11 Awesome Applications for Architects and Designers

11 Awesome Applications for Architects and Designers

In today’s ever-evolving world of architecture, the role of applications for architects has become crucial, where they can blend their creativity with cutting-edge technology. From the inception of a project to its successful completion, these professionals require a diverse range of applications to streamline their workflow, enhance efficiency, and manifest their visionary designs into tangible reality.

This article will take you to the world of indispensable architects’ applications, including drawing apps, project management tools, sketching platforms, 3D visualization software, and more. These amazing applications for architects will elevate your creativity and help you deliver awe-inspiring projects that shape the landscape of the future.

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11 Best Applications for Architects

Below we have categorized the applications for architects and explained the tools and software in brief. Read on and get a clear idea of these applications and their use cases:

Architecture Designing - Drawing and Sketching Apps

With the help of the applications/software mentioned below, you can visualize your projects on the go. Here are some of the best applications for architects –


AutoCAD 360, now known as AutoCAD Mobile, is a mobile and web application designed and developed by Autodesk. This application allows users to create, view, edit, and collaborate on AutoCAD drawings and other CAD files like Revit from their mobile and web.

Users can mark up drawings, edit on the go, and collaborate in real-time. It seamlessly integrates with the desktop AutoCAD, allowing easy file transfer. The app also offers offline access, cloud storage, measurement tools, and dimensioning capabilities for efficient design tasks on mobile devices.

AutoCAD - Drawing and Sketching Apps


SketchUp is a 3D drawing and modeling software that lets users create, customize and visualize their design ideas. Architects can easily design in 3D and document their works in 2D for easier collaboration.

This is one of the best applications for architects that has been helping architects, landscapers, and interior designers for more than 20 years now. This software lets architects create walkthroughs and flyovers for a clearer and better understanding of their architectural drawings. The key features of this software include 3D modeling, 3D warehouse, 2D construction documents, AR and VR presentation tools, etc.

Morpholio Trace Pro

Morpholio Trace Pro is an architectural drawing and sketching application that lets architects draw or sketch on photos, documents, other images, and maps. It lets users collaborate with markup tools and helps enhance drawing with VR, AR, and other app intelligence tools.

It is tailored for architects, designers, and other architectural professionals and provides powerful tools for drawing, annotating, and visualizing ideas. Users can import images, create accurate scale drawings, overlay design elements, collaborate in real time, and effortlessly share their work with clients or team members. It’s intuitive interface and extensive feature set make it an indispensable tool for professionals in the architecture industry. 

Morpholio Trace Pro - Drawing and Sketching Apps

Project Management Apps

Moving ahead, architects are always burdened with projects and their execution. For those who want to manage their architectural projects on the go, here are some of the best project management applications for architects:


This all-in-one application Lio is a comprehensive tool that can help architects transform the way they manage projects, workflows, resources, tasks, teams, and finances.

Lio offers a robust suite of features, including powerful project and data management, streamlined workflows, efficient resources management, and seamless team and task coordination. With real-time business dashboards, you gain valuable insights for informed decisions.

This user-friendly spreadsheet app empowers architects, contractors, and engineers to handle their day-to-day data, documents, and projects effortlessly. Automate, track, and organize everything from projects to team collaboration, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and organization.

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Wrike, another one of the best applications for architects that helps in streamlining workflows and managing complex projects easily. While catering to every industry, it boasts high customization features tailored for architects and construction engineers, simplifying planning and project management.

Customized workflows and dashboards enable architects to view projects effortlessly on Kanban boards or Gantt charts. With seamless team collaboration, including discussion boards, document sharing, and version history control, Wrike ensures smooth project execution and enhanced productivity. Embrace the power of Wrike to transform your project management experience.

Wrike - Project Management Apps


Monograph is a project management tool designed by architects for architects. It is the ultimate solution to win complex project management challenges as its user-friendly interface empowers architects to effortlessly plan projects, manage resources, track budgets, and foster seamless collaboration.

With high individual interface customization, Monograph ensures everyone on the team stays seamlessly connected. Simplify project management and boost productivity with Monograph.

Measuring and Scanning Apps

These cutting-edge measuring and scanning applications for architects helps in project visualization and data capturing.

RoomScan Pro

RoomScan Pro is an innovative mobile app designed to simplify and speed up the process of creating floor plans for rooms. Architects can easily scan the dimensions of a room by simply touching the walls and generating accurate and detailed floor plans using their smartphone or tablet. The app utilizes advanced technology to ensure precise measurements and allows architects to export floor plans in various formats for further use or sharing. 

With its user-friendly interface and efficient scanning capabilities, RoomScan Pro is one of the best applications for architects, interior designers, and anyone needing quick and accurate room measurements.

RoomScan Pro - Measuring and Scanning Apps

Magic Plan

MagicPlan is designed to transform the way architects manage their architecture projects. Architects can easily measure and sketch 2D and 3D floor plans, generate structured reports with photos, 360° images, and custom forms, and get project estimations with automatic pricing. 

This tool lets architects access all the data from anywhere through Magicplan Cloud, ensuring seamless collaboration with clients and collaborators. With automatic data structuring, gain a complete contextual understanding of your projects.

3D Visualization Apps

Below we have listed some 3D visualization applications for architects:

3DS max

3DS Max, by Autodesk, is a powerful 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software widely used in various industries, including architecture, gaming, film, and visual effects. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating stunning 3D models, animations, and virtual environments.

3DS Max supports polygon modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, and animation, enabling artists and designers to bring their creative visions to life. Moreover, the advanced rendering capabilities of this application produce high-quality, photorealistic images and animations. With its versatility and industry-leading features, 3DS Max remains a top choice for professionals in 3D design and visualization.


Lumion is a cutting-edge 3D rendering and visualization software that transforms architectural designs into stunning visual experiences. Developed for architects and designers, Lumion allows users to easily create realistic renderings, animations, and immersive virtual tours. It offers a vast library of high-quality materials, objects, and effects to bring projects to life. 

Lumion empowers professionals to showcase their designs engagingly and interactively with its user-friendly interface and real-time rendering capabilities. From conceptualization to presentation, Lumion revolutionizes architectural visualization, making it a go-to tool for industry experts worldwide.

Lumion - 3D Visualization Apps

Weather Monitoring Apps

Accurate weather predictions help architects plan and improve decisions, ensuring successful and efficient project execution. Here’s one of the best weather monitoring applications for architects:


AccuWeather combines weather data, technology, and human insights to deliver real-time and accurate weather forecasts. With over 100 meteorologists by their side, Accuweather has successfully forecasted for over 3.5 million locations worldwide and used 190+ forecast models.

Overall, AccuWeather’s weather data helps architects with their architectural projects and helps them enhance their design, improves decision-making, and building performance, ensures safety, and creates sustainable and weather-responsive designs.

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Why do Architects need these Productivity Software/Applications?

The need for applications in the field of architecture arises from the growing project complexities and demands of modern design and construction. These applications play a crucial role in identifying and addressing various challenges and enhancing the capabilities of architects. Here’s how the productivity software helps architects:

Aid in Designing and Visualization

Advanced 3D modeling and visualization applications empower architects to create realistic structures, virtual walkthroughs, and immersive presentations. This helps clients and stakeholders to better understand the design intent and make informed decisions.

Facilitates Collaboration and Communication

The applications facilitate seamless communication, data sharing, and real-time updates and ensure the team works together throughout the project lifecycle and is updated on the latest adjustments on the project.

Enhances Efficiency and Productivity

The applications for architects help streamline various aspects of the architectural process, reduce manual tasks, and save a lot of effort and time. They enable architects to work more efficiently, allocate resources effectively, and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Assists in Precision and Accuracy

Architecture is all about accuracy and precision; these applications assist in precise measurements, calculations, and scaling. They minimize the risk of errors and help maintain the creativity of the design and construction process.

Streamline Project Management

As mentioned, specialized project management applications allow architects to organize project timelines, allocate resources, monitor progress, and track budgets. These tools enhance overall project control and reduce the chances of delays or cost overruns.

Effortless Cost Estimation and Budgeting

The applications mentioned above are designed for cost estimation and budget management to assist architects in creating accurate project estimates. They also facilitate expense tracking and ensure the project is executed within the budget.

Analyzes Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

As the focus on sustainable design is increasing, some applications help architects analyze and optimize their designs’ energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Mobile Workforce

Many applications are available and easily accessible on mobile devices, allowing architects to access project information and collaborate.

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Although we know that some of these applications are already a part of your life, we still want to make your life a little easier and help you execute your day-to-day tasks in a blink. These applications mentioned above for architects are the best way to start your day and proceed with your architectural projects, designing, and execution.

If you have any feedback/queries for us or even if you know of any other applications for architects or professionals, then the comment box below is blank for you; fill it in and press the submit button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As mentioned in the list above, Lumion is considered one of the best applications for architects that produce high-quality renderings and visualizations. It empowers architects and designers to create stunning and realistic 3D renderings, animations, and immersive virtual tours of their projects, making it a top choice for architectural visualization in 2023.

Architects draw and sketch as an essential part of their profession. Drawing and sketching are fundamental for architects to convey their design ideas, visualize concepts, and communicate with clients, contractors, and other team members. These hand-drawn sketches can range from rough initial concepts to detailed plans, elevations, and perspectives, providing a crucial means of exploring and refining architectural designs.

Several mobile apps are available for architects to use for site analysis and documentation. Some applications are – Magicplan, RoomScan Pro, Morpholio Trace, ARki, PlanGrid, etc. These apps offer real-time measurements, sketching, photo documentation, and note-taking, enabling architects to efficiently gather crucial data on-site and streamline their workflow away from their desks.

Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, and Vectorworks are popular BIM software that helps architects create and manage 3D models, collaborate with project stakeholders, and ensure data accuracy throughout the design and construction process. These applications enhance efficiency and productivity, making BIM a seamless part of architectural workflows.

Architects can harness augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications for immersive design visualization. AR allows architects to overlay digital models onto real-world environments, aiding in on-site design assessments. VR offers interactive, lifelike experiences, enabling clients to explore and engage with architectural designs virtually. These technologies facilitate better communication, faster decision-making, and a deeper understanding of spatial design, ultimately enhancing the overall design process and client satisfaction.

Lio is one of the best project management applications for architects. Lio helps architects plan, manage and organize their workflow and projects. Architects can easily manage their project data, resources, and workflows and collaborate with their team, stakeholders, and clients in real time. For more information about the Lio app, you can call our sales and support team for more information.

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