How To Set Up An Instagram Shop In India

How To Set Up An Instagram Shop In India

Want to know how to set up an Instagram shop in India? Read to know how to do it.

Before starting the selling process, one needs to be aware of the digital customers and their shopping behaviours.

To gain detailed knowledge on this, you have to go through this article. You will get to know different things like what the Instagram platform is, what Instagram shopping enables you to do with your business, why you need a proper business profile on Instagram, and how you can use all the business tools available on this online platform.

So without wasting valuable time, let’s dive deep into this article to set up your Instagram shop in India.

Why Your Business Needs An Instagram Shop?

Why Your Business Needs An Instagram Shop?

This is an ultra-modern age that includes social sites in every situation. In such days, a business can be easily grown by an Instagram shop.

Every day nearly 500 million active users are roaming around Instagram. At Least 70% of the active users follow at least one brand. You can showcase your products by making some reals, stories or live sessions.

Also, you can tag people with the post to reach more people over there. So it will be quite easy to spread your business through Instagram.

How! We will tell you. 

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How Do You Use The Instagram Platform To Boost Your Business?

Instagram is like the cherry on the top of the cake which enhances the allover looks of the business.

It enables you to create your organic post by showing the catalogue of your business products. Customers can easily roam around your profile and find the best fit as per their requirements.

Also, Instagram helps the customers to search and explore the products better within the app.

This is the reason that Instagram shop has been chosen as the one-stop shop for any business person as well as the customers. It’ll be quite easy to share your product’s live usage by sharing live sessions, stories, and reels. 

So can you imagine that by all this process, you can boost your business with ease? 

How Can You Build Your Business Online?

Suppose you have uploaded a post including a product tag or you have shared a story with a “product sticker”.

Some of the potential customers click on the products tag or product sticker. This will automatically lead them to a product description page. This product description page will show 

  • A clear image of the product from your catalogue
  • A brief description of the product
  • How much the product cost
  • A link that leads them directly to your business website, where they can buy or order the product

In this Instagram shop, these kinds of opportunities are endless as you can see. Nearly 130 million Instagram users tap on a business-related post at least once a month. So in the below-mentioned lines, you will find the ways to set up the Instagram Store in India.

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How To Set Up Your Instagram Shop

We will talk about the easy steps that will help you to set up your Instagram shop in India. This feature is currently available in India nowadays.

But before beginning, you have to keep in mind some other facts:

  • Your profile should be approved by Instagram to showcase your products through posts and stories.
  • Keep in mind that you have to always update your Instagram app to the latest version available.
  • You must already have completed setting up for shopping on the Instagram platform before you can enable it from your Instagram App.

Turning On The Instagram Shop In The App

To enable your Instagram shop feature, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the profile and tap on the three-lined symbols at the down right side.
  • Click on the settings
  • Tap on business
  • Click on Shopping (The option to tap Shopping will only be available to your account that has been approved for Instagram Shopping.)
  • Click on continue
  • Choose a product catalogue to connect to your Instagram professional account.
  • Click on Done

When you have signed up for Instagram Shopping, you are good to start sharing the product catalogue through your posts and stories. And, wait a while. You will get orders from the post. Promoting can’t get any easier than an Instagram shop. Right!

For the specific Instagram post, upload your high-definition photo or video and click on the items you wish to tag. You can tag a maximum of five products in one post.

You can also add a maximum of one product per story. Nearly 500 million active users also watch Instagram stories. So you can also get sales through your stories.

What Are The Benefits Of An Instagram Shop?

Benefits of an Instagram Shop

As per the online business strategy reports, we can see that Instagram shops are working very well and can be a next-level business platform in near future.

Let us clear you why.

From world-class brands to small business groups – everyone is on the Instagram platform to promote and boost their business and to reach out to a huge range of potential buyers. That’s the reason Instagram is turning into an e-commerce giant.

Instagram shops just give you an extra kick to grow your business well. Also, all the users can easily scroll down your profile to find out different products of yours. So don’t you feel that you will get so many benefits from the Instagram shop?

Also, the Instagram shop lets you integrate all the product details with your store. Another benefit you will get from an Instagram shop is you can find and target the audience efficiently.

When you tag your products to your post, they will be automatically available in Instagram’s Shopping Explore tab. This can definitely help you out with more engagement with potential customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you get approved for Instagram shops?

There are several steps by which you will get approval for an Instagram shop.

– Confirm your eligibility first. If your business checks all of these boxes, you are eligible and able to set up Instagram Shopping.
– Convert your personal Instagram account to an Instagram business or creator account.
– Connect to a Facebook page. 
– Upload Product catalogue.
– Wait for an account review.
– Turn on shopping.
– Start tagging the products.

How much will it cost to set up an Instagram shop in India?

Setting up an Instagram shop in India is completely free of cost.

How many followers does one need for an Instagram shop?

There are no such restrictions for followers counts. You can start your Instagram shop and tag your products even without any followers.

But if you have more than 10000 followers, you will get an extra benefit of swiping up on Instagram stories.

Can one shop directly from Instagram?

Anyone can use the Shop feature on Instagram to buy products directly from your product catalogue.

Why is my Instagram not eligible for shopping?

If you violate any rules and regulations of Instagram, your account can’t be upgraded for starting an Instagram shop. Also, if you want to sell such items which are prohibited by Instagram, your account can’t be upgraded for the Instagram shop.


Hope you have been convinced to set up your Instagram shop in India in 2021. So what are you waiting for? Just grab this opportunity and let’s crack the business with the best deals. All the best!

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      An evergreen service sector with a lower barrier to entry is digital marketing. Even when the economy is down, it continues to produce a reliable monthly income.
      Simply put, do the following actions to launch your digital marketing agency: build the essential abilities; create the appropriate business model; identify your specialty; and choose how you want to scale up.

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