10 Best School Management Apps For Android

10 Best School Management Apps For Android

Looking for a school management app that can help you with all-in-one service? To fulfill your quest, we have listed some special School management apps that can help you in 2023 to learn from home with schooling circumstances.

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has forcefully changed the study mode from offline to online. So school management apps and software for android are in high demand to shift the study to an e-platform.

There are a lot of school management apps and software for android that will help the teachers, students, staff, and parents to handle the schooling operation easily at home.

Nowadays there are a few apps and software that include high-level technology and automation that make it easy to handle school administration as well as college and university administration.

A few of the examples are – FEDENA, MYLY, eSCHOOL App, and many more.

However, we would love to suggest you use software with stronger UI/UX. There are several school management software which is known for ease to file and record schooling data. So, day-by-day teachers, students, and parents are getting involved in that software.

So in this pandemic situation, to energize the study in every corner of the world, school management apps and software are getting more popular with a reduction of paperwork and savings of money.

So now we will talk about some features that should be in the best school management apps.

Features Should Be in a School Management App for Android

School management apps are a wholesome ideology of innovative technology and automation that helps to create a robust system. This system will enhance the quality of the institution’s data, resources, and management procedure in an easy-to-use way.

So to get to know the features that should be in a school management app is worthwhile to be noted by you. Check it out below.

Admissions Management Module

The admission process was online for a few decades. But that was limited to online only in case of admission form fill-ups. But in the unexpected situations of the Covid-19 pandemic, along with admission form fill up, documents verification, admission test, and virtual meeting are much needed online.

Admissions Management Module

The school management team needs to organize bulk-size admission forms, supplementary documents like birth certificates, results, and others. After arranging all the documents, they need to send acceptance letters to the candidate and the parents. But all of this was being done in real life.

Now all of these are going to be online. So the admission management system in school management apps is a must where the server will be strong and the data privacy policy will be secured with a password. 

All the remote submission needs to be user-friendly so that the candidate can also handle his or her own profile. Candidates are supposed to open a student account on the apps. They can check and submit all the documents through the student’s dashboard.

In this dashboard, submission time of documents, assessment dates, online meeting results, and every sharp detail will be provided in this Student dashboard section.

Also, there will be notification settings that will help the students to get to know the outcome of their applications. They can pay the admission fees through this portal also. This innovative and creative system can save more time, undergo a paperless journey, and be easy to use for applicants as well as the school management forum.

Create, Share, Collaborate

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Student Management Forum

A student has the right to get wholesome access to his or her classroom, school journey, and many more. But it is important now due to unavoidable Covid-19 circumstances.

So they need 360-degree access to their school environment through the online application. But the most important thing is to create a student’s database first. 

There will be a student profile for each and every student throughout the school. This student profile will consist of personal details and family information, photographs including biometric details, emergency contacts like parents or guardians, health records like height, weight, vision power, blood group, any special disease, academic transcripts, extracurricular activities, and achievements like sports, music, painting, writing, attendance records, etc.

This valid information can create an automatic ID card for individual students with a unique ID number. Through this unique ID card number, a student’s attendance, performance, and achievements can be tracked by the parents. 

Teachers, the administration teams or the school management team can access this unique data to view and update students’ information in the database. Administrative assistants also can help to improve a student’s overall performance by tracking this data.

Learning Section or Classroom Module

This learning section is the main part for a teacher and a student. This is the section where the teaching and learning will take place. This section has the facilities like individual department-based notes, subject-wise data, special activity courses based on semester or term, years, and exams.

Learning Section or Classroom Module

This section creates notes, exam papers, class schedules. Automatic classrooms will be created through this section. Marks per student, online result sheets, and grades will be generated through the database across the academic year.

Digital Resources of Management Scheme

When an offline class was going on in the world, that time there was a physical library, books, class notes. But in this digital era, physical libraries can’t be accessed. 

So teachers and students need to get access to books, notes, and many more study materials. 

This digital resources module can help in this field. There will be a digital secured library, where lots of ebooks, videos, audio files, magazines, newsletters, and photo albums will be included. Teachers and students will be allowed to have access with their unique ID and password to this digital library. 

This section will allow the students to learn through the online library. Also, there will be automated data that will include the list of books borrowed by the students.

Communication Portal

This feature will help to create a way of communication among the administration, teachers, students, and parents. Parents can have queries on learning-related or admission-related queries. So this is the section where queries can be solved in a personalized way. 

This can help to send notifications to the parents on pending payments, attendance of students, achievement of the students, and many more student-related data.

So these are the features that must be included in the school management apps. There are several advantages of any School management apps for Android. Such as:

  • These school management apps or software for android can raise the productivity of the school as well as any college or university.
  • Cloud-based study and learning can build collaboration between students and teachers in a digital way.
  • These apps and software for Android are paperless digital platforms. So naturally, these can save natural resources.
  • Software and apps for school management can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  • These databases will increase the parents-teacher relationship to develop a student’s overall achievement.
  • As this software will work with the help of artificial bits of intelligence, there will be perfection in the databases that can lead to time-saving.
  • As this software and apps for Android will be a semi-automatic system, the workload will be less for teachers, staff, and administration of the schools.

So you can notice, there will be a lot of advantages that will help to cover the overall system of a school.

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Some trustworthy School Management Apps For Android

Now we will talk about some of the best school management apps for Android. Check it out below.

Gradelink SIS

This is an Android software that helps to improve students’ performance and save time. There is an integrated plan for school management.

  • Classroom management features include
    • Assessment
    • Report cards
    • Transcription
  • Gradebook features that help overall management
    • Tracking attendance
    • Scores
    • Grading system
    • Individual student assessment
    • Progress of a student
    • Class summary based on term or year.
  • School-based features include
    • Financial portal
    • Curriculum activities
    • Online payment
    • Parent’s Portal
    • Faculty Portal


Thus iGradePlus includes a user-friendly interface for both the management and the students. There is also a dedicated parent-teacher portal.

  • Classroom management systems
    • Built-in LMS
    • Transcript
    • Assessment
    • Report and grade card
  • School-based administration
    • Curriculum activities
    • Online academic calendar
    • Parent/Student Portal


This app includes features like a user-friendly registration system and academic activities.

  • Registration features include
    • Attendance Management
    • Application form
    • Online Registration
    • Payment Processing
  • School-based feature includes
    • Higher Education
    • Independent/Private
    • K-12
    • Online Payments

Your Agora

This application helps to optimize the school performance.

Gradebook Features:

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Class Summary
  • Scores
  • Grade Calculations and report making
  • Individualized Assessments
  • Lesson Planning for the class
  • Parent Portal
  • Report Cards
  • Teacher Dashboard
  • Customized Assignments

School Administration Features:

  • Online Calendar
  • Online Payments
  • Parent/Student Portal
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Classroom Management
  • Assignments & Tests


BoardDocs is a huge platform to play an important role in the digital schooling experience. BoardDocs already has a record of approximately 2000 schools that have been helped through this app.

  • Board management systems
    • Academic calendar management
    • Collaboration between staffs
    • Document Management
    • Electronic Signatures of teachers, parents, and students
    • Member Directories like faculties and staffs
    • Role-Based Permissions
  • Government based features
    • Self-servicing
    • Assessment
    • Workload management
  • Meeting features include
    • Action Item Tracking
    • Agenda Management for students and teachers
    • Attendance Management
    • Board Meetings arrangements
    • Committee Meetings arrangements
    • Internal Meetings for teachers
    • Study Materials Management
    • Meeting Preparation Tools
    • Post-Meeting Tools
    • Scheduling
    • Noticeboard display
  • School-based management
    • K12
    • Online assessment

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School diary

School Diary is such an application for android which helps to manage the overall updates for the school management system. This app helps to operate an integrated system for schools.

  • Classroom management systems
    • Built-in LMS
    • Collaboration Tools for teachers and students
    • For Classroom activities
    • Records for Lab activities
    • Real-time Chat between teacher and student
    • Remote Access/Control from anywhere at anytime
    • Report Cards of individuals
    • Support Audio/Images/Video for a class
    • Tests/Assessments
    • Transcripts
  • School administration board features include
    • Bookstore Management or digital library
    • Financial Management or online payment
    • K-12
    • Online academic Calendar
    • Parent/Student Portal
    • Reporting/Analytics


Schoolbic is such a school management app for Android, that can go with any size of school. This includes

  • Doubt clearing class
  • Teachers students collaboration
  • Parental activities
  • Learning planning
  • Online fees payment
  • Curriculum activities
  • Online classroom
  • E-book hub

Digital School

Digital School is an innovative platform to be used by schools with a user-friendly interface. This software includes

  • Learning module
  • Online assessment
  • Online fees payment
  • Real-time problem solving
  • Dynamic course curriculum
  • Online academic calendar
  • Result of individuals

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Academics is one of the most noticeable online education platforms for schools that helps to undergo a hassle-free experience in learning from home.

This platform helps to get the below-mentioned features:

  • Assigning home works to students
  • Classroom activities
  • Library activities
  • Managing online fee payment
  • automating inventory management


MyClassCampus is a cloud-based android app that will help to experience a unique learning process. 

This all-in-one school management app for android includes the features like:

  • Lesson planning
  • Exam schedule
  • Fee & Finance management
  • Online Admission
  • Academic calendar across the year
  • Digital library
  • Time table management
  • Report cards
  • Grading system
  • Online assessment

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So here are some of the best school management apps for Android in 2023 that will help both the teacher and student to continue teaching and learning in a fruitful way. All the apps mentioned above are user-friendly in a certain way.

So whatever the impact of the covid-19 pandemic situation is, learning can’t be stopped as we have provided a list of the best school management apps for Android.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the android app for school management user-friendly?

Yes, most of the school management apps for Android are user-friendly.

Does the android app for school management provide data security?

Yes, all of these apps provide strong data security to the users.

Can parents and teachers meet through these school management apps for android?

Yes, some of those provide a parent-teacher interface to discuss the development of students.

Can online examinations be given on a safe site?

As the school management apps for Android are providing security to the users, there will be high-level security to the online examination, online fees payment, and much more.

Can a student get access to a digital library at any time?

Yes, a digital library is provided for the students. So obviously they can get access to the digital library including eBooks, epubs, PDFs, journals, class notes, and study materials.

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