Famous Textile Markets in Surat That Must Not Be Missed

Famous Textile Markets in Surat That Must Not Be Missed

Surat is known for many things and textile is definitely one of them. If you are looking for textile markets in Surat, then here is a complete list.

But not many know that it has also earned the sobriquet – the ‘Silk City’. But the city is well-known for all types of fabric (not just silk) and is a major textile hub in the country.  

You will find thousands of traders engaged in the production and trading of textile products. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that a vast majority of the population in the city is involved in the textile industry. You can find them immersed in activities like weaving, embroidery, yarn production, or processing on any given day. 

According to estimates, the city produces around 25 million meters of processed fabrics and 30 million meters of raw fabric every day. More than 90% of polyester that is used in India is from Surat. 

Migrants from Kolkata and Rajasthan made their way to Surat to set up their textile business here due to its close proximity to major cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Famous textile houses like Vimal textiles, Garden, Prafful, and Parag were born here. Unfortunately, most of these names are not popular today but had a pretty good run during their heydays.

The city is also a major textile exporter with markets across India and Asia. Middle Eastern countries are also a major market for textile exporters in Surat.

All this means that Surat is definitely a hub for textile, hence if you are planning to visit this place, textile shopping becomes a must so let us look at some of the most famous textile markets in Surat.

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Famous Textile Markets in Surat

Surat is thronged by thousands of business travelers every year due to some of the fantastic textile markets present here.

It is important to note that most of the textile markets in Surat remain open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday between 10 am to 9 pm. The markets are usually closed on Sundays. So without further ado, here are the top textile markets that you should visit in Surat- 

Sahara Darwaja

The Sahara Darwaja market easily takes the #1 spot on our list of textile markets in Surat. It is a large wholesale textile market selling fabrics of the highest quality at very affordable prices. The market is majorly known for women’s clothing and particularly ethnic Indian traditional wear.

There are a variety of options for women here, such as Kurtis, sarees, wedding lehengas, salwar kameez, etc., in every type of fabric known. The best part is – you will find clothes for all types of budgets here.

Shanivari Market

If you are on a visit to Surat on a sunny Saturday, then this is the place to be as this is one of the most popular textile markets in Surat. As the name suggests, it works only on Saturdays. From the outside, the Shanivari market near Makaipooll might look like your regular street market.

However, when you step inside, you will be transported to another world. You will find every product on earth, right from fancy footwear to colorful clothes. You can find Kurtis and sarees at extremely low prices here.

You might have to bargain a little as this is your typical flea market. The market is also known for home décor and antiques such as pots, artworks, lamps, and showpieces.

Old Bombay Market

Your visit to Surat will be incomplete without a visit to the Old Bombay Market. Just like Sahara Darwaja, you will find all types of attires at every budget here.

If you are visiting this market during a wedding purchase, then you are in for a grand treat as the market is famous for its humongous wedding collection. You will also be surprised at the rates that you pay for the clothes as it is just a fraction of the cost you would pay in a designer boutique. This market is definitely one of the must-visit on everyone’s list who wants to visit the popular textile markets in Surat.

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Chauta Bazar

Chauta Bazar is probably one of the oldest markets in Surat. A while ago, this market was called the Diamond market as it houses an array of shops that offer an exclusive collection of diamonds.

But as time evolved, so did the market. Today Chauta Bazar has everything you need be it utensils, jewelry, footwear, groceries, cosmetics, and clothes. You can buy all of this at wholesale prices. 

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Ghod Dod Road

Pay a visit to the cheapest textile markets in Surat at Ghod Dod Road. Like Chauta Bazar, this market is also quite famous for the diamond shops it houses. However, as you would have guessed, Ghod Dod Road offers a lot more than diamonds. Please check the link, if you want to know how you can start a clothing business of your own,

You can find hundreds of shops selling a wide range of local branded clothes at unbelievable prices. The market also has a bunch of shopping malls offering luxury lifestyle clothing. In short, this market is for everyone.

Thani Night Market

Surat has a beautiful destination to shop at night, which is the Thani market. The market has everything you need right from your cheap everyday clothes to branded textile clothes.

The market is also lined with so many foods shops to kindle your taste buds while you are shopping for clothes. Apart from clothes and food, the market is also known for its collection of bags, home decor, and jewelry.

Universal textile market

This is another great place for shopping if you looking for textile markets in Surat. This market is flooded with wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers, resellers, and retailers who sell excellent quality fabrics and clothes at pocket-friendly prices.

The market offers a wide range of dresses such as wedding gowns, chaniya cholis, lehengas, Kurtis, designer sarees, and other varieties of clothes. If you are someone who loves designer dresses or keep visiting boutiques quite often, then you can visit this market for a change. 

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Baroda Prestige

Baroda Prestige is another affordable shopping center in the city. The market has a great collection of clothing for everyone, unlike other markets, which focus only on women.

Apart from textile clothing, the market also has a good variety of artificial jewelry that goes well with your clothes.

The best part about the Baroda Prestige Market is that you need not have to bargain here as all the products in the market are already available at discounted prices. As a traveller in Surat, you should definitely add this to your list of places. You can use Lio for travellers to make your itinerary.

Rander Road

Rander road has a lot to offer with its vast collection of everyday clothing that can be availed at some of the best prices. One little secret about the Rander Road is that, unlike Baroda Prestige, you need to master your bargaining techniques to crack the best deals here. 

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For a long time now, Surat has held on to the position of the best textile shopping destination in the country. The phenomenal growth of this city is mainly due to the presence of amazing textile markets that promises great quality without compromising on the prices.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business or an individual; Surat has something for everyone when it comes to clothes and fabrics. So next time you come here, visit some of these textile markets in Surat and enjoy the shopping experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which are the best months to shop in Surat?

Surat is extremely hot during the summers. Since most of the markets need a lot of foot travel, summer is not the ideal time to visit Surat if you intend to shop.

The best time to visit Surat is between October and February. The weather during this time is pleasant and makes it easy for you to roam around the markets without worrying about the scorching heat.

Even if you plan to visit Surat during the summers, make sure to skip the time between 11 am to 3 pm to avoid exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure to wear a lot of sunscreens in case you have to step out during that time. 

Is Surat a good place to set up my Textile Business?

If you are thinking of textile business ideas and looking to set up a small textile business in Surat with an aim to sell quality items, then Surat will welcome you with open arms.

Apart from being in close proximity to some of the top markets in the country, like Mumbai, the availability of fabrics at wholesale rates makes Surat an ideal spot for setting up a small textile store.

Apart from clothing, you can also diversify your textile store with additional products such as footwear, home decor, artifacts, and jewelry as they have great demand among shoppers in Surat. 

What are the best types of clothing to purchase in Surat?

Surat is known for its collection of traditional Indian clothes. Some of the clothes you shouldn’t miss in Surat include wedding lehengas, sarees, salwar suits, and Kurtis.

You will find the attires to be extremely rich due to the intricate design patterns and thread work.

However, it doesn’t mean Surat is known only for these types of dresses. You can find designer clothes and apparel from some of the top fashion brands around the globe here.

What is the best fabric in Surat?

You will find all types of fabrics in Surat. However, if you have to pick one, then it has to be silk.

As we have pointed out earlier, Surat is the largest producer of silk in the country. Apart from silk, the city is also known for fabrics such as viscose and polyester.

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  • Wow!!! Such an informative article! When I visit Surat, I’ll try my best to visit every one of the several textile marketplaces there.

    • Hello Maya,

      I really appreciate your warm words.
      I’m glad this article piqued your interest.
      Yes, do explore Surat market locations and share your experiences with us.

  • Would you please let me know which textile item has the best profit margin for exporting?

    • Hello John,

      When it comes to exporting, ready-made textiles have the best profit margins.
      The textile industry is one of India’s major industrial sectors and is thought to be the country’s second-largest employer, right behind agriculture. 12 percent of India’s overall exports are in the textile industry.

  • You have thoroughly explained everything.  Thank you for this article. Please publish more topics. 

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