10 Best and Trusted Project Management Software for Architects

10 Best and Trusted Project Management Software for Architects

We must feel lucky to live in a world where technology drives success. This blog talks about one such technology – workflow and project management software for architects and every other industry in general.

Sometimes, or maybe regularly, architects juggle multiple projects, tasks, and deadlines and try to keep up the pace with their work. At times, managing projects as an architect can be a real headache, but we have the 10 most trusted and best project management software solutions for architects and everyone who needs to take off their project management burden. These software are tried, tested, and trusted by professionals like you.

No more drowning in paperwork and spreadsheets; with the below-mentioned project management software for architects at your disposal, you can control your projects, streamline your workflow, and automate tedious or regular tasks that have been eating your precious time.

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10 Best Project Management Software for Architects?

You can find dozens of project management software in today’s technological era. Some tools are specifically designed for architects and designers, while some are more general-purpose project management tools that can be customized for architectural projects. Here’s the list of project management software for architects:

Lio - All-in-one data, Workflow and Project Management Tool

The all in one tool can replace 10+ apps you are using currently to manage your project, workflow, resources, tasks, team and finance.

Lio app offers powerful project & data management, streamlined workflow, resources management, and team and task management that help you manage your complex projects with ease. The real-time business dashboards provide invaluable insights and ensure informed decisions on-the-fly. From seamless team collaboration to task management, you can ensure your team is working around your project’s objective.

This project management software for architects helps you automate, manage, track and organize your project and its crucial data all alone without any complexity. Architects, contractors, and engineers can easily manage their day-to-day data, documents and projects on this easy-to-use spreadsheet app. 

This one-stop solution lets you keep everything from project to team collaboration, workflow, resources, data, and tasks organized.

Magical Features of Lio

• Workflow Management
• Resource and project management
• Real-time collaboration
• Business dashboards and charts
• Smart business and WhatsApp automation
• Team and Task Management Reporting and Analytics
• Cloud-based software accessible from any device – Anywhere

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Master Architectural Project Execution

Master the art of architectural project execution with our tailored project management solutions. Streamline tasks, enhance communication, and drive success in every phase of your projects.

Monograph - Project Management Tool for Architects

Monograph is another great project management tool developed by architects for architects. Monograph is built to resolve all the complex problems architects face in project management. Architects can enjoy the ease in effective project planning, resource management, budget tracking, and collaboration, and it offers high individual interface customization to keep everyone in the team connected.

If you are looking for a tool that is specifically designed for the architects, then you can try this project management software for architects.

Best Features of Monograph

• Time tracking and budget management
• Project planning, scheduling and management
• Team collaboration and robust communication
• Simplified interface for financial management
• Seamless integration with other design software
• Phases and milestone management
• See real-time reports on projects, finances and phases.

Deltek Ajera - All-in-one tool for Architects and Engineers

This software is the perfect combination of financial and project management, which was developed specifically for engineers and architects in 2004. This robust cloud-based software is also a project-based ERP that helps architects in project management and planning and business intelligence. This platform is used by architects who want to plan and manage their entire project lifecycle.

Best Features of Deltek Ajera

• Simplified accounting and billing software
• Project time and finance tracking
• Payroll services
• Real-time dashboards
• Allows you to see and understand key performance metrics in real-time

Deltek Ajera - Project Management Software for Architects

Mosaic - Planning Software for Architectural Firms

Mosaic is an AI-powered resource and project management software for architects designed for professional services firms like architecture, engineering, and consulting companies. It offers a range of features to help streamline project operations and enhance collaboration.

Mosaic helps you balance your team’s work and prevent your team from burnout. Also, it identifies winning projects and clients for you and helps you do what works best.

Best Features of Mosaic

• Real-time visibility into projects and people
• Work-life balance feature
• Intuitive interface
• Robust suite of project reporting
• Reports and dashboards
• AI and machine learning
• Resource management

Archisnapper - Architectural and Construction Project Management Tool

Archisnapper is not a regular project management software for architects; it is an on-site project management tool specifically designed for architectural and construction projects that help you inspect projects on-site, create punch lists and field reports, and provide you access to multiple reports, charts and data related to your projects.

Archisnapper app and its intuitive interface ensure that you have all the projects, tasks updates, jobs and relevant data at your fingertips. Whether managing a project alone or with your team, Archisnapper is your one-stop solution for team collaboration, efficient project management, task management, and team communication.

Best Features of Archisnapper

• Site documentation
• Customizable checklist and forms
• Professional and comprehensive reporting capability
• Real-time team collaboration
• Accurate time tracking capability
• Seamless integration with other major architectural tools
• Cloud-based data management
• Web and mobile friendly

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Embrace Precision in Architectural Project Management

Precision matters in architecture. Discover how our project management tools empower architects to plan meticulously, manage resources efficiently, and ensure every detail aligns flawlessly.

Newforma - Project Information Management Tool

Newforma is a comprehensive project management software for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. It offers many features to streamline project workflows, improve collaboration, and enhance project management efficiency.

With Newforma, architects can efficiently manage their projects from start to completion. It helps its users by ensuring timely tasks and budgets are adhered to and streamlined communication among team members and stakeholders. This tool also helps architects gain control over their project materials, generate task lists and timelines, monitor progress in real-time, review designs, and effortlessly store and share the data/documents with the team.

Best Features of Newforma

• Project and data management tool
• BIM (As an add-on)
• Document control capability
• Facilitates real-time collaboration and communication
• Workflow automation
• Real-time finance tracking
• Seamless integration with other major tools used by the architects

Wrike - Workflow and Project Management Tool

Wrike can be your one-stop solution for planning and managing your workflows and complex projects. Although this tool is amazing for every industry, but this is another trusted project management software for architects as it offers high customization for architects and construction engineers to easily plan, manage and work on their complex projects and workflows.

Architects can easily create customized workflows and dashboards and view their projects on Kanban boards or Gantt charts. On top of it, Wrike offers seamless collaboration across the team with discussion boards, document sharing, and version history control (Where users can check the edit history if done by anyone).

Best Features of Wrike

• Resource planning and management
• Dynamic Gantt charts
• Business dashboards
• Workflow optimization through AI
• Real-time collaboration and approvals
• Customized automation
• Advanced reporting and analytics

Contractor Foreman - Best Project, Invoice and Estimate Solution

This tool is developed specifically for contractors and architects and is used by contractors in 75+ countries. This is a cloud-based platform that ensures the workflows of architects, from budgeting and scheduling to team collaboration and invoicing. The scheduling feature is developed for architects who work on construction sites and regularly need to create thorough project timelines, and task responsibilities and task and timeline customization is the most promising thing.

This project management software for architects lets users generate personalized project estimates and ensures your stored documents are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Best Features of Contractor Foreman

• Real-time collaboration
• Project and site management
• Business dashboards
• Scheduling and time tracking
• Document management
• Reporting and analytics
• Budgeting and cost tracking (Overall financial management)
• Resource management
• Seamless integrations with other applications

Asana - A real-time Task Management Tool

A one-of-a-kind project management software for architects that allows users to create visual representations of projects. Also, the to-do lists are super promising, allowing teams to keep a tab on their regular work.

Asana has a comprehensive suite of administration tools for team management, security and access, allowing teams to ensure efficient communication, planning and project structures. Remember, for some, and this tool can be a great deal for task management, while for others, it is a comprehensive tool for project management, especially for architects.

Best Features of Asana

• Visually appealing Gantt charts
• Kanban boards
• Project and task management
• Goals and task tracking
• Team collaboration and workload management
• Seamless integrations with other communication apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams etc

Asana - Project Management Software for Architects

TeamGantt - Project Planning and Management Software

TeamGantt justifies its name and lets users visualize their projects and progress effortlessly in a single place. The drag-and-drop features of TeamGantt allow users to keep a tab on their current timeline and the latest status of the project. 

Besides Gantt charts, TeamGantt is a promising resource and workload management tool that lets users adjust their timelines and availability. With this tool at their disposal, architects can identify the project complexities, track the delays and related issues, and plan the resources. TeamGantt can be a go-to tool for small and easy projects, allowing architects to make more informed decisions and bringing transparency to their routines.

Best Features of TeamGantt

• Resource and project management
• Gantt Charts
• Reporting and project views
• Project planning templates
• Built-in collaboration software
• Workload management


In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Project management which was believed to be a complex task is now greatly simplified and streamlined, and the credit goes to the project mentioned above management software. By leveraging these project management software, architects and construction engineers can now efficiently plan, organize, and execute their projects.

As the world continues to evolve, it is clear that leveraging these project management tools will remain crucial in maximizing productivity and achieving success in architectural endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Architectural companies and other AEC organizations use the software below for project management.

– For project management – Lio, Wrike, Asana, Archisnapper etc

– For accounting and invoicing – Contractor foreman etc

– For design – AutoCAD, Rhino3D, ArchiCAD etc

A project management system helps plan, organize and enhance productivity and helps get real-time insights into the project. Besides, project management software works as an overall business management tool capable of anything and everything inside the business sphere.

Lio app is a one-stop solution for architects and anyone who wants to plan, manage and organize their workflow and projects. You can easily manage your project data, resources, workflows and even collaborate with your team in real time. You will find it much easier to manage your site and projects on this all data and workflow management app. For more information about the Lio app, you can call our sales and support team.

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