Understanding How To Register A Clinic In India

Understanding How To Register A Clinic In India

Want to know how to register a clinic in India and what is the process? Here’s what you need to know about it.

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The healthcare industry is one of the biggest in our country with a market size of over 6.5 lakh crores. There are many healthcare centers and clinics that one can find all across the country and many people are opting to get into this business.

But just like any other business, starting clinics too requires a lot of formalities before you start. There are several registrations that one needs to get into and get permits for but more so and more importantly for getting into this business.

How To Register A Clinic In India

So let us look and understand how to register a clinic in India.

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Approvals Relating To Infrastructure

When it comes to starting your own clinic, you would definitely need a proper setting. There has to be a consultation room to operate as a doctor’s clinic. This rooms requirements will vary depending on the services you offer.

Keep in mind that the room’s requirement will be multiplied for each specialization you give and regulated under the respective laws. Therefore for the approval related to the building here’s what you would need:

  • Certificate for occupancy
  • Certificate of completion
  • If the building where the clinic/hospital is set up is more than 15 meters tall, a copy of the Fire NOC is required
How To Register A Clinic

In case the building/space is taken on lease/rent, you would require a lease deed/rent agreement, which will be renewed at the expiry of the lease. You must also make sure that the owner has received the required building permits.

Clinical Registration

Regardless of whether you are a small single-practitioner clinic or a multi-specialty hospital, you need a registration certificate under the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010. Know that each states have to own rules and the process to obtain the license.

Clinical Registration

Pollution Approvals

In case the hospital or clinic produces any waste such as soiled waste, linen, sharp waste, etc., obtain a consent from the State Pollution Control Board for the generation of bio-medical waste.

This will be granted in respect of a non-bedded category, i.e. if only outpatient consultation is offered. These permissions are valid until they are revoked, i.e. for life. In case of any change in the amount of waste being generated, then revised consent must be obtained.

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Approvals Related To Medical Professionals & Employees

You need to have a proper registration in case you hire a doctor, nurses, and other medical practitioners in addition to permits and licenses for the clinic, such as:

  • Registration for physicians by the State Medical Council.
  • Registration of the Nursing Council for the nurses employed.
  • Registration for the Dental Council, for dentists. (Know how to setup a dental clinic)
  • Registration from the Pharmacy Board for Pharmacists.
  • Clinical psychologists’ enrollment with the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Drug License

Drug License

In case your clinic also has an attached pharmacy, or you dispense medications to your patients, then you need:

  • Retail license for drugs acquired under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, from the Drug Controller.
  • If narcotic medications are used or sold by the clinic/hospital in the form of injections or tablets or patches, then special permission must be sought from the district collector.

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Hope by now you have understood how to register a clinic in India. While doing so, make sure you have all things ready to submit whether it is the finances or the documents that you would require. Once you have registered for the clinic following all the rules and regulations, you would be able to start it soon and run it in the most hassle-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to open a clinic in India?

It can cost anywhere between 9 lakh – Rs. 45 lacks depending upon its functionality and performance.

Can a surgeon open a clinic in India?

You need a registration certificate under the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010, regardless of whether you are a small single-practitioner clinic or a multi-specialty hospital.

Can only MBBS open a clinic?

Yes, people with MBBS degrees are the only ones who can open a clinic.

Is opening a clinic profitable?

Yes, it is a very highly profitable business, if run properly.

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