How to Start a Tiffin Service in India?

How to Start a Tiffin Service in India?

Food entrepreneurship is the hottest trend of the era that relies on remote working and believes in healthy eating. Here is how to start a tiffin service and become your own boss. Let us dive in and see what’s cooking!

Many people are adept and creative in the kitchen. They like throwing dinners and holding potluck lunches. If you can sport an apron like a boss, invent new dishes, and genuinely find joy in cooking, you can consider starting up a food business.

The desire and craving for delicious cuisine are insatiable, quite literally! For employment or education, many people stay away from home. You can bring warmth to their aloofness by delivering homemade meals that have been prepared with care.

The idea of cloud kitchens inspired a large number of people to provide local delicacies or special cuisines. A tiffin service business idea is uncomplicated and profitable.

This is particularly relevant in recent times, as people want food that is not only tasty but also healthy. Consumers are seeking dependable and trustworthy food sources as the pandemic continues.

The year 2021 has witnessed a spike in the number of food-related enterprises that are not just starting out but also succeeding. You may start a tiffin service business of your own if you have a passion for cooking and presenting tasty meals.

Tiffin Service Ideas

You may leverage your cooking talents to start a tiffin service in a number of ways. Here are some of the top business suggestions for you to consider.

1. Monthly Subscription Tiffin Service

This is the most popular and simplest of the bunch to get started with and succeed at. You may charge your clients a monthly membership in return for tiffin delivery to their offices on all business days of every week.

In these scenarios, the menu is generally flexible and up to the discretion of the provider, which means you. If you can manage to make a place for yourself in the community of daytime and night shift workers, you will have twice the income and profits.

Create, Share, Collaborate

Work with your team in real-time. create documents together and share the same on Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

You may occasionally present promotional deals to attract more customers, such as a one-month free membership for a 12-month subscriber, or a percentage discount if they sign up for the entire year in one go.

You might also propose this concept to different offices and workplaces to see whether you can secure bulk memberships for many employees in the same building. It would enable you to generate a substantial profit by reducing logistical costs.

Monthly Subscription Tiffin Service in India

2. App-Based Tiffin Delivery Service

Developing an application for your business might be a wise choice if you really want to expand your business to a larger group of clients. You can employ a reputable app development company to create a finished app for your start-up.

You should make a list of all the functionalities and improvements the business would need in the app and be as specific as possible. With an app, you may provide your consumers with a range of options all under one roof.

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Customers can be presented with the choice of signing up for a monthly membership or placing an order as needed. You may even provide them with the option of choosing their own meals. 

app based food service tiffin service in india

3. Home Delivery tiffin Service

Many customers would much rather purchase meals than prepare them themselves. You can bring home-cooked food to their houses for them. Working parents, college students, senior citizens, and so on are likely to be among your core demographic for this sort of service.

You would have to introduce an additional element to your standard tiffin service to appeal to this consumer segment. These clients are more likely to sign up for a monthly membership. Therefore, having an app is necessary to expand your reach.

If you are not targeting a certain neighbourhood and instead of distributing throughout the city, you will need additional delivery people.

If you have to deliver over weekends, you can attract customers by naming special deals or meals something catchy like ‘Weekend Bonanza’ and sending clients a surprise meal package.

home tiffin delivery services in india

4. Healthy Diet Tiffins

By embracing a more fitness-centric paradigm, you may design a new path for your business and stray from the mainstream.

Many people are on diets, whether to drop weight or to treat a medical issue, but many are unable to devote the time and energy required to cook nutritious meals according to their dieticians’ recommendations.

You may start a business that facilitates people in eating healthy foods. This would call for some extra skills and manpower, but if you can manage to do so, though, it has the possibility to be a resounding hit.

For this business, an app or, at the very least, a website is required. You can request that your clients submit their nutrition plan, and you can then bring their daily meals to their doorstep.

You might take a leap by engaging a dietitian and helping clients in developing a suitable dietary plan to help them get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Your consumers would not have to go somewhere else since the expert will take care of the meal plan and you will take very good care of the cooking.

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This form of service must, of course, be rather expensive. Before you spend on anything, undertake thorough research and reach an educated decision.

healthy diet tiffin services in india

How to Start a Tiffin Service Business in India?

Healthy and inexpensive home-cooked meals, instead of anything fancy, is the secret to running a thriving tiffin business. Developing a positive reputation and addressing the needs of your clients will determine the success of your entrepreneurial venture.

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1. Research

It is vital to perform extensive market research before starting any business. It facilitates in determining which parts of the industry have potential and how you can take advantage of them.

For example, if your city has a strong market for home-cooked Mangalorean cuisine, you may bank on it and supply exactly that.

Additionally, conducting a thorough market analysis will benefit in determining whether to launch a regular tiffin service or deliver meals occasionally, such as on the weekends.

2. Define a Workspace

A typical Indian kitchen can prepare meals for up to 50 people. You have an advantage with a larger kitchen or more room. You may also transform a small space into an office and make good use of it.

It will be easier to prevent disorder if you set up a packing station. Develop a detailed blueprint for what will go where or how everything will be handled.

Bendable shelves, buckles for hanging kitchenware, and food containers that fit inside one other are available to help you minimize the space large-scale cooking might take up.

3. Registration

In order to start a Tiffin Service in India, you shall require a plethora of permits and licences. Every Indian state does have its own set of rules.

The following licences are required for tiffin service:

  • Shop and Establishment Act License
  • FSSAI License (State FSSAI License/Central FSSAI License)
  • Trade License
  • Fire Brigade
  • Police
  • Society’s NOC

4. Investment

To figure out the investment, you must first calculate how much it will all cost. Prepare a schedule for your meals and find out the expenses of each individual cycle of cooking.

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How much would be the cost of a tiffin with chapati, rice, veggies, salad, and other items, including packaging? You will be putting in the initial one-time investment as well as many recurrent expenditures. You will also need to spend money on high-quality utensils and other culinary necessities.


5. Recurring Expenses

Expenses such as groceries, staff, maintenance, and delivery are all recurrent. If you charge Rs 100 for a lunchbox, you should be able to pay all of these expenditures. You must include additional costs for delivery.

However, be sure to choose a delivery zone. Even if you handle most of the preparation, hiring a small staff is a smart idea. These employees can assist with meal preparation, cleanup, and packing, among other things. Don’t forget to include the cost of fuel and electricity.

6. Insurance

It is just as important to ensure your organization as it is to get a life or medical insurance in case anything happens.

Since business failures are probable, it is wise to be prepared ahead of time. Contact a local insurance provider to explore the best coverage options for you.


7. Hygiene

In this modern and fast-paced environment, there is nothing more crucial than hygiene. Finding a balance between taste and safety is essential as a tiffin supplier.

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Frequent pest control, the use of gloves when packing and cooking, and the sterilisation of the kitchenware are some of the precautions you may take. In addition, everybody who touches the food must measure their body temperature, use hand sanitiser and soap, and wear masks.


8. Meal Plan

Planning your meals for every day of the week is a simple tactic to minimise confusion. Many people only provide tiffins during the week or exclusively on weekends.

It is important to draft a plan that takes into account the availability and quantity of supplies, the season, the time that will go into cooking those, and, naturally, the preferences of your customers.

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You may construct your menu around the latest fads, keep it colour coded, serve one cuisine per day, or allow clients to pick from a range of options. All these ideas hinge on the meals you provide and how you foresee doing business in your neighbourhood.

meal plan

9. Go Digital

Technology is one of the most efficient tools to run your tiffin service. To accept orders, you can build an application or website and collaborate with a home delivery agency for timely deliveries.

You may also take advantage of the various food delivery apps present in the Indian business scenario. Step in the digital universe has a myriad of benefits, including the ability to use digital data to strategize future operations and improve your business.

go digital

10. Promotion

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Social media alone can be a powerful tool to promote and market your business. It is a junction where necessities meet providers. Social media can attract the right crowd for you by popularizing you in your niche and connecting you to potential customers.

Many industries, such as fashion and jewellery, rely solely on social media networks. Build a strong brand profile for your business, then write about your food, services, and client reviews to evaluate the difference.

It will support you in expanding your business without having to spend any money. Make sure to keep engaging with your audience on a regular basis, communicate and reap the benefits of free promotion.


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The culinary sector will continue to thrive and be profitable perpetually. The quality of your meals, the diversity in your skills, and the degree of interaction with your clients will make you stand apart from the competitors.

So, let your inner Ramsay carry the torch and inspire you to launch your own tiffin delivery business. While food and catering businesses have strong profitability, they are not the only low-cost, high-profit ventures you may explore.

Hope this article by me helps you to know all the nitty-gritty of the tiffin service and assists you in running a successful business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Kitchen Requirements for Setting up a Small Tiffin Service for a Limited radius?

A small tiffin delivery service can be started from your very own kitchen that would generally have the basic appliances required. An investment of Rs 10,000 may be enough for kicking off a tiffin service that would serve 15-20 people.

What are Some things that I should Buy in the Initial Days of my Tiffin Service Business?

Things that you should Buy in the Initial Days of your Tiffin Service Business:

– Food Processor
– Biodegradable disposable boxes
– Kitchen weighing scale
– Size Pots
– Roti Maker, Rice Cooker etc

How should I Price my Tiffin Meals?

To compute the costs of meals, avoid comparing them with restaurant prices as they will only confuse you.

To determine the cost of one dish, simply conjecture the costs of ingredients, add the cost of fuel burnt to prepare it, add packaging cost and the cost of your time. The sum should give you an idea of how much the price should be.

Should I Partner up with Food Delivery Services?

Working in collaboration with food service apps has both pros and cons. On one hand, they expand your reach within customers, but on the other, they bite down on your profit margin.

Do you need a License for a Home Tiffin business?

Yes, even a tiffin service that you operate from home should have an FSSAI license.

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  • Can the tiffin service business be a full-time job?

    • Hello Sonali,
      thankyou for the question.
      You can decide to operate a full-time or part-time business depending on your business’s long-term goals. Tiffin businesses can be highly profitable as there is an ongoing growing demand for healthy and convenient meal options. A successful tiffin business depends on various factors: having good culinary skills, marketing strategies, being able to find a target audience, and providing customers with good food and variety. Always make sure you stick to high levels of sanitation. If you have an efficient business plan with an organized pattern, your tiffin business will become successful.

  • Why is the FSSAI license mandatory for a tiffin service business?

    • Hello Niharika,

      According to the Food Safety and Security Standards Act (FSSAI License Act), every Food Business Operator (FBO) operating on a large or small scale is required to have certain licenses. After being registered with the State and Central Food Legislation, the business, which may be engaged in the production, storage, transportation, catering, sale of food ingredients, retailing, marketing, distribution of food products, or any other activity, must receive these licenses. Respecting the Health Department’s policies and guidelines is crucial.

  • Wow!! Actually, the idea of a healthy diet tiffin service is marvelous! I’m sure this article has helped a lot of individuals.

    • Hello Manu,

      I really appreciate the kind words, thank you.
      I’m glad you found this article intriguing.

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