How To Insert Image In Excel In Simple Steps

How To Insert Image In Excel In Simple Steps

Learn how to insert image in excel in simple and easy steps in this article.

It might just happen while working on a worksheet in Excel where you have to insert images in it. Inserting images makes your file look more presentable and easy to understand while supporting what you are trying to showcase in the data.

If you want to do the same you must learn how to insert images in Excel. To insert an image in Excel you need to follow a few steps post which your image would be inserted.

But before we jump into how to go about inserting an image in Excel, let us look at an easy and simple way through which you can insert an image in your Lio document in a way fewer steps. This is how it is done.

How To Insert Image In Lio

To insert an image in excel, simply select the column in which you need to add an image. Now, choose “Image” from the column type menu. Click next and name the column. You can upload images either from your gallery or choose the option to only allow images from the camera.

This helps a business/manager in tracking and knowing if the team is actually working or is not just uploading a pre-saved image from some other source.

How To Insert Image In Excel In Simple Steps

Here are the steps to insert a picture into a cell in Excel:

1. Go to the Insert tab.

2. Click on the Pictures option.

How to Insert Picture Into a Cell in Excel - Insert Image

3. Locate the pictures that you want to insert into a cell in Excel.

How to Insert Picture Into a Cell in Excel - insert dialog box

4. Click on the Insert button.

dialog box to insert an image in a cell in excel

5. Re-size the image to fit it perfectly within the cell. 

How to Insert Picture into a cell in Excel - Height Width

6. Place the picture in the cell.

You can also press the ALT key and move the picture with the mouse. It will snap and arrange itself with the border of the cell as soon it comes close to it.

How to Insert Picture Into a Cell in Excel - amazon logo

In case of multiple images, select and insert all the images at once. 

To resize images, select them and drag the edges.

Lock the Picture with the Cell in Excel

After you have inserted the image, resized and placed it in the cell, you have to lock it so that it doesn’t move, hide and filter with the cell.

Below are the steps to lock a picture in a cell:

1. Right-click on the picture and select Format Picture.

How to Insert Picture Into a Cell in Excel - Format Picture

2. Select Size & Properties and select ‘Move and size with cells.

How to Insert Picture Into a Cell in Excel - Move and Size with Cells

And done! Your picture is now locked and it would not move or hide anywhere when you move the cells.


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