How To Become A Property Dealer In India

How To Become A Property Dealer In India

Wondering how to become a property dealer in India? It’s one of the most-recommended low investment business ideas and for good reason.

So if you are looking to become a property broker in India, here are all your questions answered and your doubts cleared.

The real estate market is growing at jet speed in India and there is no looking back. Today, the market is growing attracting people from all walks of life.

It wasn’t always this rosy but with enhanced transparency and enforcement of improvements like RERA, REITs, and Title Insurance, the industry is in a much better space. 

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If you are also planning to get into the same industry, it is better that you know all about it and exactly how to go about it. So do your homework well and read along to know how to become a property dealer.

How to Become a Property Dealer in India

What Is A Property Dealer

A property dealer is a person who acts as an intermediary person between the buyer and the seller of the property.

Why Become a Real Estate Agent? 

Responsibilities of a Real Estate Broker

These are some of the major responsibilities of a real estate agent in India:

  • Presenting purchase offers to the sellers
  • Advertising properties through marketing techniques
  • Resolving doubts of purchasers 
  • Comparing properties to determine the market price of the property
  • Making and maintaining the list of properties
  • Comparing all documents such as loyalty contracts, purchase agreements and deeds.

Eligibility To Become A Real Estate Agent

To become a real estate agent, here are the eligibility criteria and requirements that are needed:

Education RequiredBachelor’s degree in real estate or equivalent 
Basic knowledge of MS office
Some companies may hire someone who is a 12th passed out
Awareness of laws regulating the real estate industry
Work ExperienceWork experience of 1-2 years
CertificationsCandidates working independently should have a valid license to practice the profession of real estate brokers
SkillsSome skills required for a real estate broker are here below:

Interpersonal Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Business Skills
Organizational Skills
Excellent Communications Skills

Type of Job Roles in Real Estate

If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, there isn’t just one type of job role for you. There are multiple job role types that one can explore and understand before starting in this market. 

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Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Maintain connections with past clients

The real estate market is all about having a constant connection with people. Not just the people who are looking for properties to purchase on rent but also the ones who are have been their clients in the past.

You never know when and how these past connections can help them. They might want to invest in more property or sell their previous one. Lio’s Broker Registers helps you save customer information so you stay in touch with them.

Don’t always focus on selling

It must not always be about selling a property, sometimes you do have to act as a consultant as well. With this, you can understand the requirements of the clients and what is the rationale behind their choice.

You must forget dealing but look at it as helping your clients. Understand their needs, tell them what would suit their needs the best, and talk about what makes it valuable for them. 

Be transparent with your buyer

It is very important and possibly one of the best qualities for a property dealer to be transparent and honest with their buyer/clients. To have a loyal customer base, do not become selfish. Do not sell a property that is in a legal dispute.

If your client is hell-bent on purchasing a property in an area where the colony has not yet been regularised, it is your duty to them about the risks associated with the move. 

Cultivate an online presence

In these digital times, it is important for all businesses to have a digital presence since all clients are going to search your business online to know about your services and read your reviews.

Start with a website and talk about your services, get testimonials from your old customers and add contact details. Moreover, have a profile on social media wherein you can reach more potential clients. Below are some tips to help you get more testimonials.

Avoid making assumptions

Do not make assumptions when it comes to legalities and property valuation. Do not expect that you will have growth in the business just because you have a website running.

Your Data Is Safe As A House

With daily backups, we ensure your data is safe and secure whether you lose your phone or it breaks down.

For success, make sure that you get your business registered, you get a license and network as much as possible.

Networking is the key

Networking really is the key to everything. Some clients might have requirements so instead of turning them down you can actually connect them with other fellow agents if they have anything in alignment with the needs of the needs. You can talk about sharing commission as something that is better than nothing. 

Top Recruiting Agencies

Some of the top recruiting real estate agencies are:

  • Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.
  • DLF Ltd.
  • Phoenix Mills Ltd.
  • Oberoi Realty Ltd.
  • Godrej Properties Ltd.

Pros of Becoming a Real Estate

  • Unlimited scope of growth since the salary is not fixed
  • No 9 to 6 working schedule
  • You will help people find the right home for them and build their dream house
  • The profile does not require a higher qualification

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So these are the things that you must know before you jump into this business. This is a nice business that does not require grinding like any other business. There is a big scope of making a lot of money if done properly.

I hope this article has cleared all your doubts and has helped you in understanding becoming a property dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the highest qualification to become a property dealer?

You can either be a 12th pass or graduate to become a property dealer in India.

What are some of the top real estate agencies in India?

Some of the real estate agencies are:

Godrej Properties Ltd.
DLF Ltd.
Oberoi Realty Ltd.
Omaxe Ltd.

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