Top 10 Pathology Labs In Delhi That Are Very Popular

Top 10 Pathology Labs In Delhi That Are Very Popular

Wondering which are the top 10 pathology labs in Delhi? Here is an article that will give you a detailed list.

Whenever we feel unwell, we go see a doctor who in most scenarios tells us to get some tests done to figure out what the problem is. Whether the problem is related to your skin, heart, blood, bones or any kind of pain, to diagnose the problem, we are asked to get some tests done. 

Next comes the challenge to find a good pathology lab and that too in a city as big as New Delhi. There are so many labs in the city that you would get overwhelmed but one must not get these tests done anywhere everywhere. You should look for a good pathology lab which is well known and established.

If you want to know on how you can open a pathology lab, please click on the link and read our blog. If you often find yourself looking for the best pathology lab then here is a list.

Top 10 Pathology Lab In India

Pathology Lab

Below is the list of the best pathology labs that can be easily found in Delhi.

House of Diagnostic

This is one of the most popular pathology labs in Delhi and has built an image of trust with the patients, clinics and other stakeholders. They have attained the benchmark of excellence in industry standards.

This is the most recognized laboratory in Delhi and offers great medical diagnostics.

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Dr Lal Path Lab

One of the most popular labs not only in Delhi but all over India, Dr Lal Path Labs is deployed in each corner of the nation. There are not one but multiple branches in Delhi and is easily accessible because of the many locations. 

Dr Lal Path Lab

You are bound to find a lab near you. They are known for their great services and well-done tests that are very easily accessible to the patients. They cover all kinds of tests and one can get the results in very less time.

SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is also known for its pathology labs and wonderful services. They provide a couple of fitness applications together with checking with the aid of using habit, checking with the apprentice of using disease, and more.

Max Lab

Max Lab

Max is a multi-specialist hospital that also has a medical testing department which is known by the name of Max Lab and is considered a good pathology lab in India. 

The best part about this lab is that they also deliver the domestic series of samples provider, which makes the results dependable and faster.


Primarily a thyroid health institution, but Thyrocare has expanded into regular pathology lab offerings as well. Get great health programs for all essential testing. Lot of people trust Thyrocare for their health problems.

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1mg Technologies

In this digital age, 1mg has really become a household name when it comes to pathology labs. This is a platform through which you get top pathology lab services from the best labs in the market. Offering high-quality health care facilities. It is one of the best healthcare platforms for making healthcare more accessible, transparent, and inexpensive.


This is a NABL-licensed pathology lab and has the best technology and software to be had, which fits on ZERO ERROR. It focuses extra on pre-analytical components so that examination is achieved on an exact pattern collected from the patients. The aim is to offer significant pathology diagnostic services at a pocket-pleasant price.

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Lifeline Lab

An excellent pathology laboratory in Delhi which is widely popular is Lifeline Pathology Lab. They have a wide variety of equipment and pathology lab software and have emerged as one of the best and most modern pathology labs in Delhi.

Ganesh Diagnostics and Imaging Centre

This is among the top pathology laboratories in Delhi that offer critical healthcare and medical services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They make use of the latest equipment and software technologies, and they provide diagnostic and imaging services.

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Delhi Health Labs

Delhi Health Labs in Delhi is one of the head laboratories withinside the Pathology Labs. This Lab is recognized for Pathology Labs, Blood Testing Centres, Blood Collection Centres, Blood Test Home visits, Pathology Services at Home, 24 Hours Pathology Labs, and lots more.

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Whenever your doctor asks you to get a few tests done please go to these pathology labs that are trusted by all. There is a number of tests that can be done in these place. With several centres available all Delhi NCR, these labs can be easily found.

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