Top Profitable Business Ideas In Bangalore

Top Profitable Business Ideas In Bangalore

Looking for business ideas in Bangalore? Read the article to know all about it and what are the top most ideas that you can choose from.

Bangalore or Bengaluru is one of the most popular cities in India and is known as the tech hub. People from all over the country come to this city to look for jobs and a comfortable lifestyle for themselves. The city enjoys a stable economic condition and is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business here.

The silicon valley of India is for sure one of the best places where you can start your own business and also run is very successful as it is one of India’s fast-growing metro cities. Starting a business here can be really profitable for you and you can gain a huge customer base. With this smart mix of physical as well as online presence, anyone who starts a business here can really grow. 

Best Business Ideas In Bangalore

Let us look at some of the best business ideas in Bangalore:

Grocery Store

Grocery Store

This is definitely one of the best business ideas in Bangalore that you can think of adopting. Bangalore is a vibrant city with a large number of people. Opening a grocery store is a great plan as people do need regular day-to-day things for their homes.

You can open a small grocery store where you can basics of kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and more. You can also offer home delivery services to people. Make sure you open at a place where there are residential colonies around so that you have a big footfall. 

Fast Food Shop

In the city where people are very busy, people are always looking for a cool nice restaurant or a fast food shop where they can eat. Bangalore also being a foodies paradise, your business would definitely grow. You can have a simple yet delicious menu and also have a food van that delivers to people in the offices or new residential areas. 

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Home Made Meals

Home Made Meals

Being a place where a large number of people move to make a living, Bangalore has a huge chunk of the population who always crave a home-cooked meal as they are far away from their homes. Hence, if you cook nice food, you can start selling home-cooked meals to people at minimal charges.

From basic dal, rice, sabzi, roti, and curd, you can also have specials that you can cook every now and then. This is definitely one of the best business ideas in Bangalore and would be highly profitable. And since the shift in lifestyle more and more people are looking for nutritional home-cooked meals than just ordering from any restaurant.

Tea and Coffe Bar

Everybody needs coffee and tea breaks and everybody deserves them. One of the easiest ways of making money, you can start a small shop near the corporate area where you sell tea or coffee to people and also keep some light snacks to munch on along with it. Slowly you can add on more snacks and variations of your tea and coffee and increase the menu as per the demand and liking.


Bakeries are ever in demand as everyone has a sweet tooth. If you do baking then you can make the most of this hobby of yours and start a bakery either from the comfort of your home or you can also look for a rental place to start it.

From cakes to muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and more, you can do so much and cater to people’s demands. You can also tie up with a grocery store and sell your bread, cakes, puffs, and pastries from there and run a successful business.


If you have your own house in Bangalore or you won multiple properties then this is the business opportunity for you. Since many people come to Bangalore looking for a job, they obviously are also looking for houses and rooms to live in.

You can rent out your room/apartments to people who are looking for PG accommodation. You can either also provide cooked meals and add the cost to the monthly rent. This is definitely a booming business that is opted for by many.



If you are into cooking delicious food then the catering business is something that you can get into. You can sell your food to people who are hosting events on a bigger scale and parties at their homes. You can offer various menu options from Indian to continental, Asian, European, or other Junk food options. You can either send cooked meals from your kitchen or cook at the venue.

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Home Tutorials

Another great option when it comes to business ideas in Bangalore is giving home tutorials. You can either teach a subject or give hobby classes to both adults as well as kids.

From dance, cooking, flower arranging, baking, tailoring, Maths, English, and more, you can give home tutorials for anything that you are good at. You can also give virtual classes to people sitting at home anywhere in the country or even the entire world.


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These are some of the best business ideas in Bangalore that one can choose from to start a business of their own. You have to choose your niche and then give all your sweat and blood to it to run a successful business. If done properly you will surely be able to have a business that is running smoothly and without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What business can I start with 5 lakhs in Bangalore?

One can start a wedding planning business, housekeeping, food delivery, and more such services.

Which is the safest business to start?

Low-Risk and Safest New Business Ideas to Launch
– Consulting
– Tutoring
– Virtual Assistant
– Online Course
– Podcast

Is opening a boutique a good idea in Bangalore?

Yes, it is definitely a good idea to open a boutique in Bangalore.

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