25 Small Business ideas in Delhi with low investment

25 Small Business ideas in Delhi with low investment

The nation’s capital territory is a hotbed for economic activity. Several Fortune 500 companies have made Delhi home to their headquarters in India. The city has also given birth to some of the most successful companies in recent history. BoAt, Snapdeal, Paytm, Ecom Express, Nearbuy, Hike, etc., are some of the most notable ones.

This doesn’t mean that Delhi is just for businesses that need huge investments. Even small businesses with low offers enjoy success in Delhi. 

In the last two years, Delhi has grown so much when it comes to startups. In fact, Delhi replaced Bengaluru as the startup capital.

As per an economic survey, 4,514 start-ups were added in Bengaluru while over 5,000 recognised start-ups were started in Delhi between April 2019 to December 2021. Delhi’s Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) has touched Rs 9,23,967 crore in 2021-22, a growth of 17.65% as compared to last year.

This article will discuss some of the best business ideas in Delhi with low investment that entrepreneurs from all over the country can consider if they wish to make Delhi their hub. 

Why Consider Delhi as a Business Location

Delhi is a great place to start a business. The following are some of the main reasons why:

  • Most wholesale products are readily available.
  • The easy availability of resources and markets makes it easy to start businesses.
  • While being the country’s capital, Delhi is also a bustling tourist location. It is also home to nearly all embassies, government head offices, and other places of significance. 
  • The city also showcases the cultural heritage from across the country. This opens many doors for businesses, especially those specializing in clothing and artefacts. 
  • Several national and international level fairs and conventions are hosted in Delhi. These draw huge crowds from far and wide; providing the opportunity for entrepreneurs to network with the right people.
  • The busiest airport in India, The Indira Gandhi International Airport, also aids in making Delhi an excellent choice for new businesses.

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How To Start a Business In Delhi

For any business that you start, there are a few things that you should be knowing or do beforehand. Mostly these things are all the same but they also are dependent on the place where you want to start your business. So if you are planning to start your business in the capital, there here’s what you need to do:

  • Research the market and the demands of the customers. Know about the budget, infrastructure, competition, licenses, workforce, operational hours, availability of raw materials etc.
  • Find a good location and make sure that it has sufficient electricity, water, and a sufficient targeted audience around it.
  • Read all about the legal, financial, and accounting norms required.
  • Plan your finances, and decide on your loans, and repayment structure.
  • Work on the right pricing to attract customers.
  • Make use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and website analytics to establish your presence in the market.
  • Always have a plan of action, deadlines, and a Plan B for finding creative solutions to the limitations you may face.

Small Business Ideas in Delhi 

The following are some of the best small business ideas in Delhi that have been seeing tremendous success – 

#1 Home-Fitness Center

People these days are becoming more health-conscious than they were before COVID-19 took over. However, going to the gym is no longer viable. Good gyms are expensive, scarce, and require a bit of traveling within the city.

This is a problem that can be solved by a home-fitness center. A spare room in an apartment or a house can be used to start yoga, karate, ball exercises, Zumba, and more. Clients can be acquired by promoting the center on social media or by spreading the word in the immediate neighborhood.

Lio for Fitness Centers Banner

#2 Handmade Products

Thrift shops are trendy in Delhi. There are thrift shops in the city specializing in refurbished handmade products like jewellery, ethnic items, embroidered clothes, decorative items, designer handbags, and more.

Since the city is a tourist hotspot, there will be local and international customers as well. Someone entering this line of business can choose to sell their offerings online and offline as well.

If the business owner is an artists themselves, they can improve their income by using regular workshops to display their creations.  

Handmade Products Business Idea in Delhi

#3 Organic Gardening 

Like in many parts of the country, Delhiites are becoming health conscious, especially with the high level of pollution looming over the city. Delhi is also home to many vegetarians, and there is also a growing demand for vegetables and fruits that are completely chemical-free.

These people are ready to pay a premium too. Starting a small organic farming business in the home garden is a great business opportunity to earn passive part-time income. Customers can be attracted and retained by providing timely home delivery of produce. 

 Organic Gardening Business Idea in Delhi

#4 Event Management 

Delhi is no stranger to celebrations and events, including weddings, birthday parties, and everything else. Managing events is tricky because there are many moving parts, and it takes an expert to get everything right.

Anyone who wishes to be an event planner can get started by managing small events like house parties and then work their way up to bigger events.

Creativity is what sets apart a great event manager from the rest because people want events to be different and hence they partner with the right vendors. 

Event Management Business Idea in Delhi
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#5 Solar Products

Delhi is an expensive city to live in, and inflation is not doing anything good for its residents. This, along with notions of the impact that non-renewable sources of energy have on the environment, is driving more people to turn to solar energy.

Home solar panels can be installed on the roof or in the yard and can provide stable power to run most electronics. Power generated can also be stored in a battery.

Make A Successful Start

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There are also other solar products like solar fans, solar LED bulbs, and solar power packs that are seeing growth in Delhi. Starting a solar panel distribution business will be a very profitable one as the demand is only set to increase in the future. 

 Solar Products Business Idea in Delhi

#6 Home Salon/Beauty Care Service

Life in Delhi is busy, and people simply do not have the time to go to a salon or beauty parlour to make themselves look better. Then, why not take the service to them? Home salon/beauty care services have become popular because they are readily available on platforms like Urban Company.

People interested in this business can build a brand for themselves using social media. More specialized services like bridal makeup are in high demand, and they pay really well.  

 Home Salon/ Beauty Care Services Business Idea in Delhi

#7 Jewelry Making 

Delhi is one of the wealthiest cities in India, with a lot of people who love jewellery. The demand for jewellery is stable. It is primarily driven by weddings.

A jewellery maker who can roll out innovative designs will enjoy more success. Gold is not the only metal you can use. Demand is also high for metals like silver and platinum.  

Jewelry Making Business Idea in Delhi

#8 Home Forest

Although this may seem like a new concept, this has been around for a long time. Their popularity is steadily climbing back up. With pollution levels on the rise in Delhi, many people are resorting to installing vertical green walls at their homes and offices in an effort to breathe fresh air.

Indoor plants and lawns are also popular. Entrepreneurs interested in this business can get started by sourcing materials from the right vendors. It is also essential for sellers to educate their clients about how they are to take care of the home forest. 

 Home Forest Business Idea in Delhi

#9 Daycare 

Delhi is home to many career-focused working professionals who do not have the time to give complete attention and care to their kid’s needs.

This doesn’t mean they don’t want what’s best for their kids. Daycare centres exist to serve this purpose.

They ensure that kids are taken care of when their parents are away. A nutritional diet, safety, and a productive learning experience are all part of what a daycare should provide.

To see if they are fit for this business, people can volunteer to take care of kids who belong to parents in their immediate circle.


#10 Real Estate Agent    

Delhi has a massive influx of people from all over the country and from other countries who come here to advance their careers and for other reasons. These people often struggle to find an excellent place to call their home for the time they are in Delhi.

Even people from Delhi struggle when they have to move to a different apartment/house. Solving this problem as a real estate agent will enable anyone to earn a sizeable income. Real estate agents earn between 2% and 5% of the value of the property sold. 

 Real Estate Agent Business Idea in Delhi
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#11 Car Rental

As mentioned earlier in this article, Delhi is a tourist hotspot. Most tourists are beginning to realize that it is more economical to rent a car for the duration of their stay than to call a cab every time they need to go somewhere.

The rental car business is growing and can be expected to grow in the years to come. It is not necessary to get brand-new cars to start this business. Business owners can save a lot of money by purchasing used cars. Car rentals can also be a good side income for people who own cars but don’t use them that much. 

 Car Rental Business Idea in Delhi

#12 Self-Defense Training  

Self-defense training is becoming increasingly popular in Delhi, and for a good reason. The security of individuals, especially women, children, and senior citizens, has taken top priority today.

This is another business venture that can be run part-time or full-time. Anyone interested in this business will first have to undergo training.

It would be even better if they could get themselves certified. Such certifications will help craft courses to meet the specific needs of a group of customers.   

 Self Defense Training Business Idea in Delhi

#13 Dietician

As made clear in the article earlier, the residents of Delhi are a health-conscious bunch. Although they exercise on almost a daily basis, they don’t know what diet is perfect for their fitness goals.

Anyone with knowledge and background in food & nutrition can start an online business specializing in planning diets.

The target audience can be people who work out at home instead of going to the gym. Social media is a great place to meet potential clients. Also, spread the word using the immediate network of friends and family.

 Dietician Business Idea in Delhi

#14 Tiffin Service

This is another business opportunity that has arisen because of the fast past paced lifestyle of people living in Delhi. Youngsters especially do not cook their own food at home because of time constraints and other reasons.

The demand for quality food is always high. The service can be made available in hostels and PGs and too. Reasonable pricing, along with quality, is what most customers are looking for. A tiffin service can be started as a small business initially with a small customer base and then expanded once it picks up speed.

Tiffin Services Business Idea in Delhi
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#15 Water Purification

It is no secret that the water quality in cities is far from good. It is the same case in Delhi as well, with some parts of the city getting access to water that is not fit for use right out of the ground. Because of this, most people in the city resort to buying filtered water cans.

People interested in the purified water business can provide filtered water to offices, gyms, hostels, and other such establishments where demand is high. Servicing homes, restaurants, and small businesses in the immediate neighborhood is an excellent way to get started with this business.

Bigger filtering units can be installed as per demand. It is one of the simplest manufacturing business ideas in Delhi to turn into a flourishing business.

Water Purification Business idea in Delhi

#16 Printed Clothing

Delhi is considered to be a hub for fashion and statement clothing. Clothes are not just clothes for the people of Delhi; it’s an emotion. Many people, especially youngsters, love clothing that help them make a statement.

It is quite common for people to inscribe someone’s name, quotes, and designs on their clothing. This is a small yet profitable business. Clothes can be sold offline or online using a website or popular e-commerce sites. Bulk orders can be taken from companies, schools, offices, and other places. 

Printed Clothing Business idea in Delhi

#17 Travel and Adventure

There are a lot of people in Delhi who want to travel and experience every location the country has to offer. Popular tourist spots like Shimla, Manali, and Haridwar are close to Delhi.

A travel and adventure agency is an excellent business opportunity for someone who can excel in managing tours. This business requires establishing good business relationships with hotels, resorts, cab operators, etc. 

Travel and adventure Business idea in Delhi

#18 Car Cleaning

It is not uncommon to find dust-covered cars driving around the busy roads of Delhi. It is not that people don’t want their cars to look clean.

Most of them do not have the time to clean their cars themselves. A good car wash service is hard to come by. Consider starting a car wash near residential areas that are less congested.   

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#19 Cleaning Services 

These days, it is not just the commercial establishments that are in need of cleaning services. Even households in Delhi are equally demanding quality cleaning services.

The main reason for this is the fast-paced life people lead in Delhi, where they barely have time for themselves. Setting up a home cleaning services business is a straightforward process – onboard enough employees and find clients. 

#20 Dry Cleaning Service

Like cooking and cleaning, laundry is another task that a lot of people in Delhi struggle with. There is also stable demand in the residential and hospitality sectors.

Entrepreneurs can start this business as a franchise of a reputed brand. They can also start this business from home with doorstep service. This can be a very profitable business with the right planning and execution. 

Dry Cleaning Services Business idea in Delhi

#21 Recruitment Agency 

A vast majority of employed individuals and recent graduates are always on the lookout for better career opportunities. Employers are also in the job market looking for top talent to hire.

A recruitment agency business can provide a stable source of income for entrepreneurs. There is, however, a general perception about recruitment agencies being untrustworthy. The way to overcome this is by only considering top-quality candidates and job openings from genuine employers. 

Recruitment Agency Business Idea in Delhi

#22 Storage Services

Many businesses in Delhi operate from small workplaces. The last thing they want to do is use the very little space they have to store records and other things.

A dedicated storage facility is something that most of these businesses would be happy to pay for. Even an extra room at home can be used to run this business on a small scale with budget pricing. 

Storage Services Business Idea in Delhi

#23 Grocery Store with Delivery Service 

Home delivery from grocery stores is slowly becoming normal. People have gotten used to getting things delivered to their homes. Households are not the only target audience. Grocery store owners can slowly expand the business to include restaurants and fast-food joints.

Opening such a store will require renting commercial space at a convenient location if entrepreneurs don’t own their own space. Such a location should ideally be in a market area to be accessible to more customers. Maintaining inventory and tailoring services based on customer demands is the key to succeeding in this business.

Grocery Services with Delivery Services Business Idea in Delhi

#24 Freelancing

And this is probably one of the business ideas in Delhi without investment. There is an increasing trend where people opt to freelance their skills rather than work for someone else. It is better from a financial perspective and also from a job satisfaction level.

Someone with a skill that can be freelanced, for example, content writing and designing, can start freelancing part-time and later do it full-time. Clients can be sourced from platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr, and also from groups on social media.  

#25 Social Media Manager

Delhi NCR consists of several successful as well as budding businesses that are very diversified. You can find a business in absolutely each niche. Budding companies are always on the lookout for someone to manage their social media pages. If you are someone who loves social media and knows your way around it, then this is the perfect job for you.

You can help the brand reach new heights by targeting a larger audience, getting more visibility, and helping them in creating a buzz around social media.

Freelancing Business Ideas in Delhi

Government Schemes In Delhi For New Businesses

There are many policies that are created by the Delhi government in support of start-ups. The government wants to support each and every business and build that confidence in entrepreneurs. The idea of these policies is to make the capital a hub of start-ups by 2030. They want to provide them with non-fiscal and fiscal incentives, free consultancy from lawyers, experts, CA and collateral-free loans.

The Government of Delhi will pay up to 50% of the pitch in for a portion of the salaries that these startups will pay to their employees or rent of a startup’s office lease. They have also announced to reimburse the costs incurred in applying for copyrights, patents and trademarks.

Top Business Ideas Statewise


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It is evident that despite the rush and development, Delhi is still a very fertile ground for businesses of all sizes. The above-mentioned ideas are the best considering the latest economic trends and other facts.

There are many more niche business ideas that can earn passive income for entrepreneurs. It all comes down to choosing the right idea and taking a few calculated risks. 

Accurate data on your business’s progress gives you a distinct advantage in almost all aspects related to future planning. This includes inventory planning, hiring plans, and budgeting, among others. Small businesses can do this by using spreadsheets powered by the right templates like the ones provided by Lio. I hope you find this article beneficial for you and that you learn something about business ideas in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What businesses can one start in Delhi with low investment?

There are many businesses that one can start with low investments in Delhi and they are:

– Printing and Binding
– Food Kiosk
– Organic Gardening
– Home Based Fitness Centre etc.

Is Delhi A good place to start a business?

Delhi is definitely one of the best locations and cities in India to start a business of your own as it offers many entrepreneurial opportunities and the government provides various schemes to help the start-ups.

How much does it cost to register a company in Delhi?

The cost of registering a proprietorship firm in the capital, Delhi, is INR. 5980/-

Which is the best bank for an import/export business in Delhi?

Private banks like Kotak Mahindra/ HDFC/ICICI/CITY are really good for this purpose. Please note that Private Banks charge more for executing International transactions but they provide good services while Public Banks charge less but the risk of any misshaping is high and the level of co-operation is Low.

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  • Do you think Delhi’s land is fertile enough for organic farming?

    • Hi Pratibha,
      thankyou for the question.
      Yes, Delhi’s land is fertile for organic farming. Farmers have even completely switched to organic farming in a village called Khera Khalan located in the outer regions of Delhi. Cultivators are also being provided with the necessary agricultural equipment and subsidy to purchase seeds.

  • Do I have to pay tax for a solar business in Delhi or are there any subsidies provided by the government?

    • Hi Sumit,
      thankyou for the question.
      Depending on the kilowatts, there are different subsidies. Since solar panels are qualifying assets, one has to pay corporation tax on operation profits minus 50% of the value of the solar investment.
      Thoroughly research and study more for deeper understanding.

  • I’m preparing to launch a staffing firm. Do I need to register somewhere? If so, kindly be brief.

    • Hello Khushi,
      A recruitment company can be established as a proprietorship, partnership firm, limited liability partnership, private limited company, or LLP.

      Business registration, tax registration, ESI/PF registration, and a recruiting agent licence are a few of the necessary registrations.
      Please do your research before moving forward.

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