How To Make A Pie Chart In Excel

How To Make A Pie Chart In Excel

Learn simple ways to make a pie chart in excel. read the article to know how.

If you are working on data in excel and you want to showcase your data more efficiently and quickly, then pie charts are best for you. Pie charts are an easy way to convey your data and make understanding simpler. 

Let us learn

How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

1. Create columns and/or rows of data. Label each column of data as excel will use those labels as titles for your pie chart. Highlight the data you want to display in pie chart form.

Highlighted columns of data in excel to create a pie chart.

2. Click “Insert” and then click on the “Pie”.

The pie chart tool in excel.

3. Opt from the 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pie.

Various pie chart design options, including 2-D and 3-D pies, in excel.

4. And done. A pie chart will appear with the data and labels you’ve highlighted.

A complete pie chart created in excel.

You can edit the colours of the pie chart too.

Let’s dive into those, next.

How to Edit a Pie Chart in Excel

You can also edit your pie chart in various ways. Let us learn what can be formatted and edited in a Pie Chart.

Background Color

1. Click on the paint bucket icon under the “Format Chart Area”.

2. Choose the fill type and the background colour.

The background color tool for pie charts in excel.

Pie Chart Text

1. Click on the text within the pie chart to rewrite, expand the text, or move the text to a new area of your pie chart.

The text editor tool for pie charts in excel.

Pie Chart Border

1. Edit the border of the pie chart including the border transparency, width, and colour.

The border tool for pie charts in excel in the Format Chart Area sidebar.

Pie Chart Shadows

1. To change the pie chart box and the box’s shadow, edges, and glow. Click on the pentagon shape in the Format Chart Area sidebar.

2. Toggle the bar across “Transparency”, “Size”, “Blur”, and “Angle”.

The shadow, glow, soft edges, or 3-d format options for pie charts in excel.

Pie Chart Colors

1. Click the colour paint palette to change the colours of your pie chart.

The color options for your pie chart in excel as pre-set by excel.

Chart Title

1. Click on the three bars graph icon in the top left of excel, toggle to “Chart Title > None”, “Chart Title > Above Chart”, or “Chart Title > Centered Overlay”.

The chart title tool in excel to edit the placement of your title for your pie chart.

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