How To Remove Table Format In Excel

How To Remove Table Format In Excel

Wondering how to remove table format in Excel? Learn in the article how to do it.

Excel Table makes working with data a lot easier and more convenient. Many advanced tools such as Powe Query and Power Pivot now rely on Excel tables to be the data source.

But let us learn how to remove table formatting in Excel

How To Remove Table Format In Excel (while keeping the Table)

Let us take the dataset shown below as an example.

Dataset that has tabular data

When you convert this data into an Excel table, you get this:

Excel Table created using the dataset

Excel has applied some formatting to the table.

You can remove the formatting from the table or modify it as per your needs.

Remove Formatting from the Excel Table

Below are the steps to remove the Excel table formatting:

1. Select any cell in the Excel table

2. Click the Design tab 

Click on the Design Tab

3. In Table Styles, click on the More icon 

Click on the More icon in the Styles option

4. Click on the Clear option.

Click on Clear option

This would remove the Excel Table formatting, while still keeping it as a table. You can now format it manually if you want.

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Change the Formatting of the Excel Table

To change the default formatting applied to an Excel Table, modify it by choosing from some presets.

Below are the steps to do this:

1. Select any cell in the Excel table

2. Click the Design tab 

3. In Table Styles, click on the More icon 

4. Choose from any of the existing designs

Use from any pre-set formatting styles

If you hover your cursor over any design, you will see the live preview of the formatted Excel Table. Once finalized, click on it.

If not, create your own format by clicking on the ‘New Table Styles. This will open a dialogue box where you can set the formatting.


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