10 Best Apps To Open Excel Files

10 Best Apps To Open Excel Files

Want to know about apps to open excel files? This article will provide all the necessary information. Excel is a pivotal tool for almost all spheres of life. It is used by everyone who wishes to keep their data in an organized and easy-to-access manner.

But there’s catch to this, you can’t access the excel smoothly on your mobile right? Here’s the solution. Tap the blue button below and explore the easiest excel on your mobile.

Check out the screenshot of Lio App – easy excel sheet on your mobile.

Explore readymade templates and easily access the excel sheets on your mobile

There are several apps that are available today to open excel files. For example, Lio makes your task of calculating and keeping track of things very simple and completely hassle-free. Let’s look at it in detail along with other apps.



If you are looking for an easy app to keep a track of your things, then Lio is the answer. The amazing application is made for anybody and everybody under the sky. Whether you are a business owner, shop owner, taxi driver, teacher, student or anyone else, Lio can help you get more organised.

The app offers many templates that one can select based on their needs and requirements. You can share the file with others and work with different people on the same file and see real-time changes. You can also upload images and add them to these files to better manage your task.

Whatever you do, Lio is here for you.

the idea is simple, if you have data then Lio has the templates for you. Easy excel on your fingertips.

AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is a legit Open Office Software. It offers a tonne of features. It is a cellular port OpenOffice System. It has a phrase processor as well as a presentation function. The main feature is the spreadsheet. The app even lets you draw and even do calculations on the page. 

Considering the functionality of the spreadsheet. It is a great cellular app and offers decent competition to favourably the biggest players in the show even if it doesn’t have all the functionality features of the others.

The process of importing Microsoft Excel files in XLS or XLT format is fairly simple. It is a brilliant chance for Google and Microsoft solutions. Access to the app is free

AndrOpen Office For Excel Sheets


OfficeSuite is a tough competitor. It gives intense competition to Google Drive and Microsoft Office on Mobile. It has been around for a long time and incorporates a variety of functions and features. This provides a complete workplace experience. The spreadsheet functionality is also great and has tutorials for assistance with Excel documents and more. 

Why Office Suite when you can have Lio.

Explore 100+ readymade templates, 10 Indian languages and other master features that other excel sheets doesn’t have.

It is pretty easy to use, and is fairly good enough as the loose model makes it a bit dry in terms of functionality. The app comes with a subscription fee. It is charged every month. It is about 5 dollars every month. You can take an annual subscription for 30 dollars to save some money. The premium subscription completely removes ads and provides preset report formats and offers access to an extra set of functions. The office suite app has about 154 report formats.

The information is applicable for both Android, iOS, or PC. The app uses the same license across all platforms. Once you take the subscription, the app can be used on any device 

Irrespective of the operating system.

OfficeSuite For Excel Sheets


The SmartOffice is a long-term player in the field. Considering the competition the app seems to be a bit mature in terms of functionality. The app has a long list of features and capabilities. The spreadsheet functionality is also quite good. However, the app is not as effective as many of its rivals. It is completely loose which ensures you get enough for the money you paid.

Nowadays, Excel apps in terms of usability have fared far better than SmartOffice. Google Sheets is one of the best among them. But if you are a person who does a lot of offline editing then this software is a great pick for you.

It utilizes Google Drive and Dropbox as a means to store the data. Both of them act as a cloud garage. Since the method is not as effective, people have moved to different apps. However, a few long term users are still using SmartOffice. They enjoy using it.

SmartOffice For Opening Excel Sheets

Google Sheets

A time was there when creating excel sheets was a tussle. It always involved sitting down at a desk to make a spreadsheet. However, with the introduction of Google sheets making spreadsheets has never been easier. You can create and modify sheets using your mobile. How more compact should it get.

Google Sheets, sync with Google Drive, and the app could be used across platforms along with the web. The files work well with Microsoft Office and provide the same functionality as the trusted Microsoft excel. Moreover, the app automatically saves each modification you make. 

Why google sheets when you can have Lio.

Explore 100+ readymade templates, 10 Indian languages and other master features that other tool doesn’t have.

The app incorporates a collaborative function where multiple people can create and modify the same spreadsheet. Offers loads of customization features and capabilities. Many consider that microsoft excel is the king of spreadsheet software but Google Shees does it graeter and better. The App has a short learning curve and could be mastered even by a newbie

There is no subscription as such. All functionalities can be used for free unless your it stays within your drive space of 15GB. If you want more drive space then you have to pay for it.

WPS Office

We can say it is a great workplace app. It is frequently used by people. The app can be used free of charge but you need to deal with a lot of annoying ads. I mean a lot. To unlock the full functionality and get rid of the ads you have to pay for a subscription. You will do so because you dont want ads annoying especially when you are up doing something productive.

With respect to functionality, It has a list of functions that help access Microsoft Excel. It also has some extra gimmicks for Slack, Zoom and Google drive. This makes the app good as it integrates the functionality of storage and ease of use during online meetings. All the proceedings received by the app are used for marketing the app outside and within a loose version.

WPS Office For Opening Excel Sheets


Quip is well developed excel software. An ideal alternative for google groups. The app has all the capabilities needed for a workspace. However, it requires a subscription to be purchased. The app can be used to edit a document with a group of people. The app also allows you to coordinate with other members using the chat feature that is inbuilt.

Possess as many as 400 features for the spreadsheets. The app can be used to include spreadsheets within any document. The subscription plans primarily focus on group users. But can be utilized for non-public use as well.

QUIP For Opening Excel Files

Docs To Go

Docs to Go is a relatively good option for use in a workspace. It has all the basic features of a phrase processor, a worksheet and a shows function. The spreadsheet function is ideal for running all Microsoft Office files and offers a lot of customization. This feature makes it ideal for less difficult tasks. It has 111 unique functions and a number of customization for columns and sorting.

The app finds it difficult to handle difficult, complex styling imported from different apps. If the easy ones are used, the app works fairly well

It boasts one hundred and eleven unique functions, numerous column customization, and sorting.

How to Open XLS Files

XLS is the specified format for any kind of Microsoft Excel document. This file format is supported by all spreadsheet apps and works quite well to examine documents.

If you are constantly on a run and want to edit your spreadsheet then and where you are comfortable. You can get this done through Google Sheets. The modified data will be synced across all devices with the same user account and stored in Google drive. You can use any app mentioned above to modify the XLS documents on your device

Your choice of the right app depends on whether you want your data saved on one device or should be synced across all devices. The benefit of having data synced is that you can modify the data on any device. You can choose based on the software and device you use to work on your files.

All the apps mentioned in the article is compatible with mobile phone and could be opened when and edited whenever needed.

Easily accessible on any device.

This is the catch, Lio is a mobile first tool and allows you to work more smoothly on mobile.

Google Drive

1. Upload your spreadsheet to Google Drive from your pc. The old cellular model is not available anymore and will not assist in adding documents outside your device

2. Using the phone’s search engine go to Google Drive using the link drive.google.com.You will be taken to the cellular model page. If you want you can switch to the Web app model in Google drive.

3. Once the upload is complete Open the spreadsheet. You can view the spreadsheet and edit the contents once you have it uploaded

Documents To Go

  1. Install the Docs to Go app from App Store for Apple devices or Google Playstore for your android phone. This App comes pre-installed with Blackberry devices. The App requires a subscription to be purchased. The fees depend on the device you use
  2. Now launch the App. If you have the XLS document as an email attachment you can click on the attachment and select open with Docs to Go App. This will automatically
  3. Sync your phone with a PC using a USB to duplicate the files on pc to your phone. This ensures a backup for your XLS files

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Spreadsheet For IOS

  1. Install the spreadsheet app on your iPhone and launch the app on your Pc
  2. Select the settings icon and appears like a gear and slide the On button after you enable the file sharing option. At the lowest part of the screen, you can see an IP deal which you should hook up with the application
  3. Enter the IP address using your web browser from your PC. Your phone should be linked with the identical community as your pc
  4. Select the document to download out of your phone, or add a new XLS document. This way, you can sync dat using the IP address

First, you need to install Spreadsheet to your iPhone or a different iOS tool and open it to your pc.

Mention the current file extensions?

Format Extensions
Excel Workbook.xlxs
Excel add-in.xlam
Excel Macro enabled Template.xltm
Excel Binary Workbook.xlxb
Excel Macro enabled Workbook.xlxm

Steps to Display Excel Files in an App

Step 1: Click on an info source. The app mainly consists of the information on the Excel file, Google sheet etc. It may also contain sales force, Microsoft dynamics CRM and plenty more

Step 2: Select applicable enter and output cells.

Step 3: Choose a layout for your calculation app.

Step 4: Share the App.

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Maximize Your Online Business Potential for just ₹79/month on Lio. Annual plans start at just ₹799.

How Does Lio help?

Lio is a useful application that helps in maintaining records in the form of tables and spreadsheets.

It helps to record the activities, which are easily accessible 24/7. Various templates are provided for specified purposes which are handy to use for anyone.

The mobile integrated app is convenient and the users find it not so difficult to use. It is one of the best for managing inventory, ordering, and holding it to be available for the right time.

Not downloaded the Lio App yet? Here is how you can start with Lio App.

Step 1: Select the Language you want to work on. Lio for Android

Choose from 10 Different Language offered by Lio

Step 2: Create your account using your Phone Number or Email Id.

Create Account using your Phone Number or Email Id in Lio

Verify the OTP and you are good to go.

Step 3: Select a template in which you want to add your data.

Choose from 60+ Templates offered by Lio And Start Adding Your Data

Add your Data with our Free Cloud Storage.

Step 4: All Done? Share and Collaborate with your contacts.

Share you files with friends and colleagues


It is the best way to store the information in a way that when you share it, others can access it easily. The purpose of getting information is to examine and to get insights out of it. Excel has a number of the maximum effective gear to examine data.

When you’ve got facts with lots of rows, you may insert a pivot desk out of that information and create a precise desk. You can also obtain free templates that you can download and create as well.

The system of cleansing and remodelling statistics takes a long time and it may be a tedious system.

For this, Microsoft has delivered the energy question: a statistics transformation and cleansing engine. You may load statistics from a couple of sources, and remodel them, after which the load is returned to the worksheet. I hope this article is beneficial to you and you have learnt all about apps to open excel files.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can one save their excel files?

In Microsoft Excel, workbooks are saved as Excel Workbooks (.xlsx) consequently.

You have the choice to change the file format to any other file format that is recommended in Excel.

Where can you find your unsaved Excel Files?

Excel saves the files you forget to save in the folder mentioned below. C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles. You also can get the right of entry to the documents from this folder.

Do we have a choice to backup Excel Files?

Excel’s Auto Backup is a completely beneficial characteristic that permits you to retrieve a formerly stored model of your workbook.

Saving a backup reproduction can defend your paintings in case you by chance keep modifications which you do now no longer need to hold or delete the unique file.

Go to FILE and then click on ‘ Save As’

How do you Turn on Auto-save in Excel Files?

Below are the stairs to show on Auto-keep in Excel:

– Tap on the File tab.
– Then you need to click on Options.
– In the Excel Options conversation box, click on the Save alternative at the left.
– Check the alternative – ‘Save AutoRecover facts every’ checkbox.
– Check the Option – “AutoSave OneDrive and SharePoint Online documents through default in Excel’. …
– Lastly, click ok.

What do you understand by the term pivoting?

A pivot table in Excel is the production or resumé of your actual table with supply data.

A pivot desk can offer short solutions to questions on your table which in any other case is most effective which requires using complex formulas.

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  • Can I use all these applications mentioned above on my smartphone as well?

    • Hello Digant,
      thankyou for the question.
      Yes, you can use all these applications on your smartphone as well.

  • Could you kindly explain the basic differences between a pivot table and a regular table?

    • Hello Nidhi,

      A pivot table summarizes the data and other types of aggregation like average, sum, count, and so on while a normal Excel table only displays the facts and figures you feed it. Additionally, Pivot Table allows you to use various filters for data analysis.

  • Currently, I’m taking an MS Excel course. Do you think pivot charts are preferable to standard charts?

    • Hello Vidyut,

      Well, the purpose largely determines it. A list of data in cells often forms the foundation of a “normal” chart. Charts provide a graphical representation of data, whereas pivot tables analyze and represent data numerically. Instead of using the chart wizard, a pivot chart adds value and category series by dragging the field name onto the axes.

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