Best Baking Classes in Delhi [ Updated 2024 ]

Best Baking Classes in Delhi [ Updated 2024 ]

Are you passionate about baking? Do you dream of one day becoming a professional baker? If so, you need to enroll in one of the best baking classes in Delhi.

Below, we’ve compiled our top two recommendations for Baking classes in Delhi, whether you’re looking to become a professional baker and start your bakery or whether you want to be a hobby baker and maybe start a small home bakery down the line. We’ve got the best recommendations for you!

Best Baking Classes in Delhi for Professional Bakers

Truffle Nation

If you’ve ever wanted to become a professional baker and start your bakery, Truffle Nation is hands down the best baking institute you can join in Delhi.

With over 3000 students and over 200 bakeries and home bakeries that students of Truffle Nation have started all across India, it’s hard to beat what this school has to offer. 

Built for Baker entrepreneurs, you not only learn the foundations of baking, all the way from learning the basics of baking cake to branding, marketing, and selling your products in your market. You’ll learn everything you’ll need to start a successful bakery business in your city, even if you’ve never operated an oven before!

Truffle Nation brings you a learning experience in a well-designed kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment, with other like-minded chefs and mentors to help you out. 

Their Baker’s six-month diploma course is perfect if you plan to become a pastry chef. However, if you plan to launch a bakery in a tier 2 city, you can also go for their four-month Baker’s certification course, including the six-week pastry arts module.

You can find all information on

Bake Better Pro

If you’re not that serious about turning baking into a professional, you can always sign up for a more budget-friendly online course where you can learn the basics of baking at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Bake Better Pro

Yes, it is nowhere close to learning in a kitchen with high-end equipment and around other chefs. But it is more budget-friendly for someone just starting.

Bake Better Pro is very beginner-friendly, and many students have been able to start their home bakery businesses after completing the course quickly.

Bake better pro is a yearly membership priced at just Rs. 14,999 and gives you access to 10 different Modules, each covering an essential baking category. From cookies to cakes to creating fondant figurines, you’ll learn everything to become a great baker.

The last module also covers the foundations of starting and growing a successful home bakery which allows you to turn your skills as a baker into a real business.

You can learn more about the Bake Better Pro course here.

Why Become a Bakery Chef?

There are many reasons to become a pastry chef. Maybe you have always loved baking and decorating cakes, or you’re looking for a new and exciting career change. Whatever your reasons, there are many benefits to becoming a pastry chef.

As a pastry chef, you will get to be creative and use your artistic skills to create beautiful and delicious desserts. You will also have the opportunity to work with different people, including other chefs, front-of-house staff, and customers. And, of course, one of the best parts of the job is being able to taste your creations!

If you are thinking about becoming a pastry chef, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Pastry chefs need to have excellent cooking skills. This means following recipes correctly and having a good understanding of different flavors and ingredients.

2. Pastry chefs must be able to work quickly and efficiently under pressure. Often, there will be deadlines to meet and orders to fill.

3. Being a pastry chef requires being detail-oriented—every detail matters in this profession, from measuring ingredients accurately to decorating cakes flawlessly.

4. pastry chefs need to be clean and organized. A lot of the work done in pastry kitchens is manual, so being able to stay neat will go a long way!

5. Creativity is very important in this career choice. Pastry chefs are constantly thinking up new ideas and recipes, which can be challenging and very rewarding.

6. Pastry chefs should be interested in food not only as a consumer but also as a creator. If you enjoy making your cakes and cookies at home, you will enjoy being a pastry chef when you grow up!

Types of Pastry Chef Jobs in India

There are many different pastry chef jobs available, from working in a bakery to being a private chef. Here are some of the most popular types of pastry chef jobs:

Bakery Chef

A bakery chef is responsible for baking all of the bread and pastries for a bakery. They often have a team of assistants to help with the baking process.

Private Chef

A private chef is responsible for preparing meals for their employer or clients. They often work in private homes or estates and may also cater events.

Restaurant Pastry Chef

A restaurant pastry chef is responsible for creating desserts for a restaurant menu. They often work with the head chef to create unique and innovative dishes.

Cake Decorator

A cake decorator is responsible for decorating cakes and desserts. They often work in bakeries or cake shops and may also be employed by restaurants.


A chocolatier is responsible for making chocolate candies and other confections. They often work in chocolate shops or factories and may also be employed by restaurants or bakeries.

What is the Average Salary for a Pastry Chef in India?

In India, the average salary for a pastry chef is around Rs.3.5 Lakhs to Rs.6 lakhs per year. 

However, this can vary depending on experience and location. For example, a pastry chef in Mumbai may earn more than one in a smaller city. 

The pay for pastry chefs also often depends on whether they work in a hotel, restaurant, or another food service establishment.

However, small bakery owners can make anywhere between Rs.5 Lakhs to Rs. 25 Lakhs a month, depending on their customer base and product pricing.

How does this compare to other countries?

In India, pastry chefs make an average of Rs. 4.5 lakhs per year. This is lower than the average salary for pastry chefs in other countries, around USD 40,000 per year. However, it is essential to note that the cost of living in India is also lower than in other countries. 

Therefore, when considering the purchasing power of a pastry chef’s salary in India, they make more than their counterparts in other countries.


  • Baking is something I am very passionate about. Please recommend some decent online baking classes for me.

    • Hello Reema,

      Online baking courses from APCA Chef Online, Bakedemy, Khushboo Cooking Classes, Hunar Online Courses, and Swad Cooking Institute are some of the best.

      I sincerely hope this is useful.

  • Do I need any formal education to work as a chocolatier? Kindly advise

    • Hello Prithika,

      In most cases, you need to complete postsecondary training in bakery and pastry arts in order to work as an entry-level chocolatier. It could be advantageous to complete specialist training at a chocolate school.

  • This article is just fantastic. Even the average wage has been explained. Thank you for sharing such intriguing and educational posts.

    • Hello Nayana,

      Thank you for your warm words.
      I’m delighted this article was educational for you.

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