How to Grow a Youtube Channel

How to Grow a Youtube Channel

Nowadays a video promotion or a video suggestion is far better than any other way. The new-age content creators are growing, that’s why in the youtube platform. If you are one of them, then this article is just for you to make out the way of growing your YouTube channel with ease.

Nowadays, video content is a more interesting way to visit for any content- from food to fashion, from education to business, from micro to macro, anything and everything you can get to see on the youtube platform. Visual content consisting of vlogs, animated GIFs, live videos, and many more is the most trusted way to reach more people worldwide. 

But a few years ago, local regional languages were ignored in youtube videos. But slowly as the demand is going to be at the top level, the demand for local languages is growing day by day. Hindi is such a local language in India. In India, youtube is a growing industry and new-age content creators are coming into public notice.

Young people spend a minimum of five to six hours per day watching videos on YouTube. That’s why YouTube is growing to be the second most visited site.

If you also want to grow your youtube channel as a new content creator, then don’t waste the time going through the article below. Here we have mentioned how to grow your youtube channel.

Jump into the article to get minute details on growing a Youtube channel. We are providing simple tactics. By using these strategies, you can promote your YouTube channel. Also, your views can be maximized. May you start from zero, or you are struggling to go in an upward direction, this whole article is fair enough to start.

Details tips On How to Grow a Youtube Channel

When you are going to start your new youtube channel, you must follow some of the import rules. By these, you can really grow and boost your Youtube channel.

Create, Share, Collaborate

Work with your team in real-time. create documents together and share the same on Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

Here are the tips:

Write which is Engaging, Eye-catching Titles

YouTube titles can work to make or break items to grow the youtube channel. You should ask yourself if the titles of your Youtube videos are catchy enough or just a simple one.

To create a catchy title for your Youtube videos, you can visit many websites where ” how to create” is mentioned. Follow those guidelines to create a drooling title for your video. 

In simple words, you have to grab the attention of your viewers without resorting to clickbait headlines. Viewers are always roaming around youtube to get some content consisting of entertainment, information, and much more.

You can use keywords in the title based on your Youtube video.

Don’t try to overload the Youtube video title.

Optimization of Videos for Visibility

If you search anything on Google like “how to charge the boat Bluetooth speaker?”It will show you some YouTube videos. Hope you saw it. That’s called Optimization of videos. 

Recently youtube video links are more visible than any other blogs or websites available on the web.

YouTube is considered the second largest social media platform which consists of all types of video you need. To find the best-fit video for your purposes is to search by the keywords.

If you are a youtube video maker, you have to keep in mind a few tips.

Such as:

  • Include the most important keywords in your title and description box. There are so many tools that can help you to find out some unique keywords for your video. One of them is
  • You have to mention your target keywords suitable for your content in the video. This thing can help youtube administration to make out on what topic the video is made.
  • YouTube has some engagement buttons which are like, comments, share, etc. This can help to show off your video rank in the region.
  • Try to mention a category for your video. This can show the best thing when one will search a topic and your video will appear on the list.
  • Add tags to the videos. So that one can visit a youtube channel’s video by clicking on it.
  • A Youtube channel must have English subtitles. Which will help people from other languages to see your videos too. That can really help to grow your views per video.
  • You have to figure it out about your viewer’s choice. You can go for an experiment by creating videos of different themes and contents. You can understand the choice of the viewers by watching the views on your video.
  • Take a look at your competitors on YouTube in the same category. You have to understand their strategy by visiting their YouTube pages. Try to visit more YouTube channels.
  • You can look into your Youtube videos analytics that is available on the uploaded videos. It will give you a piece of detailed information about your viewer’s demographics, location, age groups, engagement, and many more helpful statistics. You can plan your next video content accordingly.
  • YouTube is also a social media site, where you can engage with your subscribers of viewers by replying to their comments in the boxes of youtube videos. This is s perfect pathway to foster the strongest connection with your viewers.
  • Creating a customized thumbnail is good to go item to promote your videos. A thumbnail can attract your viewers as well as they can lose interest too. So be very perfectionist on creating a clickbait thumbnail. A professional thumbnail also reflects your passion for your video. So make the thumbnail more appealing.
  • You can gain more visits by cross-promoting. Oh! Is it a new word to you? Wait let us explain. Suppose if you have uploaded a new video, you have added your previous video link in the description box. The viewers can easily get in touch with your previous videos. Now, this is cross-promoting. Start promoting your previous content on your new videos.
  • Another way to grow your Youtube channel is to conduct a contest or a giveaway program. Your viewers love the giveaway or the shout-out from you. You can host a contest or a giveaway to encourage your viewers or subscribers to visit more your youtube channel. In this way, you can gain more viewers. And more views tend to more subscriptions. More subscriptions lead to more growth of the youtube channel.
  • When you will create a lot of video content, it is advisable that you should create a playlist based on the theme of your videos. You can arrange your videos in an organized way. This will be more appealing for the viewers to visit your channel more.
  • You must publish your youtube videos regularly on your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can not deny that social media is working as a promoting platform and in terms of engagement, social media works a lot.

So here are the tactics you need to know when you want to start your youtube video. Just step into the digital visualization platform in the language to spread over the regional people.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I Grow my YouTube Channel very fast easily?

Try these below-mentioned points to grow more

– Build Videos on a niche-based Keyword/Topic.
– Be Searchable on the web
– Make Playlists based on your theme
– Use Your End Screen to add previously data
– Engage with Your Audience by replying and answering their message
– Get Branded and start creating and growing your own brand
– Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How do I get Subscribers?

By promoting more, you can have more subscribers as well as new viewers.

What Content is not Allowed on YouTube?

There are a few policies to be followed on youtube.

Hate speech, graphic violence, malicious attacks, and content that promotes harmful or dangerous behaviour within the society aren’t allowed on YouTube.

How Long Does it take to get 1k Subscribers on YouTube?

Nearly one to two months is the must thing to get at least 1000 subscribers.

What are YouTube’s new rules?

YouTube has added some rules to be followed. One of them is “YouTube can place ads on the original content of any content creator without giving the content creator a percentage of the revenue”.


If you are ready and confident to carry out your youtube presence, then without wasting your time anymore, dive into the digital world of the YouTube platform.

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