How to Change Trade Name In GST Portal?

How to Change Trade Name In GST Portal?

Readers can find a detailed guide on How to change trade name in GST below for easy navigation. There are so many advantages and disadvantages of GST that we will talk about in this article.

This article will help us to learn to change trade names in GST registration, which is an essential concern. Many business owners believe that after a GST registration is secured, the business name cannot be changed. But there’s no need to be alarmed.

The GST portal allows you to modify the name of your business, but you cannot change the owner of the business. Where there are any changes in any particulars supplied in the application for GST Registration, the taxpayer should file an application for amendment in FORM GST REG-14 together with required documents within 15 days of such change, according to the GST Act.

So, if you want to change the name of your company for whatever reason, read this article thoroughly.

Amendment in GST Registration Certificate

Existing taxpayers should register as soon as possible under the GST system since they will not obtain a GSTIN number, which is a taxpayer’s basic identity number if they do not do so.

Filling out the registration form with the correct information is critical, but what if someone entered inaccurate information or left out critical fields?

Is it necessary for you to terminate your present GST registration and apply for a new one? Certainly not! At the time of registration or later on, you can correct any inaccuracies or change any of the information supplied in the registration application.

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Without needing to visit a government office or centre, it is possible to rectify errors in the registration certificate with the help of Rule 12 and Form GST REG 14.

Some data and particulars can be corrected and changed by an applicant without the requirement for approval from any agency, while other sections do require approval. However, it is possible to apply for an update online in both cases.

There are three different levels of approval and timelines for amending the fields for GST registration. When seeking a modification to particular segments of a registration form, the “reasons” for the revision must be included in the GST registration procedure.

What are the differences between Core and Non-Core Fields in GST Registration Data?

A GST registration application’s fields are divided into core and non-core fields. This allows the taxpayer to choose whether or not a specific field being updated, if it is a core field, requires the consent of the jurisdictional tax official for modification.

Non-core field amendments, on the other hand, are authorized automatically once the amendment application is submitted. In the case of core fields, however, if the tax office does not approve within a certain amount of time, it is automatically accepted.

What are the various kinds of changes that can you make to your GST Registration?

  • Amendment in the Core Field: The legal name of the business, the address of the main place of business, and any additional places of business are all modified in the Core field. To edit the Core Fields, you must wait 15 days for approval from an authorized office.
  • Amendment in Non-core Field: Some fields do not need approval from a proper office, and non-core field revisions can be made simply and easily online. A Non-core field encompasses all fields other than those addressed under core fields.
  • Change In Email Or Mobile Number: After online verification on the common GST platform, a change in email or mobile number requires mandatory verification by OTP (One-Time Password).

What are the details of a GST registration that cannot be changed?

The following details in an existing GST Registration cannot be changed:

  • It is not possible to make changes to your PAN for the reason that your GST registration number is dependent on your PAN.
  • Changes in the constitution of a business cannot be made. For example, changing from a sole proprietorship to a partnership or from an LLP to a corporation.
  • Change of business location from one state to another is not possible due to the fact that GST Registration numbers are state-specific.

Other than that, the primary authorized signature can be amended if a new primary signatory is added. Changes in primary signatory are not possible if this precondition is not met.

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Who is eligible to file a GST Registration Amendment Application?

Any GST-registered taxpayer from the following categories can apply for a registration update:

  • New Registrants & Normal Taxpayers
  • TDS/ TCS Registrants, UN Bodies, Embassies & Other, Notified person having UIN
  • Non-Resident Taxable Person
  • GST Practitioner
  • Online Details and Database Access or Retrieval Service Provider

Timeline for GST Registration Process Amendments

Any modification to information updated in the GST common portal must be notified by the taxpayer by filing a GST amendment application within 15 days of the occurrence of the event that led to the change of information.

When a GST amendment application is received, the responsible officer must accept it after thorough verification within 15 working days of the timeframe after receiving the application. The adjustment will take effect from the date of the occurrence that warranted the change if it is approved.

The responsible officer can issue a notice requesting the taxpayer to submit further information or clarification within 15 days of the timeframe if the application for GST amendment is either not warranted or the papers submitted along with it are incomplete or incorrect.

The taxpayer has 7 days from the date of receipt of the notification to provide clarification or additional information. The officer can approve the GST amendment application if the information submitted by the taxpayer is acceptable. The GST officer has the right to reject the application for change if the information is not acceptable.

If a GST officer takes no action within 15 working days of receiving an amendment application or within 7 working days of receiving clarification or additional details in response to a notice, the certificate of registration will be amended to the extent requested and made available to the registered person on the Common Portal.

How to change Trade Name IN GST Registration Data

A GST registration amendment application can be submitted if there are any changes to the information submitted to the GST Common Portal during the process of getting GST registration or after gaining GST registration.

The GST amendment application form GST REG-14 must be filed by the applicant within 15 days of any change in the information in the GST registration application or GST registration information. The applicant must digitally sign the GST amendment application.

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Steps for amending trade name in the GST Registration Certificate

  • Visit the GST website at and log in with your login credentials and password. The gateway will ask for a ‘Captcha’ when you log in. Enter the ‘Captcha’ code and click the ‘login’ button.
  • On your login home page, navigate to the ‘Services’ tab. A drop-down menu will open when you click ‘Services.’
  • Select “Amendment of Registration Core Fields” from the ‘Registration’ option under services.
  • The ‘Business Details’ option will be displayed after selecting “Amendment of Registration Core Fields.” Choose the field where you want to make a change.
  • Click on the edit option (pencil icon) on ‘Trade Name’ to alter the firm’s name.
  • In the box, type the firm’s new name.
  • Choose the appropriate date under the option labelled as ‘Date of Amendment’.
  • Provide the reasons for changing the trade name under the ‘Reasons’ tab
  • At the bottom of the page, find and click on the ‘Save’ option.
  • Other information under “Business details” should be verified and double-checked before pressing the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose the “Verification” tab and tick the “Verification” box. Select the applicable option in the “Name of Authorized Signatory” column from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the name of the location in the “Place” column.
  • The final step in completing a successful amendment is to sign the form using a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)/ EVC, and you are through with the company name change.

How Long Will It Take Once I Submit My Amendment Application?

Within 15 working days of filing an amendment application, the official responsible for it will issue an order for a change in the firm’s name.

If the relevant authority is not satisfied, he may issue a notice in FORM GST REG-03 for clarifications or further submission of documents to process your name change application within these 15 days. You must respond via FORM GST REG-04 within 7 working days.

If the official is not satisfied with the response, he may deny the amendment request and issue an order in the form GST REG-05.


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A company is very much alive if it can stay afloat in a rapidly changing and competitive market. Therefore, it is entirely possible to go through multiple transformations in order to adapt, compete, and expand in a timely manner.

Changes in location and style of operations, ownership, error correction, communication details, and other business specifics in need of adjustment may be necessary to adapt to changes in the business ecosystem. It is also necessary to maintain the GST portal up to date with these modifications or developments. 

The GST registration module has been created keeping in mind the wide adaptability desired out of any business. This has made changing or amending your GST registration very easy and convenient.

The GST registration certificate does not need to be cancelled if a business’s legal name changes. Within 15 days of the timeframe for a change of business name, the present registration can be revised by submitting FORM GST REG-14.

After filing the application, a GST officer must review it and approve or reject it in the FORM GST REG-15 within 15 working days. The change would take effect from the date of the occurrence of the event that warranted it if it were to be adopted.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is it possible to file an Amendment Application for a change in the business’s constitution?

No, because a change in the constitution of an organization results in a change of PAN which does not allow the submission of an amendment application form.

However, if your PAN does not change as a result of the change in the business constitution, you can file an amendment application.

When do I need to file an Amendment Application if any of my registration’s core fields change?

You have only 15 days from the date of the amendment to submit an Amendment Application.

Do I have to sign the Amendment Application digitally before submitting it to the GST Portal?

Yes, you must digitally sign the Amendment Application before submitting it on the GST system, similarly as you did with your registration application.

What is the navigation path for accessing the Application for Amendment of Registration in the Core Field?

After signing into the Taxpayers’ Interface using your credentials, follow the given navigation path:

Services > Registration > Amendment of Registration – Core Fields

Is it possible to file an Amendment Application for a PAN change?

Since GST registration relies on PAN, an amendment application form cannot be filled out for an amendment in PAN.

Is it possible to file an Amendment Application if I relocate my business from one state to another?

No, it is not possible to file for an amendment for a change in a Business’s state of operation. It is so because GST Registrations are state-specific.

However, if you want to move your business to another state, you must voluntarily cancel your existing registration and apply for a new one in the state where you want to relocate.

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  • May I please know if I can change the proprietor’s name in GST?

    • Hello Kishore,

      Yes, you can. The GST registration certificate does not have to be revoked in the event that a firm changes its legal name in any way. It is possible to update the current GST registration to reflect the new business name. The GST portal can be updated with changes to business names by submitting FORM GST REG-14 within 15 days after the name change.

  • Please tell me, in brief, what documents are needed to change the trade name. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Vijeesh,

      You need to follow the right steps to change your trade name.
      A bank document, an ID proof, an address proof, and a business document would be the basic paperwork (depending upon the business type it may or may not be needed). Update bank information as well with the new tradename.

  • Please tell me how to reactivate a canceled GST registration. For the past week, I’ve been attempting to, but I’m having trouble.

    • Hello Alfiya,

      Access the GST portal after logging in, then select “Services.” Application for revocation of GST registration cancellation under “Registration”

      Enter the necessary details and the justifications for reversing the GST registration cancellation. Added documentation is also permitted. Once all the information has been updated, select the verification option. Choose the location and authorized signer.

      Use DSC or EVC while submitting Form GST REG-21. When the application is successfully submitted, a message is sent.
      I hope this is helpful.

  • The term “fictitious business name” caught my attention when I was reading a manual on local industries. What is the significance of this? Please describe in simple terms..

    • Hello Nithika,

      A fictitious business name is a name that a natural person or corporation uses to conduct business under that is distinct from its legal name. In the case of entities such as companies, a fictitious business name is any name that differs from the name specified in the articles of incorporation.

  • Could you pls clarify me what the GST cess is? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Varshitha,

      A cess is a type of tax that the government imposes on taxes for particular purposes up until the point at which the government has sufficient funds for those purposes. A cess is levied in addition to the current tax, as opposed to the common taxes and charges like excise and personal income tax (tax on tax). 

      A compensatory cess known as the GST cess is imposed by the Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to State) Act, 2017, which was passed in 2017.

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