Tips To Make A Great Task List

Tips To Make A Great Task List

A task list is a list that keeps you on track with your work and makes your day organized. It helps you remember the things you need to take care of daily so that you don’t face any issues at the last minute.

It is a good idea to work by a task list each day and become more organized and focused in your life. Having a task list would make you a more responsible person and you would be able to have a sense of accomplishment.

Since there are several people who are adopting this lifestyle, there are many task list apps or to-do apps have come up. Some are paid and some are free to use. Based on the various features that they offer as per their needs and requirements, you can choose the one you like.

Best Task List Apps

Let us look at some of the best apps that you can make use of to create a task list.


Lio is one great application that is very easy to use in your daily life. It is actually made to make yourself more organized. Lio consists of several templates and based on your needs, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Or you can also create your own template and start with a task list. In case you need to share it with somebody, you can simply add them to the list or share it with them and they would be notified about it.

Create, Share, Collaborate

Work with your team in real-time. create documents together and share the same on Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel needs no introduction and is used by almost everybody from all stages of life. From school kids to office workers, from professional work to personal, people use it for all kinds of things. Microsoft Excel is one of the best and most popular applications to be used for making any kind of task list.

It offers several features that can make your list even more detailed and easy to understand.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes have really taken over our lives in the past few years. From being a physical note to becoming an app, Sticky Notes makes life very easy. You can download it to your PC, laptop, or phone and it would pop up whenever you need it. 

Create your list as simply as you would on a piece of paper.


A great app that makes task list making an easy thing. You can use it for professional use and assign tasks to your team on it while keeping a track of the work done by them. Or simply create a board for yourself where you list your tasks and move them to the completed task board and keep a track of all the things you have done and achieved in the whole month.

Secrets For A Better Task List

Let us now look at and understand the secrets of a better task list.

Make A Perfect To-Do List

Work on your to-do list put timelines and get reminders on the well-made templates on Lio.

Choose The Right App

First things first, make sure you choose the right app for your task list. The app should be one that consists of some of the most essential features like reminders, pop-ups, progress, and much more. Other important features include:

  • Easy to edit
  • Saved in cloud
  • Reminder notifications
  • Easy to sort and prioritize alphabetically, due date wise, etc
  • Easy to assign tasks to others
  • Allows to send notifications to others

Make More Than One List

Make sure to have more than one Task List. Do not add your daily life with your professional life and personal goals, all in one. You need to keep them separate to help you be more organized and productive. Some ideas for different task lists are:

  • Grocery shopping list
  • Chores for kids
  • Special list for weekends
  • Gift ideas
  • Party Ideas

Write Down Tasks As Soon As You Think Of Them

One of the significant rules of working on a task list is to write down a task immediately as it pops into your head. Don’t delay it or dwell on it rather write it down instantly before you forget it. If you are someone who prefers paper and pen over digital apps, always keep a notebook and pen with you so that you can jot down the tasks as you remember them.

Assign Due Dates

It is best to work on a deadline and assign due dates to all your tasks. Without urgency, people tend to take things slow and often casually when it comes to working on their task list. Be diligent about it and assign a due date this way whenever you visit your list, you would be reminded that you are lagging behind on something just in case.

Limit Yourself To 3-5 tasks Daily

One of the biggest mistakes that people do while making a task list and assigning themselves work is to overload themselves. Once you give yourself multiple tasks, there is no way you can stick to the task list and you would not be able to finish the tasks. Limit the tasks to 3-5 in a day and give yourself a break to tend to other unpredictable tasks and some free time alone or with your loved ones.

Look At Task List Every Day

Most people work on a task list and then forget about it in a day or two. Do not do this. Visit your task list every day so that you remember what tasks you need to complete and which all are upcoming. Visit the list each morning so that you are reminded of what you need to handle.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a purpose of a task list?

With a task list, you keep a note of all your chores and tasks in one place so that you don’t miss them and complete them on time.

How to write a task list?

to start writing a task list you must think of all the big tasks that you need to work on and then break them into smaller tasks. Add both personal as well as professional tasks. Add due date in front of all tasks. An ideal task list template would send you reminders before your due dates.

Can students also have a task list?

Yes, anyone can have a task list. In fact, it is a good practice. A student’s task list can consist of projects, assignments, homework, tests, quizzes, extra-curricular etc.

Should one make a task list for each day?

Yes, one must create a task list for each day of the week.

When should one create a task list?

One should make a task list before the start of a new week ideally.


Task lists are absolutely important for everyone. It makes you more organized and helps you plan your day and week better. This way you would be well aware of what needs to be worked on and you would be more productive and have a feeling of accomplishment. Task Lists are certainly a great way to live.

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