List Of Best Apps For Task Management 2024

List Of Best Apps For Task Management 2024

Know and read all about the best apps for task management and how they can help your business.

Task management is one of the most important aspects of human life but it is also something very challenging. Not everyone knows how to manage their time and fit in tasks to finish at the right hour. 

Initially, people started by noting down all their tasks on paper and keeping it in front of them so that they get reminded whenever they look at it but of course, there were various problems with this. People forgot to look at it, the paper got lost, they stepped out and weren’t reminded, and so on.

Soon technology took over and brought some amazing applications that today help not just individuals but also big companies in managing and juggling their tasks based on different teams, needs, and requirements.

So let us look at some of the best apps for task management that are used worldwide by companies and businesses of all kinds and sizes along with businesses.

Best Apps For Task Management


ToDoist Screenshot

This is a task management app that lets the user assign to-do tasks to due dates. Users can tag these projects to different people with project labels.

You can access it through your phone and your laptop, which means that no matter where you are, you can always know what tasks are pending and what you have finished. As a fun added bonus, you can rack up “Karma points” by completing tasks consistently.


This to-do list app is second on our list as Asana, which is a task manager that offers the feature of you to keep track of your everyday activity and the work that you are working on or are supposed to work on.

There is a board where you can list the tasks you have to work on, the ones you are working on, and the pending tasks. As and when you keep finishing your tasks, you can move them to your “Done” list.

It makes it easy for you to keep track of all the tasks you have worked on.  You can collaborate with your teammates on any project, track your progress and assign time to a task.

Benefit From Lio In Assigning Tasks

Monitor work, goals, and milestones with Lio and grow exponentially with the Lio app.



Another one on the list of best time management apps is Lio which is known to make your life much more organized with its many amazing features and to-do list templates available for people from different walks of life. No matter what age group, and profession you are from, Lio helps in managing tasks well.

keep track of not just the phone numbers of clients but also their names, products, projects, money, fitness, and really, anything to everything. You can upload new files, and images to a template, collaborate with people, and even make your own template based on your own needs and requirements.

You can really run your entire business with Lio and manage not just the tasks addressed to yourself but also to your entire team and see the progress every day.

Google Tasks

This app needs no introduction. It is another very popular app that is used all over the world to track your tasks. With Google To-do you can manage, edit and track your everyday task at any time and anywhere.

You can sync it on all your devices and can also integrate it with your Gmail and Google calendar which means that you can always be reminded of your tasks and finish them well in advance before the deadline.


Another great application for time management app that you can use to manage your time well. Use Trello to keep track of all your tasks, collaborate with your teammates and colleagues, and also put deadlines for each task.

Easily create boards, and cards, as well as grade them from one board to another to show your progress. Use the notification feature so you never miss a deadline. Trello really does make your day and job go smoothly and without any time crunch.

This is a cloud-based OS that is used for creating workflow apps with ease. Use this platform to shape workflows and connect members in a single workspace.

It has customizable workflow templates, time-tracking, dashboards for insights, and automation that eliminate manual work. It has mobile apps for any device to allow for on-the-go use.


Maximize Your Online Business Potential for just ₹79/month on Lio. Annual plans start at just ₹799.

How Can Lio Help

To make your dreams come true of having a business of your own and managing it nicely, Lio App can help you big time. The app lets you keep all sorts of data together in a more organized manner. You can keep records, and create tables and lists while working solo or with a team. 

The many features of Lio would help you with your retail business as you would be able to maintain all data on a track that you can use at any time. If you want to upload a document, then you can do that. Know the money transactions, cash inflow, profit and loss you are making, Udhaar, list of products, services, and even the teammates and clients that you have all in one place. 

Your retail business ideas will certainly become a successful businesses if you go on this journey of managing your business with Lio.

Step 1: Select the Language you want to work on. Lio on Android

Choose from 10 Different Language offered by Lio

Step 2: Create your account using your Phone Number or Email Id.

Create Account using your Phone Number or Email Id in Lio

Verify the OTP and you are good to go.

Step 3: Select a template in which you want to add your data.

Choose from 60+ Templates offered by Lio And Start Adding Your Data

Add your Data with our Free Cloud Storage.

Step 4: All Done? Share and Collaborate with your contacts.

Share you files with friends and colleagues


There are several apps available in the market today for task management but these are the best apps for tasks management that help both professionals and other individuals in keeping a track of their day and all tasks. Hence you can really benefit from the above-mentioned apps and grow your business and become more punctual.

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