Top Tricks For Remote Team Management

Top Tricks For Remote Team Management

Want to learn about remote team management and how to go about it? Read the article to know all about it.

Today the world is growing and taking up new ways of working. People have moved on from the usual on-office work type and are opting for more remote jobs that give them the freedom to stay at home and have several restrictions when it comes to jobs.

Similarly, for the companies, more and more companies are looking for talent all across the globe. They don’t restrict themselves to people in just one city and let them find that perfect individual for the team.

But this does come with some challenges and companies need to make sure that their remote team management is done well. There are some tips and tricks with which team management can be done.

Top Tricks For Remote Team Management

Let us look at some of the leading tricks with which managers can manage remote teams.

Schedule daily check-ins

This may seem like overkill but for managers and teams as well it becomes very important that they connect on daily basis and build a rapport with each other. This is the only way employees would be able to communicate with each other and get to know each other well. This would also develop the confidence among the employee to talk and address all kinds of things with his/her manager.

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This connection can be through email, phone, chat, or even text but it builds a successful manager and makes the leadership over a remote team strong.


In a remote team, employees need to go beyond daily check-ins. They need to communicate beyond the daily talks of updates, tasks, and duties and have a strong connection with each other.

Take advantage of technology

The next tip in the line for managing remote teams is related to technology. Technology has really taken over our lives and especially our professional life. Each one of us is using tools that help us perform well in our jobs.

For a remote team, some of the most essential apps are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and many more that makes point 1 and 2 successful and very simple. One can get on calls for hours while planning and strategizing about sales and marketing.

Establish rules of engagement

Another important aspect of remote team management, rules of engagement are important and must be laid by the managers soon. Managers should be able to communicate when it is ideal for the team to reach him/her, whether calls or video conferencing must be used, or even when the first meeting of the day would be.

Focus on outcomes, not activity

This is the best practice for increasing engagement and empowering employees. Managers should clearly define goals and desired results, then allow employees to develop a plan to work on it and execute it more creatively and learn ownership. It is even more difficult to micro-manage people in a remote setting anyway. 

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Provide resources

No great battlefield commander sends their troops into the fray without proper training and resources. In a remote team setup, employees need new laptops, better WiFi, and new technology such as headsets and webcams. This would require the company to strain budgets toward critical tools. So the manager must set the team up for success.

Encourage remote social interactions

In a remote setting, it becomes important for companies to set up meetings where employees can just connect beyond the office calls and get to know each other well. Many companies plan virtual happy hours, recognition sessions, and even pizza parties where the teams can just let loose and enjoy the time. This can be done once a month so that the connection doesn’t break and the team can become closer.

Show flexibility

One of the biggest challenges in a remote team setting is that the home environment of each person is going to be different. Some will have spouses and children. Some won’t. Some will have private home offices while some will be taking meetings from the closet, bedroom, or bathroom.

There may be some experiencing challenges in their relationships. In this, the manager needs to understand the unique circumstances of each employee. A manager should be able to show flexibility and not set a standard for all employees.

Mentor more than manage

The best managers mentor and coach more than “manage.” They also understand the differences between the disciplines of leadership and management.

Management can tick or rub people off the wrong way and you might lose the interest of your team but a good manager works on his mentorship. He or she must provide a learning platform for the team where they can learn and grow in their career all by giving them new opportunities.


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These are some of the best tips that a manager or company can use for virtual team management. These would help them immensely and grow a bond with the remote workers which are as good or even better than the normal on-site employees. If one is able to learn from all these tips, one can have a team that is perfectly blended, works hard and parties harder.

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