Disadvantages of Instagram Business Account

Disadvantages of Instagram Business Account

Have you tried an Instagram business account? Is there any issue that is disturbing you through your Instagram business journey? Get an Instagram business journey in an informed way with the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram business account.

There’s nothing to deny that Instagram is becoming an effective marketing platform. But business owners should keep in mind the proper process and before changing a personal account to a business account, one should take the pros and cons into account.

Some of the business account features on Instagram are really tempting. But there are also drawbacks to switching to a business account on Instagram.

So here we are to discuss whether it is good or if it has several disadvantages. Basically, we want you to have an informed decision before starting your business account journey on Instagram.

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Some of The Disadvantages of Instagram Business Account

Less Visibility

If you can notice thoroughly, then you will understand that the posts that are shared by business accounts are less visible on the Instagram wall. Switching to a business account may have some features, but If your post is not getting engaged in people’s walls, then what will be the advantage of a business account? The Instagram algorithm is not very specific so you can’t be very sure about one process to spend on Instagram.

Less Visibility

In some cases, users have reported that they are getting 5-10 reactions on a business account when they got nearly 100-200 reactions when they were on a personal account. 

This is a real issue in business accounts on Instagram.

Lower Organic Reach

Instagram is a social media site where getting engaged with advertising is pretty common. If you are a business account holder, then you will be a target client for the promoted posts.

If you want to grow and that also without “paying to play”, you can not even run for a long time. When you start scrolling and get to watch others post in a hassle-free way, you can’t go without advertisements. And this is why Instagram is making a huge profit. So it’s very important to be specific in the proper account selection.


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Instagram is not a Business-Centric Platform

Instagram is not an exclusive business platform that can really promote your business anyway. Basically, Instagram is a casual business platform you can say. Because it promotes any posts in a really cool manner.

Though professional content will be less viewed by the users, professionalism is the base of business. Only if your posts can approach the viewers in a lucrative way, then you can perform your business posts on Instagram.

The Price Per Ad is a Little High

Instagram is considered one of the most expensive platforms to have advertisements. CPC which refers to the cost per click, is higher than any other social media site.

High Ad Price

An average of $0.70-1.00 is needed from brands. New businesses can’t afford this for the very first time. Specially the aged 18-35 will be the newest business personnel who are going to make their brand stand in the markets. They can’t afford this price.

Smaller Business, Limited Features

If you have a business account, you can have a “swipe up” option that can lead people to go directly to your website which consists of your business and selling options. But there is a limitation.

You must have at least 10000 followers to gain this feature. Otherwise, it’ll not be in your hand. This is a downstream business account.

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Privacy Policy

If you are a creator or using a personal account, you have the right to lock your account so that only known followers or approved followers can visit your post.

When you switch your personal account to a business account, you can’t lock your business account. The business account is always a public account.

Privacy Policy

Also, you will get unlimited direct messages. That also you can’t limit. It’s necessary that you have to accept those messages from everyone.

But it’s not necessary that you have to be an open person to anyone. You can have your own privacy concerns. So if you are concerned about your privacy, you can’t have that in your Instagram business account. 

An Exclusive App for Mobile Devices

If you’re going to start a new business and want to promote your business through social media sites, you will want to use a laptop or pc for that purpose.

But Instagram is such an application, that works fully in the mobile app. You can have your Instagram account on the website but you can’t get access through most of the features.

So there will be compatibility problems while using Instagram on pc or laptops.


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So, we hope you got a little ideology on creating a business account on Instagram and the disadvantages of those features.

Still, we would love to suggest that you try it on your own. If you are not satisfied with the feature and characteristics, then you can change it to your personal account at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I go for an Instagram Business Account to Run My Business?

Obviously, you can use it to promote your business on social media sites like Instagram. But it’s not the mandatory thing for marketing and promoting your business.

Should I Direct Open a Business Account on Instagram?

You can open a personal account. Later start using a business account just by switching the personal account to a business one.

Can my Business Competitors see your Business Posts?

Of course yes m whatever you are trying to make in your business post you have to post it publicly.

So your competitors can visit your post as well as your profile to measure between you and them.

How Much Time do I need to Convert my Personal Account to a Business Account?

You need only 5-6 minutes to complete converting your personal account to a business account.

Can I Get any Help from Instagram to Start and Promote my Growth?

Instagram has a dedicated help center that can solve your issue related to the business account.

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