generated by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), resource-conserving production methods, and agricultural machinery, and its adoption will benefit farmers in receiving more profit.

5. Agri App

Agri app is a holistic app that is well-suited for agribusinesses and producers. It covers Crop Production, Crop Preservation, and other important agricultural related activities.

It also exposes farmers to all of the knowledge they need concerning crops in the “High value, low product” category, including varieties, soil/climate, harvesting, and handling practices.

This app also has a feature that allows users to speak with professionals and video-based instructions, the freshest news, and online markets for fertilisers, pesticides, and other products.

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6. Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is a fantastic application that aims to help farmers calculate insurance premiums for notified crops and give details on cut-off dates and business contact details for their crop and area.

Producers may use it to remind themselves about their insurance and computing it.  It may also be employed to receive data on any notified crop’s normal sum insured, extended sum insured, premium details, and other details, such as subsidy, in any notified region.

It also has a webpage that supports all stakeholders, such as farmers, states, insurance firms, and banks.

7. Kheti-Badi

Kheti-Badi was an initiative taken up to encourage farmers to take up a more organic approach to farming gradually.

However, this app may be linguistically-limited for some farmers as it is available in four languages only as of now, namely Hindi, English, Gujrati and Marathi. 

8. Agri-market

The application was designed to keep farmers informed about crop prices and discourage them from participating in distress sales.

The AgriMarket Mobile App allows farmers to access news about crop pricing in markets within 50 kilometres of their smartphone.

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9. Kheti Buddy

Kheti Buddy Farm was designed based on 10 years of on-the-ground experience of over 40,000 farmers.

The agricultural app promotes sound farming practices, which will have a cumulative impact on the level of productivity that Indian farmers can generate in their fields.

Their goal is to provide producers and agribusinesses with more control over their day-to-day activities and better insight into earnings and productivity.

It serves farmers in managing their crops, from planting to reaping, as an agricultural buddy.

Their agricultural management tool can customise each crop cycle according to soil data, weather, and inventory data to provide farmers with the most relevant information tailored to their needs. 

Farmers are reminded of planned activities via notification alerts, ensuring that they adhere to the progressive and customised crop calendar.

It works to keep farmers informed of unforeseen events by supplying them with real-time weather reports and weekly forecasts, market pricing, and crop updates, much like a great friend would.

It supports farmers in using proper agricultural practices suited for the climate that improve crop output, streamline the farming experience, and make the agriculture sector comprehensible for every user.

10. AgriBolo

It is an online platform that seeks to enhance the conditions of the Indian farming community. It will provide farmers with the most up-to-date mandi/weather information, best agricultural practices, expert advice on soil quality and nutrition, crop pricing, a choice of seeds, and fertiliser application guidelines.

To boost Digital India, it will also feature “Agri Mart” and “Agro Services”, which would be a market platform for buying, renting, and selling agri-based goods and services and online mandi services. It spans four states and includes about 24000 communities and 250000 farms.

11. AgriMedia TV

The AgriMedia Video App is targeted solely at Indian farmers. All films in the Agrimedia app are offered in Hindi and Gujarati and will be accessible in additional regional Indian languages in the near future to support farmers in healthier farming.

Farmers can use the AgriMedia app to help them improve their practical agricultural skills and increase their revenue.

Agrimedia’s mission is to educate farmers by giving knowledge and guidance in crop and soil management, insect, pathogen, weed control, fertiliser, and irrigation practices.

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12. Rainbow

This application was launched by two Indian IT experts who quit their professions to serve the farming sector.

This application facilitates Indian farmers in making sound decisions to increase agricultural productivity.

Users will receive the most recent agricultural news, climate forecasts based on their location, and contact information for local seed and fertiliser suppliers.

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13. Tractor Junction

Tractor Junction is the biggest online marketplace in India. In addition, the Tractor Junction Mobile App has been developed for the benefit of Indian farmers, allowing them to access all agricultural and agribusiness information in the language they prefer.

All of the leading brands of tractors, threshers, implements, instruments, tyres, and other agricultural machinery are mentioned in separate parts for the crop producers’ comfort. Farmers can also purchase and sell secondhand tractors, harvesters, equipment, land and property, and cattle.

Farmers can stay on top of the best tips and current events in agriculture by reading news and agricultural blogs.

Furthermore, its trained customer management staff is available to assist farmers with their problems. In a nutshell, the Tractor Junction app is a full-featured solution for Indian farmers.

14. My Agri Guru

My Agri Guru is the most excellent farming application in India, available in Hindi and English and built exclusively for farmers of India.

Its goal is to help them on their way to more productive and dynamic farming while also increasing their revenue.

This agricultural app will ensure that each and every farmer in India has exposure to the newest agricultural techniques and knowledge, allowing them to cultivate healthier crops and, as a result, add to the country’s general wellbeing while farming profitably.

This is a Kisan application that helps farmers reach out and communicate with other farmers and Agribusiness Experts all over India, allowing them to exchange agro-based tips and advice, discuss innovative farming practices, and examine concerns such as crop protection, organic farming, accomplishments, fluctuating mandi prices, weather patterns, and more.

As a result, a farmer will be able to make more educated crop-growing and crop-selling decisions.

15. Fasal Salah

Fasal Salah is a practical smartphone application that serves farmers by offering real-time personalised agricultural advice based on present and predicted weather conditions.

It delivers reliable weather predictions for the next ten days for the district and village levels (Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed & Direction, Rainfall).

The primary goal of the app is to offer advice. Crop advisories are sent to farmers based on weather forecasts that incorporate all necessary real-time data regarding infection and insect attacks on crops, management procedures, etc.

For producers who prefer not to read, advisories are also accessible in audio format.

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This article has discussed the top 15 apps for farmers that may help them execute their daily operations. It provided an overview of all the basic features of these apps.

Agricultural applications are the most convenient and effective way to offer farmers accurate information about farming.

On these smartphone applications, any farmer can search for all essential equipment like tractors, harvesters, implements as well as other agricultural tools. They can also browse news and other farming-related information.

These apps might prove themselves to be a farmer’s best friend when nurturing and improving their output without spending money. Farmers can get them for free from the Google Play store.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What kind of problems can agricultural apps provide solutions for?

Many agricultural apps developed and launched in India have a holistic approach to offering solutions and tips.

They cover a large expanse of the area, such as issues regarding cultivation, preparation of the land, sowing the seeds, water management, managing and retaining soil health, pest control, harvesting etc.- to name a few.

Can these applications help livestock?

Diseases can afflict farm animals at any point. However, there seem to be situations when farmers do not detect the illness in the animal before it is too late.

This is where an agricultural app comes in handy. Farmers can keep track of their livestock and other farm animals using them.

So, if one of them has a condition, they will be able to spot it immediately and take measures to avoid it from spreading.

What is ICT in e-agriculture?

By using ICT, large amounts of data and information may be efficiently produced, maintained, analysed, distributed, and used to improve agriculture.

It can boost productivity by supplying farmers with timely, trustworthy, and location-based information.

As a result, ICT in agriculture has blossomed into a burgeoning field of study and application in e-agriculture.

What is crop monitoring?

Crop monitoring is one of the most recent improvements to agricultural applications, and it can provide you with a detailed picture of your crop mix.

When a user has free availability of plant physiological/anatomical data, they can optimise a number of aspects that impact plant development both directly and indirectly.

Are there any apps available in India for selling farm produce?

SmartCrop, Mandi Trades, and Kisaan Market are examples of apps that act as a digital market for producers to trade their products after gathering sales data and for buyers to compare and buy produce.

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      EOS Crop Monitoring is a near-real-time field monitoring online satellite-based precision agriculture technology developed by EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics.

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      Some of the best natural pesticides include Natria Ready-to-Use Neem Oil Spray, Monterey Garden Insect Spray, Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap, Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade with Powder Duster, and Monterey Biological Insecticide.
      Please do more research and make well-informed choices.

  • Please list a few benefits of ICT in agriculture. Would be beneficial to me.

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      ICT plays a significant part in the farmers’ decision-support system. Farmers have access to the most recent information about agriculture, weather, new crop varieties, and innovative production and quality control techniques through ICT. 

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